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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement Episode 9 Recap

Su Yiwu came to Su Yiwen ’s room and said that she had come to her specifically, and she specially reminded Su Yiwen that it’s no secret that she and Peng Xizhe are living together now, even Lin Feng already knows it, now you must be clear about your own Mind, it should be ready to get married. Su Yiwu and Barron were going to go back to the clinic. Su Yiwu and Peng Xizhe sent them to the door. Unexpectedly, when they opened the door, they saw Dad Su and Mother Su standing outside. Mother Su saw that Peng Xizhe and Su Yiwen lived with Su Yiwen.

Together, they slapped Su Yiwen. Su Yiwen was dragged into the room by her mother and told her to explain to herself immediately how long she has been with Peng Xizhe and whether she has been living separately. Peng Xizhe saw that Su’s parents were furious and planned to pack up and leave Su Yiwen’s house overnight, fearing that his extra explanation would add fuel to the fire. Su Yiwu asked him if he was really going to leave. Peng Xizhe said that he would admit his mistakes to his uncle and aunt in the future. Su Yiwu asked him, don’t you think that Su’s parents came suddenly tonight? It must be because someone said something behind their backs.

Su Yiwen said that they have been asking themselves to take the civil service examinations, and they have also taken the examinations, and they have asked themselves to go to work at Lam Fung’s company, but they have also gone to work, but they have not achieved much. I just like painting and photography, and they have never supported myself. Listening to these words from his daughter, Su’s father took the initiative to persuade Su’s mother to find a solution as soon as possible since the incident had happened. He also said that he would go and talk to Peng Xizhe.

Peng Xizhe saw his father Su coming, and told him that Su Yiwen was actually very talented in photography and was appreciated by Mr. Jin. Father Su said that it seems that he still doesn’t understand his daughter, and that Su Yiwen should not accept his rent. Su’s mother quickly helped Su Yiwen pack her luggage, took her home to live, and let Peng Xizhe continue to live in Su Yiwen’s apartment. After the Su family left, Peng Xizhe hurriedly sent a message to Su Yiwen, asking her how is she now. He said that he shouldn’t continue to live here, but because he still had some problems to solve, he could not leave for the time being.

After Su Yiwen came home, she was tossing and awake in bed. She called Lin Feng. At this time, Lin Feng was with Shen Ruoyan and he directly hung up Su Yiwen’s phone. Then I received news from Su Yiwen and asked him to meet with myself tomorrow. Shen Ruoyan told Lin Feng on the side that, in fact, this time he could use the reason of sharing the two to propose to divorce, so that the Su family owed himself a favor, and also used this to let Director Su help the company.

Lin Feng said that he has to think again. Su Yiwen came downstairs early in the morning to relax. Father Su came over and talked with Su Yiwen. He said that he always wanted his daughter to find a stable job, but he never knew that she liked photography so much. Su Yiwen said that she has always been afraid that her parents will not understand her, so she has never dared to say it. After Peng Xizhe went to work, the first time Lin Feng arrived at the company, he submitted a resignation report to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng pretended to be innocent in front of him, saying that he completely believed in Su Yiwen. Peng Xizhe seemed to see through Lin Feng’s two-handed and three-handed, and said that if he hadn’t been instigating him behind his back, Su’s mother would not rush to the apartment. He said that from the first day he joined the company, he said that the first condition for bringing his software into the company was that Lin Feng could not betray Su Yiwen. Unexpectedly, Lin Feng admitted that he and Shen Ruoyan were at fault first, but Peng Xizhe couldn’t give Su Yiwen happiness at all compared to himself.

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