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You are my peach blossom catastrophe

You are my peach blossom catastrophe (Manga)
Other Name: 你是我的桃花劫

Genres: manga, Girl, love, antiquity
Akko culture
Related Show:
Adapted from the novel “Old Things in the Southern Dynasties”

Everyone says that the white butterfly is a baby girl who is yingzhuo shouxin and the butterfly. But even Liu Chen didn’t believe it, and his heart was poured into it, so why should you be afraid of it! After several years, when this prophecy was unveiled, numerous conspiracies surfaced, and the world fell into war again. If life is not at the right time, how can life be left to others? This prosperity is gone, and in the end, the two of them are holding hands together, or are they strangers and enemies………

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