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40-man Kiro Kanata no Koi (2020)

40-man Kiro Kanata no Koi (2020)
Other Title: 40万キロかなたの恋 / 400,000 km Kanata no Koi

Genres: drama, Romance, Drama
TV Tokyo
Release Date:
 Jul 24, 2020 – Aug 14, 2020
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  • Chiba Yudai as Takamura Soichi
  • Kadowaki Mugi as Ayuhara Sakiko
  • Yamoto Yuma as Miyoshi Ryosuke [JAXIS controller]
  • Yamada Maho as Nishina Kaori [JAXIS Public Relations officer]
  • Komatsu Toshimasa as Kashima Tatsuo [JAXIS controller]
  • Yoshioka Riho as Lily [AI] [Voice]

Astronaut Takamura Soichi is spending a year in space in order to collect data samples that will enable the human race to live comfortably in space. As someone who loathes people and avoids troublesome human relationships, he is happy living alone with the AI Yuri some 400,000 km from earth. Then one day, Soichi has an interview with his ex-girlfriend Ayuhara Sakiko through satellite connection. Their reunion on a computer screen eventually turns into quarrel but it makes him rediscover his feelings. Then Yuri realises that her feelings for Soichi are close to the human love and begins to question the meaning of her own existence. An unexpected love triangle develops between the astronaut, his ex-girlfriend on earth and the AI! In addition, all sorts of problems happen in outer space…

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