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Poison Doctor’s Daughter

Poison Doctor’s Daughter (Manga)
Other Name: 毒医嫡女

Genres: manga, Love, ancients
Extreme Man Culture
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The original owner was murdered and died, the next second, the descendant of the magic needle climbed up from the grave, the red shirt was touched, and his heart was like a cold iron! It’s okay to have a family of best relatives! Go down with a silver needle and be sure to be obedient! His face is ruined, his fingers are broken, he can’t practice medicine, and his practice is simple! Repair the face, reshape the muscles and bones, and blind everyone’s eyes! He, the first favorite of the Xia Dynasty, was arrogant and bloodthirsty. But at the first sight of her, she opened the spoiling wife mode for her. She returned strongly, and she was shocking the world, and helped him achieve hegemony by virtue of the shocking poison shot.

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