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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement Episode 5 Recap

In order to give backthe professional camera Peng Xizhe gave him, Su Yiwen prepared to give Peng Xizhe a formal suit. Seeing Peng Xizhe walking out of the fitting room, Su Yiwen was stunned, calling him a walking hormone like wearing a suit. Coach Ouyang took the ice hockey players to dinner with investors. Peng Xizhe missed it because he was buying a suit. After buying the clothes, the two hurried to the street to help Su Yiwu’s clinic hand out flyers.

Unexpectedly, when Su Yiwen was distributing the flyers, he actually met his mother, and the secret between the two was revealed in an instant. Su’s mother soon came to Su Yiwu’s clinic and cried to her two daughters about her difficulties over the years. Su Yiwu directly confessed to her mother about her development in China. Peng Xizhe quickly went to meet with coach Ouyang and accepted the coach’s criticism of him. This party was arranged by the Ye family brothers and sisters. Peng Xizhe did not show up as the captain. This made the coach and investors very angry. The coach even persuaded Peng Xizhe. , If he really can’t do it, suggest him to leave the hockey team.

After Su’s mother left, the two sisters Su Yiwen were lost in thought, wondering what kind of storm was about to usher in. Su Yiwu thought of her children. She told Su Yiwen that she had at least jumped out of her comfort zone and chose to start a business. Su Yiwen rebelled with her, rebelled against the broad road arranged by her parents for her children, and refused to be with people she didn’t love. marry. Peng Xizhe returned to the team and hurried to comfort Ye Zishan, saying that he had never received any notice, so he did not arrive on time today. Ye Zishan soon lost his anger when he heard him. He watched Peng Xizhe wearing the cheap suit he had just bought, and encouraged Peng Xizhe to buy more decent clothes. Knowing that he had lost this investment for some reason, Peng Xizhe agreed to satisfy Ye Zishan’s wish.

Because of Peng Xizhe’s behavior this time, the players have doubts about his ability to lead the team, and said that if he is not competent, he should be a good leader as soon as possible. Su Yiwen soon came to the ice hockey team to find Peng Xizhe, and wanted to comfort him, but Peng Xizhe explained that he didn’t like to participate in these commercial gatherings. He asked Su Yiwen whether Su Yiwu’s problem had been solved. Su Yiwen said that compared to Su Yiwu’s problem, the problem of being unemployed was more serious.

When Father Su returned home, he heard Mother Su say that Su Yiwu had returned to China, and that Su Yiwen was also helping Su Yiwu to conceal. Su Yiwen suddenly received a text message saying that ice hockey is the life of Peng Xizhe. He must be very sad to be fired. He can’t find him now. I hope Su Yiwen can accompany him more and help him out of this predicament. Su Yiwen hurried out to find Peng Xizhe, who was running at night. She said that she was going to get married and wanted to lose weight and wear a wedding dress, so she had to run at night with Peng Xizhe. Although Peng Xizhe did not tell Su Yiwen what happened to her, she told him based on her own experience that she should learn to live peacefully with life.

After returning home, Peng Xizhe told Su Yiwen that he was going to work on the first day tomorrow, and there was no way to attend the opening ceremony of Su Yiwu. Let Su Yiwen explain it for herself. Su Yiwu had prepared the things for the opening early, but Su Yiwen said that she couldn’t make it out temporarily. It turned out that Su Yiwen went to the team’s investment sponsor Jin Zong as a hockey team photographer, thinking in her heart. , Peng Xizhe used to guard his dreams, but now he wants to protect Peng Xizhe’s dreams.

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