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Chapter 6 Young man, the future is boundless

“Hi, Mr. Bai, here!”

Li Momo saw Bai Xiaobei greeted immediately.

Bai Xiaofan, holding the incubator, carried the bag and walked over: “The security here is so strict! Don’t give it in.”

“They are also dedicated! I met you this time, and you will come to me again in the future, and I will definitely let you in. Well, I will help you with a bag.”

With a smile on his face, Li Momo Qiao offered to help him carry something. Bai Xiaobei was also polite, and handed over the sack, or Secretary Wang had a quick eye and grabbed the past.

If you really let Miss Li Jia carry the sack, that would be too ridiculous.

Seeing this scene, the nearby Marais was dumbfounded.

He is not an ordinary person who can buy a villa on the Gold Coast. But he had seen Li Momo, who was so popular in the mall, how cold he was. But at the moment, she even talked and laughed with the local turtle turtle, and she didn’t have a shelf at all, like an approachable girl next door…

At this moment, he can’t wait to slap the little three beside him!

I was just fine to scold the kid for what he did! What can make Li Momo treat each other so much, even if it is an earth turtle, it is also a golden turtle!

Maybe it’s the kind of gangster who has a bad taste, has nothing to do with full support, and likes to pretend to be the poor and experience life.

Look at Bai Xiaobei, who is sloppy and rustic, with muddy shoes, and then look at Secretary Wang, who looks cold, and Ma Lai wants to cry without tears! Today I went out and didn’t watch Huang Li’s offense.

“Mr. Bai, miss, get in the car.” Secretary Wang opened the door and greeted the two.

However, Ma Lai stepped forward and said to Bai Xiaobei: “This young master, I just don’t know Taishan just now, I hope you don’t see it~~”

Li Momo covered his mouth with a smile and looked at Bai Xiaobei: “Why did he get you?”

Malai cried with a sad face: “It’s all misunderstandings, all misunderstandings, all blame me for being cheap, or is this Shabi girl not long eyes…”

After he finished speaking, he glared at the little three next to him.

Fascinating women usually like foxes and tigers. Now that fat people are pugs, she naturally shut up and dared not say a word.

Li Momo listened to Bai Xiaobei briefly said the situation just now, suddenly covered his mouth and giggled.

Waiting for the two to get in the car, Secretary Wang’s mouth froze, and Marai looked frightened: “Fat, you’re so powerful, what hatred do we blame you for pitting me, and say in front of Missy that I like to receive gifts?”

Disregarding the fat-faced fat man, he got into the car and took the driving seat, and started the car.

It took a long time for the fat man to recover, and yelled at Xiao San for a while: “You fucking didn’t go to drive the car, just stand here and watch Laozi lively, right.”

The voluptuous woman was also terrified, regretting that she did not have long eyes, and ran away in embarrassment on high heels.

Bai Xiaobei finally understood why Li Momo had to pick himself up to drive.

The car drove on a forest path with thorns and camphor trees on both sides and drove a long distance before arriving at the villa area.

In the villa area, Bai Xiaobei looked dumbfounded. Every family was far away, occupying vast grassland, as well as special entertainment venues.

The car stopped in front of a luxury villa. In front of this villa is Qinghu Lake, bamboo forest rockery fountain, behind it is the hillside, and there is also a golf course on the hillside.

By the lake, two old men were sitting on stone benches playing chess.

One wore a Tang suit and was spirited, while the other wore a more retro coat with a white beard.

Bai Xiaobei recognized the old man with a white beard. It was the video with Secretary Ma that let them buy the old Chinese medicine doctor of Honeysuckle King.

“Grandpa, I’m here. Grandpa Hua, you’re here too!” Li Momo got out of the car and greeted the two old men.

“Li Xiaoya, the old man came over and looked at the honeysuckle king again. These days are too busy. I will come over as soon as I have time!”

“Speaking of the honeysuckle tree king, thank you grandpa Hua very much. If you haven’t looked like a torch, now my grandpa’s illness has not been cured.”

Touted by Li Momo, the old man laughed: “That’s also good luck, and the kid who sells trees is also a rookie. Those hundred years of honeysuckle can be regarded as treasures of the world, but they can’t be sought, and they can meet the master who knows the goods and is not bad. One million to two million are refreshing. Who knows that the rookie put the medicinal herbs on the medicinal herbs trading network. Those online drug dealers are half-hangers who have no way to learn. How can I see the true value of this honeysuckle tree king? …”

After talking a lot, the old man glanced proudly at Grandpa Li: “How about, I have a great eye, study Chinese herbal medicine for decades, this ability is still there, the fire poison in you, to me Shenzhenhua is not second-hand, but also a piece of cake.”

Mr. Li said with a smile: “You have a good vision. But is it not embarrassing to say that in front of other sellers? You are not embarrassed, your children are embarrassed!”

Hua Bu was shocked, and subconsciously turned his eyes to Bai Xiaobei beside Li Momo, his eyes widened: “Are you the master of the honeysuckle tree king?”

Bai Xiaobei shook his head: “No.”


“Trust your old blessing, my rookie sold it for 200,000.”


Hua Buer blamed himself for saying that he was so cheap, that he could not buy anything from millions, and that he was priced at a price of 200,000 yuan.

“Cough,” dry cough, and the embarrassed old Chinese doctor curiously said: “How come the boy is here?”

Bai Xiaobei put the incubator in his hand in front of him and pointed out, “Since the old man claims to be a prodigal in the Chinese medicine world, just help and see, how much is the medicinal hericium in this box.”

The old Chinese medicine heard the doubts in Bai Xiaobei’s words. He immediately stared at his eyes and white beard blew: “What is self-proclaimed, I am! In Caiyun Province, I say that I am second in Chinese medicine, and no one dares to call myself first. The name of Baicaotang is not false!”

“Even if the Hericium erinaceus is common game, the Chinese medicine is reluctant, and it’s okay to eat it as a supplement. It can be worth a few dollars.”

Bai Xiaobei opened the lid of the incubator, and Hua Fuer glanced inadvertently. In an instant, his eyes could not be moved!

In the incubator, there are a few bowls of large monkey head mushrooms, each of which is close to 20 centimeters in diameter, and even one of them is almost 25 centimeters!

“this is?”

Hua Bu stood up all at once, reaching for one of them. Tawny gold wire cover, milky stem, sniffed at the tip of nose, eyes bright.

“It’s all wild hericium erinaceus for more than ten years? This stuff is very rare. How can you find so many, it is not a genetically modified variety, but it is not like…”

Hericium erinaceus is difficult to live for ten years. Those who can reach this year are all treasures in the treasures, which are different from ordinary hericium erinaceus.

“The old people really have good eyesight and admire that these are not new breeds. They are all wild products I have been looking for in the mountains. I picked them for more than ten years!”

Bai Xiaobei raised his thumb and lied to relax. Originally, I was very unhappy with the old man in China, but since he was so enthusiastic, he took the same shot.

Grandpa Li and Li Momo were also aroused curiosity. Li Momo leaned forward and stared at the mushroom with his little head tilted, and asked, “Grandpa Hua, is this thing precious?”

“It’s more than precious! It’s important to match a few flavors. Make a medical diet and adjust it for a while, and your grandfather’s stomach problems can be greatly improved.”

Hua Fuji opened the bacteria gently, sniffed again, and then grabbed Bai Xiaobei: “Brother, is there any more of this thing? How many old men received it, character guarantee, absolutely… …Any price is reasonable anyway.”

Speaking of the last sentence, the old man was a little embarrassed.

I was still bragging just now, I have good eyesight, and the price has pitted the rookie Bai Xiaobei. However, he could understand the value of this thing. So even the title has changed, just to be close.

Bai Xiaobei shook his head: “It’s gone, it’s all brought, and everything else made me eat it.”

Mr. Li made a wink at Secretary Wang, and the other party immediately understood, picked up the incubator on the ground, and entered the villa without looking back.

“Hey, leave me a few, old man Li, you can’t eat so much! Keep a few!”

Hua Buer jumped anxiously.

This stuff, on the effect of medical treatment, is far inferior to that of wild mountain ginseng and Polygonum multiflorum, but can focus on body conditioning.

Stomach convalescence sounds ordinary, but if you choose the right customer group, it is completely different.

Hua Bu Er is well-known in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, but he has usually made many officials and businessmen, such as the Secretary of the Secretary, the real estate crocodile, the Internet tycoon and the like. These people did not care about their bodies during their early career promotion and entrepreneurship. They all leave the old stomach disease, and if they provide the opportunity to cure the stomach disease, the remuneration they are willing to pay is not what ordinary people can imagine.

Grandpa Li laughed and pointed to a hericium erinaceus on Huabu’s second-hand: “Isn’t this one left for you!”

He knew Hua Hua’s eyes very well, and even the old guy was very hot-eyed, it must be amazing. How can you give away the good things that can regulate stomach problems? Of course, you should leave it all to your family.

The old Chinese doctor was dumbfounded: “I will write a prescription for medicinal herbs, and you will give me ten more!”

Grandpa Li shook his head without saying a word, cast a contempt of mystery, a total of ten, you want it all.

“Five, are the five head offices?”

“Up to three!”

Master Li took a sip from the tea bowl on the stone table and said leisurely: “I don’t care about the money. If you don’t want it, I’ll find other magicians to write prescriptions.”

“Your uncle!”

Hua Buer scolded, “Three are three, I will go to your study to get a pen and paper to write the house, hand in hand, hand in hand mushrooms!”

Here, he asked Bo Xiaobei unwillingly: “Brother, is it really gone? Can you still find this thing on the mountain?”

Bai Xiaobei shook his head decisively: “No more! The whole mountain has been run over by me, that’s all.”

Hua was not sorry, he also knew the rareness of Hericium erinaceus for ten years, and he went to the prescription with a disappointed look.

Li Momo listened to Huafu and said that this hericium can cure grandpa’s stomach disease. He was very happy and quietly pulled Bai Xiaobei aside and asked in a small voice, “How much?”

Bai Xiaobei whispered: “Some are, when you need it, I can send it to you!”


Grandpa Li spouted out tea, coughed a few times, and gave thumbs up to Bai Xiaobei with a cry.

“Boy, there is no future!”

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