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Return of the Demon Goddess

Return of the Demon Goddess (Manga)
Other Name: 废女妖神

Genres: manga, Action, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Related Show:

Bai youling, one of the three demon cultivators were betrayed by her only disciple, who was also her husband-to-be. Reborn in a commoner’s body, she will once again rise to the top!

The demon god White Snake Zun’s demon power went wild on the day of his wedding, and the head of Ling Xiao formed a nine-day disillusionment formation to besiege. Under the sword of his lover, Bai Youling died with a pill of hatred. When he woke up again, he borrowed the same name. The old woman of the Bai family was born again. She wanted the new life to investigate the events of the year, but she didn’t want to meet the old man again and became his apprentice. “I said that I was ruthless and ruthlessly cultivating my fellow students. I want to take a good look, when the truth comes to light, what expressions will you so-called gentlemen who are full of benevolence and respectful have…” “Especially you, Xu Xiyuan, my good master, want me to forgive you? Why don’t you give me your life! Also taste the taste of being cut off by your lover! “”

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