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Bound to You

Bound to You (Manga)
Other Name: 家有恶妻 / Jia you e qi / Serumah dengan Istri Licik / 家有恶妻(原名:强撩上司36计)

Genres: manga, romance, webtoon
Yoolook Culture
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He is the commander of Zhuque Military Area Command with great power and fame, but he was asked to marry a nobody girl he never met before?! She, a nobody, lost her memory after fallen into the water and had no choice but to engage with a

He is the famous Suzaku military commander, but he is going to marry the Mu family daughter who has never met before? ! She accidentally falls into the water and loses her memory, but wants to be engaged to a “dog” for someone? Facing the army commander who made things difficult, he was able to pry stunned, stunned, and testify. But the military commander’s heart deeply remembered the woman who was holding the token of love, and Mu Wei’er had been caring about the jade pendant in her hand after falling into the water…what is there between them?

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