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Chapter 8 Pangolin

Bai Xiaobei can sense the weak magnetic field at the root of this boxwood, so he is no longer talking nonsense and is ready to start rescue.

“My means of treating Huang Yang, but the non-dissemination means at home, you all avoid it.”

The so-called non-circulation means naturally refers to the secret of Xiaolingyu’s tactics, which can’t be revealed in front of outsiders.

Hearing Bai Xiaobei, Li Momo froze for a moment: “Are you sure you can heal this boxwood?”


“Pretend to be waiting for you to learn how to call a donkey.” The next Mr. Qian sneered and walked aside with disdain.

Li Momo also walked away with two old men.

When everyone walked away, Bai Xiaobei turned away, blocking the sight of Huafu who was still hooking his head in the distance and wanted to peek, and began to apply the Xiaolingyu recipe to Huangyang with confidence.

“What, so mysterious!”

Peeping on the unsuccessful Hua Fuer’s unwilling swearing, he intuitively told him that this kid might have some means to cure the boxwood, and this method is not guaranteed to be related to the wild Hericium erinaceus that can be dug for so many decades.

Bai Xiaobei deliberately controls the size of the Lingyu Cloud, only the size of an egg!

This size can be covered by hand to prevent the camera in the villa area.

The traces of rain, falling from the spirit cloud, are covering the dry roots of the boxwood.

The boxwood root beard greedily absorbs the subtle rain like a cow hair.

Soon, a touch of fresh green spread from the roots, and after a while, there are small buds, which are constantly pumping out on the branches…

In Bai Xiaobei’s field of vision, Huangyang’s life magnetic field began to strengthen and became brighter and brighter!

When Ling Yu finished, he didn’t know if it was an illusion. He felt a fresh air flow, feedbacked from Huang Yang to himself, and he felt refreshed and his pores relaxed.

Bai Xiaobei clearly felt that the’True Qi Hot Flow’ that he has been practicing recently has become a lot stronger.

A smug smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he shouted to several people in the distance: “You can come!”

A few minutes before and after the process, a few people were very surprised.

“Useless, this boxwood has been saved, how could I be wrong, this hairy boy, I don’t know how high it is!”

Professor Qian first walked past with a sneer. In such a short time, he concluded that Bai Xiaobei gave up.

However, when he saw the appearance of the boxwood in the flower pot, the whole person was lost!

“how is this possible?”

For a long time, he stared at him dumbfounded, and he rushed forward, circling around the flowerpot a few times, staring at him. Finally, I even brought in a magnifying glass and other instruments to start the test.

“Really alive?!”

He murmured, and Professor Qian generally stood still for a long time without moving.

Although the bet won, let a professor kneel to learn how to donkey, Bai Xiaobei can not really do it. Now this guy has been beaten and silly. It is estimated that after thinking about this for a long time, he will feel hot on his face, which is a lesson.

Li Momo, Hua Bu Er and Li Li also came over, and they were surprised to see the boxwood that was resurrected.

“It seems that the professor has a way, and I should go back!” Bai Xiaobei spread his hand to Li Momo, with a coveted smile.

There is also a chartered driver outside who is counting the time. After so long, it is estimated that a lot of money will be added. The purpose of this trip has been achieved, the game has sold a high price, and it will be sold later.

Li Momo looked at the professor who had lost his soul and smiled, “I will drive you out.”

Secretary Wang next heard this, but hurried to the driver’s seat to see his nervousness. It is estimated that Li Momo’s driving skills were very uncomfortable.

At the door of the Gold Coast community.

Bai Xiaobei said goodbye to Li Momo and walked towards the position of the previous taxi.

“It’s such a good day today!”

Bai Xiaobei sighed happily, and then found it wrong.

The taxi I rented out was gone?

I searched again for a long time to make sure that the taxi driver had left. Bai Xiaobei screamed: “Damn, damn blackhearted driver, but I spent the money back and forth in the car, and I ran away! How did I get back to town? !No honesty at all!”

I wanted to use a beep to catch a taxi, but found that the phone was also very untimely and shut down automatically.

Can only find a taxi, but walked along the street for a long time, almost dizzy, and failed to stop a car. While wandering blindly, suddenly, Bai Xiaobei felt the jade ring tremble in his hand.

“I wipe! What’s going on?”

Bai Xiaobei was taken aback!

Fortunately, it has been determined that this jade ring is not a mortal thing, but it is probably a fairy family item in myth, but it has not been scared.

A strange trembling rhythm made him psychic, and he looked subconsciously towards a remote ancient lane not far away.

Yu Jie seems to be reminding him where to go…

“Am I crazy?”

Bai Xiaobei shook his head, suspecting he had hallucinations.

After thinking about it, he strode toward the alley.

This is a typical Jiangnan ancient alley, blue stone plate street, black tiles and white walls, walked in along the alley, and soon found a lively old street.

On both sides of the street, you can also see some old wooden buildings, a variety of small shops, food stalls, daily necessities, toys, porcelain, and furniture, which are very complete.

Wandering around blindly, the jade ring was trembling, and the feeling of Xuanzhi and Xuanzhi kept coming.

Under its “guidance”, Bai Xiaobei turned from this lively old street into another alley!

“Huh, why are there so many luxury cars parked here!”

The alley is very shabby and rudimentary, and there are yards of these families. It has just rained recently, and it is muddy to step on.

It seems reasonable that some people like to visit this alley, but it is surprising that Bai Xiaobei just walked in and found a row of business luxury cars and sports cars, which filled the alley!

Going inside, I finally found the reason!

The alley was suddenly bright, and a venue similar to the small market appeared in front.

There are dozens of stalls, and the stall owners are sitting on the Maza, and they are selling in front of them. Most of them are all kinds of game, herbs and so on!

Pheasant hare, mountain mink, gerbil roe deer, snake, antelope, elk… Medicinal herbs include Gastrodia, ginseng, ganoderma lucidum, snow lotus…

In addition to game and medicinal herbs, there are some messy things, potted plants, ancient swords, antiques and the like, it seems that the way is not very bright.

The customers who come here are all dressed up brightly, wandering between the stalls, seeing what items they have, and bargaining with the stall owner. But the sound is not loud, the small market is quite quiet, especially outside is a bustling old street.

“black market!”

Bai Xiaobei took a breath.

Because he saw many protected animals banned from hunting and digging in many countries!

For example, an egret with a broken neck, a snub-nosed monkey in a cage, a yellow-lipped fish placed in an aerobic tank, and a killed elk…

There are also many protected plants, such as Tianshan snow lotus, Magnolia stabilis, and single flower orchid.

There is a middle-aged man next to him who wants to buy yellow-lip fish. He was heard about the bargaining price, and the bid was actually hundreds of thousands!

Bai Xiaobei couldn’t help but want to make a U-turn and leave. In such a broken place, who knows when the police will pop out of the pot and drink tea.

Yu Jie shivered even harder, hesitating a bit, he went to one of the stalls.

As he approached the stall, the ring trembled even more, as if urging.

Seeing Bai Xiaobei passing by, the peddler who was playing with a mobile phone glanced at him and said, “Fancy something to tell me.” Then he continued to play with his mobile phone.

Bai Xiaobei also found out that the vendors selling goods here are uncles more than uncles! It doesn’t take care of guests like in the general market. Customers inquire about the price and directly report the price without paying any attention to it.

There are a lot of game in the stalls, snakes, bullfrogs, bamboo rats, mountain turtles… Bai Xiaobei, who lives on the mountain, is not afraid of these messy things. Except for the snakes in the bamboo baskets that are afraid of poison, others have reached out and touched it.

When one of the game was touched, the jade ring on his hand stopped beating, and instead exhaled a cool breath.

“This is what makes the ring move… the pangolin?”

Bai Xiaobei had a strange feeling in his heart. I don’t understand why Yujie would feel this pangolin.

As if feeling the breath from Bai Xiaobei’s fingers, the pangolin that originally shrunk in the iron cage slowly unfolded his body, revealing a length of about 30 centimeters.

Obviously, this is a pangolin with no adult, and its swarthy little eyes stared at Bai Xiaobei’s finger curiously.

“The eyesight is good, but this is a big supplement. It is smuggled from the old forest in Myanmar! Today I have sold more than a dozen, and this is the last one!”

The hawker saw Bai Xiaobei seemed interested in the most expensive game, and was a little more enthusiastic.

The small pangolin scales are extremely delicate, unlike the common pangolins, which have a light golden pattern and look very beautiful. Even more peculiar is that the pangolin generally has sparse bristles on its abdomen and legs, but this small pangolin does not.

“Isn’t this little thing a pangolin?” Bai Xiaobei muttered.

At this time, the little guy climbed forward, hugged his fingers, and rubbed his small head gently, as if it was very sticky.

The hawker was a little surprised to see this scene. Anyway, pangolins are also wild animals, how can they get close to humans.

“how much is it?”

Bai Xiaobei felt that this small pangolin should not be an ordinary thing, so he asked.

“Three thousand dollars! Black market rules, cash settlement!” The hawker showed three fingers, “This pangolin is a little smaller, but it is alive, I think it is worth the price.”

This price is not outrageous, and Bai Xiaobei does not wear it. He took out his wallet and took out three thousand pieces directly to the hawker and picked up the pangolin iron cage.

“Come back again next time!” The hawker was very happy.

There are not many people bargaining here, but there are not many 3,000 injustices to buy a small pangolin. This little pangolin had less than two pounds of meat, and it was 2,000 pieces to the dinner table of the big hotel!

“You’d better go to the small shop on the street outside, buy some black cloth and rope to tie the cage, this thing can be dazzling!”

The hawker was thoughtful and reminded him that Bai Xiaobei nodded, carrying the cage and leaving.


At this moment, a young man who was wearing sunglasses and had a strange costume on his body rushed over and stopped him.

After taking off his sunglasses, the young man stared at the cage in Bai Xiaobei’s hand and muttered: “What’s so good about this broken thing? Buy it as a pet and you’re not afraid of being bitten.”

Before his elder sister called to say that there was a beautiful pangolin in the black market, because he did not dare to take it, and because he was in a hurry, he called to buy it.

Unexpectedly, when I first arrived, I found out that this thing was bought by someone, so I quickly stopped!

“what’s up?”

By looking at the young man’s expression, Bai Xiaobei knew that the man’s goal was the pangolin he was carrying.

It’s not nonsense to kill Matt youth, just reach out with a finger: “I’m the one who fancy this first, let’s make a price!”

“Do not sell, let go!” Bai Xiaobei lazily replied.

The young man couldn’t help laughing. He squinted at Bai Xiaobei’s shabby clothes and said sarcastically: “Boy, do you know who I am? I advise you to be honest and give me the pangolin, so you don’t have to ask for trouble. Twice the price!”

Bai Xiaobei ignored everything and went straight out.

“Ten thousand!”

Killing Matt frowned, his face sullen.

If it wasn’t because the small pangolin was selected by the jade ring, plus these days, he made a fortune. For this offer, Bai Xiaobei may be really moved, but now he still cares.

“Twenty thousand!”

The young man’s eyes had begun to catch fire, ignoring the dumbfounded hawker, striding to chase Bai Xiaobei.

“Twenty thousand?…I’m fucking early!”

The hawker looked sorry!

Why didn’t this upstart come a little early, he must have slaughtered him!

Although pangolins are nationally protected animals, when are they so valuable! There are also many things in the mountains of Caiyun Province!

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