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Kyoto Cat

Kyoto Cat (Manga)
Other Name: 京都御猫侠

Genres: manga, Suspense Girl Reasoning
 Dan Qing Yingyue
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The capital of Song Dynasty, a prosperous place. Behind the prosperity, it is hard to hide the darkness. On July 15th Lantern Festival, there was a murder in the No. 1 restaurant in Kyoto. Shinco Jinshi Bao Zhantu woke up with his friend after being drunk and found that his friend was killed, and he was accused of being the murderer! In the face of the fierce arrest, he had no choice but to show his pictures. After falling from the building, he fled to the remote town of Yucheng in a panic, and became the new county magistrate of Yucheng by accident. Bizarre incidents continue to emerge. A mysterious person with a black mask and embroidered civet cat pattern always appears at night, seeming to protect the package exhibition..

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