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Accidentally Meet

Accidentally Meet (Manga)
Other Name: 逆转人生:遇见秦先生 / Reversing life: meet Mr. Qin

Genres: manga
Ha Man
Related Show:

the Overnight, she changed from a daughter to a daughter of Baocuo. The biological daughter seems to be gentle and harmless, but framed and bullied every step; her boyfriend betrayed for money, and her adoptive father forced her to marry an old man instead of her sister; When falling into the abyss of darkness, only he is a beam of light. He held her in the palm of his hand: “My child, do you want to get justice for you?” She laughed: “No, I will do it myself.”


“Reverse Life: Meet Mr. Qin” : if one day your parents tell you that you are adopted daughter. What should you do if you are just an adopted daughter? Your family and lover have given up on you because of your status. The so-called sister is pressing harder. If you want to get back her things, you have to take over her rotten life, but you don’t want to accidentally save a strange man. good or not? However, this man is nothing but money,

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