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Chapter 7 Pearl Boxwood

The old Chinese doctor came back and walked quietly to Bai Xiaobei.

“Little brother, discuss something.”

Bai Xiaobei looked at him suspiciously.

The old Chinese medicine god whispered mysteriously: “I will give you a recipe for the stomach to be used by Hericium erinaceus. How about you give me a few ten years of wild Hericium erinaceus? Medicated recipes are definitely the best ratio, and not many can be opened.”

Regardless of whether Bai Xiaobei disagreed or not, he just stuffed him a piece of paper.

As people grow old, Hua Fuji will not really believe the mischief that Bai Xiaobei just made. Can bring so much at once, saying that there is no inventory on hand, coaxing it.

Bai Xiaobei also moved.

This recipe is not only useful for yourself, it is also great to go back and use it to adjust the body of the parents.

I glanced at the prescription on my hand, pondered, and nodded: “Yes! But I have an extra condition. In the future, I hope you can give me more prescriptions with different herbs. I will use rare herbs. You can rest assured, It’s easy to get medicinal materials of the grade Hericium erinaceus for ten years!”

He now masters the Xiaolingyu recipe. Although he consumes a lot of energy and can’t use it too frequently, he can always continue to cultivate rare treasures like the “Hundred Years of Honeysuckle Tree King” and the “Decade of Hericium Mushroom”. I also want to get a way to make better use of such herbs.

Hua Fuji heard a strange expression on his face: “That feeling is good, but you can really get it?”


“That’s all done, little brother. If you can’t buy the other herbs of this herbal diet, just go to our Baicaotang and get it for free!” Hua was very excited and proudly packed the ticket.

With the help of Li Momo, Grandpa Li also came over and smiled: “Old man, you don’t see rabbits or eagles, haha!”

Hua Buji smiled: “No way, the old man is older, and my stomach is not good. I need some precious medicinal herbs to recuperate.”

Putting the prescription down, Bai Xiaobei asked Hua Fuji: “How many do I need to give you?”

The old traditional Chinese medicine gestured two fingers and said, “Twenty will do. And I will pay! As long as it is ten years in the wild, it will be counted as five thousand one and make up for you.”

Then he felt inappropriate and shook his head again: “The more the number, the better, the more, the better!”

Five thousand one?

Bai Xiaobei can’t help talking! I wonder if the old man has a problem.

How many sacks can I buy for Hericium erinaceus on the market!

Doesn’t it mean that as long as I dig a Hericium erinaceus every day and irrigate it with the Xiaolingyu recipe, I can earn 150,000 a month.

“Good boy, I really want to get rich!”

Bai Xiaobei did not know that once the wild Hericium erinaceus exceeds five years, the value has greatly increased. Hericium erinaceus in this year is difficult to survive, most of them rot due to environmental variables.

As for the wild goods for more than ten years, I have never seen it before! That is, he has the Xiaolingyu tactic, which can urge the year, otherwise, it will be difficult to find a tree in Dashan in his life.

Grandpa Li also turned his head and said to Secretary Wang: “Go and give the little brother a one hundred thousand bearer card.”

Bai Xiaobei had made so much money by giving a game. Fortunately, I had the experience of selling honeysuckle trees before I got stuck, but I was not scared.

“Little brother, don’t be polite, the old man doesn’t lack money. Just send in the future if you have good game. It feels that the price is reasonable. Unlike some people who have good eyesight and pit you! Haha!”

Father Li made a joke.

Bai Xiaobei was also not hypocritical and put away the bank card.

Next, the two old men invited Bai Xiaobei to sit down and play chess with them. Especially the old man, constantly asking Bai Xiaobei where he found so many unique Hericium erinaceus.

Bai Xiaobei did not hide, and directly told him that he was looking for it from his hilltop. Anyway, even if someone else finds it, it will only find ordinary wild hericium.

“Grandpa, my pearl is dying. Didn’t you call an expert you know?” Li Momo shouted before the flower garden not far away.

Grandpa Li looked up in embarrassment: “Grandpa asked someone to invite you, come soon, don’t worry.”

Bai Xiaobei was curious. When he walked to the flower garden, he saw a pot of rockery that was not small in size.

On the beautifully carved dark rocky rockery, there are small trees with twisted branches and curved stems.

“Pearl boxwood?” Bai Xiaobei recognized the small tree in the pot.

Pearl boxwood, also known as fish scale boxwood, is an evergreen shrub of the boxwood family. Named as small as a pearl, Xingxi likes a cool and humid climate, mostly born on the top of high mountains.

‘Close to the yellow poplar tree, whirling branches dry weight, leaves deep garden jade, ancient roots from the dragon. The year-old calendar has a long history of wind and frost. It shouldn’t meet every leap, it’s firmer than Hansong. ‘Pearl yellow boxwood has always been a literary scholar because of its bad growth environment, beautiful tree shape and firm character.

As ornamental trees, there are some pearl boxwood that are extremely beautiful, especially after being carefully trimmed, they are favored by pot enthusiasts, used to embellish rockery, or as potted plants.

Only at this time, the pearl boxwood in the flower pot in front of him showed signs of withering and yellowing.

Hua Fuji also walked around and turned around the bonsai: “Old man Li, is this not the bonsai of the Black Mountain Mountains you spent hundreds of thousands of days deceived? Gee, if the natural pearl boxwood above it dies By the way, the black stone rockery carved by the master sculptor alone is not worth much!”

Mr. Li’s face was right: “What to deceive? I bought it for money, and they sold it happily.”

Then he whispered again: “I forgot to take care of it before, and I can’t do it after a few days in the sun. This thing is also very precious!”

Pearl boxwood, which belongs to alpine plants, likes the top of the mountain which is warm and humid, with an altitude of 1-3 to 17,000. The odd-shaped boxwood formed by chance coincides with carving and pruning by the hands of famous artists, and the price is naturally extraordinary.

“It’s a pity, it’s a pity, this is also considered the best among the yellow poplars, and it was killed by the sun.

Buxus rooted in black stone itself lacks moisture. If it is not placed in a humid environment or watered frequently, it is difficult to survive, let alone exposure to the sun!

“Hundreds of thousands to buy a potted plant? Rich people really spend money!”

Bai Xiaobei secretly sighed, “I don’t buy this hundreds of pieces. I don’t have Shan Zijia at home. It looks good. Last time, my parents didn’t sell it at the market. If it was sold to Mr. Li …”

“Secretary Wang, didn’t I ask you to ask Mr. Qian?” The granddaughter was not happy, and Grandpa Li turned to ask Secretary Wang next to him.

Secretary Wang, who had been respectfully standing in the distance, hurriedly replied: “I have already gone to please, and I will be here soon.”

Before the words fell, a high-end Audi drove over the forest road and stopped slowly.

The driver got out of the car first, opened the rear door, and made an inviting gesture.

A middle-aged man with oiled noodles and wearing an Emmani suit came down from the car. While adjusting the tie, look around.

“Is it him?” Mr. Li asked Secretary Wang.

Secretary Wang nodded: “It’s him. Mr. Qian is a famous botanist and professor of botany at Tiannan University. He also has extensive experience in potting treatment.”

The middle-aged man, Mr. Qian, came over with a cold face, and when he saw the crowd around the bonsai, he coughed and asked, “Is this the boxwood tree?”

The arrogant attitude made Father Li frown.

Secretary Wang quickly looked at it and said: “This is the strain, please take a look at Mr. Qian.”

Mr. Qian nodded, wandered around the bonsai, muttered in his mouth, and did not see what inspection tool he used, he reached out and pinched the boxwood, and shook his head: “No hope, this boxwood is dead. Although the appearance is still alive, it has been dead for a short time.”

Hearing this, Grandpa Li sighed and stared at Huang Yang: “It’s a pity.”

Mr. Qian also nodded: “It is a pity that this boxwood is the best, but since I died, I will only pay for the diagnosis, 8,000 yuan.”

Looking at the lively Bai Xiaobei for a moment, he blurted out and said: “At a glance, it will charge eight thousand yuan!”

At this time, Secretary Wang had withdrawn cash and handed it to Mr. Qian.

When Mr. Qian heard Bai Xiaobei’s words, he immediately sneered: “Whoever pays the price, if the second hanger is too expensive, it would be too much to collect eight yuan. I don’t charge eight thousand yuan but it is not high. Ordinary people still don’t want to move me. “

Bai Xiaobei pointed to the boxwood in the flower pot and said: “But it is not dead yet?”

As soon as this remark came out, Mr. Qian was sullen and spitting stars: “You know what a fart! I am a professor of botany and a member of the International Botanical Society. What do you count as a person who is qualified to sing in the face of me?”

Li Momo quickly pulled Bai Xiaobei: “It’s okay, if you die, you will die.”

Bai Xiaobei didn’t know what to say.

Since the last time he discovered syncope, he also discovered a method of practicing “True Qi”. He also discovered a change in his body, that is, he began to vaguely see the life breath and magnetic field of plants.

At first, he was still not sure, but these changes have become more and more obvious and clear these days. For example, when he looked at the Hericium erinaceus in the incubator just now, he felt that they were surrounded by a faint brilliance…

This boxwood tree doesn’t seem to work anymore, but he still vaguely sees that there is a weak vitality at its root, which is slowly flowing. Although the aura is weak, it has not completely died.

After hesitating, Bai Xiaobei said: “Miss Li, I also planted it all year round on the mountain. I know some characteristics of all the plants. I am pretty sure that this boxwood is still alive!”

Mr. Qian, who had already taken the money to leave, suddenly stopped and poked Bai Xiaobei’s nose impatiently: “Shit, a land-grown turtle in a rural area, I think it is more professional than me! I said this boxwood is dead, If you can save your life, go ahead!”

There is a reason for Mr. Qian’s reaction. As a professor of botany, he also has some standards, and he knows clearly that this boxwood is indeed as dead as Bai Xiaobei said. It’s just that it’s no different from death. There is no cure.

“I can really give it a try.”

Bai Xiaobei also got a little angry.

“Haha, I don’t know what to say that you have courage, or you don’t know it! You don’t try, we bet directly! If you are cured, I don’t want these eight thousand, I will give you eighty thousand! But if the cure is not good, say Three times I am a stupid donkey, and I am smart.”

Mr. Qian’s words became more and more mean, and Li Momo next to him all looked upset and sullen.

Bai Xiaobei jumped in the corner of his eyes and exploded.

It was the first time I saw such a vicious so-called professor.

“Gambling! But I don’t want your money. If you lose, just kneel on the ground and learn how to donkey!”

He is not worried about losing!

If you can play the Xiaolingyu tactic yourself, if you want to cure this boxwood, it is actually a piece of cake.

Idiot, brother has magic, fight me?

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