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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement Episode 7 Recap

After Su Yiwen and Peng Xizhe returned home and dried their phones, they received amessagefrom Lin Feng asking how she is now. Hearing the voice, Peng Xizhe solemnly asked Su Yiwen if he really loved Lin Feng. Su Yiwen didn’t want to say yes, but Peng Xizhe said that for a man like Lin Feng, the child who would cry next to him would have milk, while Su Yiwen was always alone with a lot of grievances and unhappiness. But after returning to the room, she still told Lin Feng to recover that she was fine.

Because of his outstanding performance at the meeting with Hua Rui, Peng Xizhe was appointed by Lin Feng as the leader of the creative department A group. Jiang Ping took the opportunity to ask Lin Feng what he would do. Lin Feng said that Jiang Ping, as a veteran who founded the company with him, is naturally the best candidate for the head of the creative department. This move made Shen Ruoyan ‘s heart cold.

Su Yiwen came to the clinic of her sister Su Yiwu and learned that her parents had come to the clinic, and unexpectedly heard her sister say that she was about to divorce. After the memory was over, the colleagues all congratulated Peng Xizhe happily, and let him work hard in the future. Jiang Ping said that he heard that Peng Xizhe was Su Yiwen’s younger brother, and mentioned that he had a very strong relationship with Lin Feng, and gave him a friendly reminder that Shen Ruoyan is a tiger, and the tiger’s ass cannot be touched. Shen Ruoyan was dissatisfied with Lin Feng’s personnel arrangements.

She came to Lin Feng’s office and threatened that she and Lin Feng were in the same boat. She used the previously expensive orchid to warn Lin Feng that she might break the news at any time. Peng Xizhe also came to Lin Feng’s office and said that he might not be suitable for such a high position when he first joined the company, but Lin Feng said that no one is more suitable for this position than him and let him work hard.

Andy took a photo of Shen Ruoyan leaving Lin Feng’s house in the morning, and immediately contacted the company’s executive sister, and the two agreed to meet and talk in detail. Su Yiwu talked to Su Yiwen, saying that Lin Feng is not suitable for marriage. Su Yiwen always uses Lin Feng’s busy work as an excuse to end all her own guesses about Lin Feng. By asking Peng Xizhe, Lin Feng learned that Su Yiwen was trapped in the hot pot restaurant last night because of heavy rain, so that if she encounters similar things again in the future, she must notify herself as soon as possible. He also asked Su Yiwen if he had contact with Shen Ruoyan recently and told Su Yiwen not to distribute invitations to Shen Ruoyan for the time being, saying that the company would distribute them uniformly, even though Su Yiwen said Shen Ruoyan was his bridesmaid.

Peng Xizhe suddenly received news from Shen Ruoyan and asked him to find a yellow paper bag in the stairwell, deliberately letting her hear the conversation between herself and the administrative sister. Peng Xizhe quickly approached Shen Ruoyan and said that he would find the truth of this matter as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, Shen Ruoyan said that she knew that Peng Xizhe lived in Su Yiwen’s house. She felt that it was very suitable now. She liked Lin Feng and Peng Xizhe liked Su Yiwen. It is better to let things develop in this situation.

Peng Xizhe once again participated in the meeting with President Jin. The meeting between the two parties was very successful. President Jin asked Peng Xizhe why the young lady photographer did not appear today. Only then did Peng Xizhe know that it was Su Yiwen who sought out President Jin in private, so the team had this opportunity. This made Ye Zishan a little puzzled. She couldn’t guess what Su Yiwen’s purpose was. Now the coaches have agreed to let Su Yiwen come to the team as a special photographer.

The future is destined to be extraordinary. Su Yiwu’s clinic has been open for two days and there have been no patients. She ran into Li Bingli in the elevator and asked him if he had spoken badly behind his back, so her clinic has never been patient. She was about to go to the hospital to find Jia Le, but suddenly received a call from abroad and learned that her son was missing. Peng Xizhe accidentally ran into Su Yiwu’s son downstairs at Su Yiwen’s house. After bringing him home, he informed Su Yiwen to go home quickly.

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