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Chapter 5 Turtles

The coastline of Spring City has a winding and beautiful coastline.

On the golden beach, a slender young woman was carefully supporting an elderly man in a Chinese suit wearing a Tang suit, walking slowly.

On the two of them, a middle-aged man with a noble body was listening to the glasses man’s medical examination report cheerfully, nodded with satisfaction, and said two sentences from time to time.

“Grandpa, how are you feeling?”

Li Momo watched Grandpa’s legs and feet move slowly, and Qiao’s face was covered with a happy smile.

The old man in Tang suit is also a little excited on his face: “It’s refreshing, I haven’t been able to walk around for several years, Momo, I really want to thank you this time, if you bought the honeysuckle king, plus the old man. Fang Zi, I’m afraid I dare not get out of bed yet.”

“Grandpa, this is what I should do. You get better soon, and the group management can be on the right track. Now my father is alone, it’s too tiring.”

Grandpa can recover and her mood is much better.

The old man laughed: “If your father is tired, you will be tired. If you are distressed, you can help manage it. Anyway, grandpa is old, don’t go. Now what grandpa thinks is where to get some delicious mountain treasures…”

After smashing it a few times, the old man showed a nostalgic look.

“Grandpa, Master Hua has said that you can avoid it, or I will help you find some game to eat!”

“OK, this is good, hurry!” The old man nodded quickly. I used to be a carnivorous animal, but in order to treat strange diseases, I haven’t eaten meat for a few years, it’s almost dead.

After being pulled by his parents to the Chuncheng University Hospital to check his body, everything is fine, Bai Xiaobei looks for Hericium erinaceus on the mountain every day for more than a week.

He did an experiment and it was completely clear.

Only the Hericium erinaceus irrigated by the “Xiao Ling Yu Jue” will produce a heat flow “True Qi” in the body after eating it by itself.

The common Hericium edodes has no such effect after eating.

With this discovery, he now finds Hericium erinaceus every day, he will first display a’Xiaolingyu recipe’, urge it, and then pick it home.

Because of the previous lesson, every time he casts this spell, he will be cautious, only cast it once a day, and control the size of the’rain cloud’ in the slap, so as to prevent excessive energy overdraft and syncope from happening again.

After consuming the “mutated Hericium erinaceus” several times, his body became stronger and stronger, and his true energy became stronger.

Later, he experimented on some other edible plants, such as radishes, leeks, etc., and it had the same effect.

He temporarily dismissed the idea of ​​”Xiao Ling Yu Jue” on other honeysuckle trees in the flower field.

First of all, I am afraid that my parents will find it greasy and I can’t explain it. Secondly, there are not many “Honeysuckle Tree Kings” in the market. Moreover, it is impossible to transform a thousand honeysuckle trees in one fell swoop. According to my current ability, it will take at least a few years. Just fine.

Strength is growing.

Now Bai Xiaobei climbed the tree, almost grabbed the bark a little, and could go up with just one body.

I just climbed the tree branch and prepared to pick Hericium erinaceus. At this time, the phone rang and I took out a series of 9s. I didn’t need to mark the phone book to know that it was Li Momo.

“Wealthy chicks shouldn’t regret buying 200,000 trees, and want to return them.”

Bai Xiaobei mumbled and answered the phone.

“Hey, Mr. Bai Xiaobei, this is Li Momo, the one who bought the honeysuckle tree before, remember?”

There was a clear and sweet voice across from it, and there was also the sound of waves.

“Remember, Miss Li, is there anything?” Bai Xiaobei heard that Li Momo was in a good mood, and the tone of his voice was different from when he met the other day.

When Li Momo explained that he wanted to help his grandfather with bad stomach to buy some wild game Shanzhen, Bai Xiaobei’s eyes were all bright.

“Cough, Miss Li, you can find the right person. I have pheasant, hare and duck here, and there is a hericium erinaceus which is very old. That is not the ordinary hericium erinaceus. Hericium erinaceus is not an exaggeration. The medicinal value is definitely not worse than that of the honeysuckle tree king. Not only is it delicious, it is also very effective in treating gastrointestinal diseases, and…”

Bai Xiaobei boasted, but Li Momo opposite was speechless.

She is very clear about what Hericium erinaceus is. The general wild mountain herbs are nothing more than a weak effect on the spleen and stomach. It is really not worth blowing, and it is impossible to compare with the honeysuckle tree king, which is a rare medicinal tree that makes the Chinese teachers crazy. ratio.

Interrupting Bai Xiaobei’s bragging, Li Momo said: “Okay, I want to buy some. When will you have time? I have no time in the afternoon and will send someone to collect it.”

“Without you, you give me the address and I will deliver it to you.”

“Why is that…”

“Yes, it should be.”

Bai Xiaobei thought that 200,000 patrons who bought a honeysuckle would have nothing to do in person. The last time Li Momo drove in person, it was estimated that it would not be too far.

However, when he saw the address sent by Li Momo, it hurt a little. A full hundred kilometers, it is estimated that it is not enough to send game.

With the game found, go down the mountain and go home.

When the parents learned that they were sending game to the female tyrant who bought the honeysuckle tree last time, they did not object to him going to the city.

Several Hericium erinaceus picked a few days ago, each one was moisturized by the’Little Lingyu Jue’, the best of more than 20 centimeters in diameter, three pheasants, two roe deer, a wild duck, a hare, all It was with a broken neck, plus some rotten bits and pieces of edible herbs, Tian Qi, Tianma, Matsutake and the like, all stuffed into a sack and an incubator with a brain, and then walked out the door.

Not far away, there is a bus going to the Chuncheng District. Twenty bucks go directly to the city, but once a day, the schedule is not suitable.

Bai Xiaobei had to spend three hundred yuan to rent a black taxi to and from the town.

After getting on the bus and giving the driver’s address, the driver was a little surprised when he saw the note: “Gold Coast? Little brother, this is a super rich area. There are tens of thousands per square meter, and they are all villas. The housing starts at ten million!”

I muttered in my heart that this silly kid wouldn’t be cheated by others? As for the current shape of Bai Xiaobei, can you go in and get out of ghosts?

Bai Xiaobei nodded: “Yes, where is it, hurry up, I’m in a hurry.”

The driver didn’t say anything anyway. Anyway, he got the money, and he managed so much. This kid has nothing to do if he can’t enter the door.

The journey was not short. Bai Xiaobei slept directly to his destination. After being awakened, he got out of the car confusedly carrying something. Carrying a sack, holding an incubator, and walking in the rich area, this shape is naturally super high.

“Look at it, haven’t you seen delivery?”

The eyes cast by the people around him made him a little embarrassed and could not help whispering.

The driver blinked his eyes and shouted at the back: “Brother, hurry up, I will wait for you for half an hour, plus ten dollars every ten minutes.”

“…” Bai Xiaobei wanted to slap this guy back, and the abacus was really good.

The security of the Gold Coast community is also first-class. There is no doubt that Bai Xiaobei was just approaching and was stopped by the guard on guard.

“Hello, what do you do?”

The five-digit monthly salary of the security guards of the Gold Coast community is not a dry food decoration. For all residents of the community, they remember clearly, even their relatives and friends know.

Bai Xiaobei was prepared, and handed the business card that Li Momo left to him to the security guard: “I’m looking for Miss Li Momo, please tell me in trouble, that Bo Xiaobei is here.”

When the two security guards received the business card, their eyes flashed with surprise. A security guard quickly walked to the communication room and called to confirm.

Soon, the security guard ran out again and respectfully returned the business card to Bai Xiaobei: “Little brother wait a moment, Miss Li said she will come to pick you up soon.”

Bai Xiaobei nodded, thinking that the place where the rich lived was different and could not enter. And look at the temperament, these security guards are estimated to be retired special police.

A convertible bright red Ferrari stopped at the door of the community.

The driver was a fat bald man. On the front passenger seat was a girl in a low-cut skinny dress with extreme exposure and heavy makeup.

Seeing Bai Xiaobei, the woman shouted, “Look at her husband, a turtle comes from our community.”

your mother!

Bai Xiaobei thought that he really stepped on the shit.

The bald fat man swept Xiaobai Xiaobei with a slight gaze: “I guess it was from a photo shoot, and then sent a circle of friends to pretend that he bought a house here. I have seen this kind of cock wire, haven’t you done this often before?” “

With a sneer of sarcasm, he turned his head and looked no further.

“Hate, people are your wives, how can you compare them with a turtle?” The voluptuous woman began to be coquettish in a vomiting tone, and she kept shaking her bare bare peaks.

Bai Xiaobei almost couldn’t resist finding a brick to shoot over, so you are still called turtle, who gives you confidence?

Preparing to drive into the community, just then, a black Bentley drove out.

The bald fat man’s eyes lit up and quickly got out of the car.

Black Bentley stopped. When he saw Secretary Wang with golden eyes coming out of the car, he was just as proud as the pug, and he greeted him with a flattering face like a pug.

“Oh, Secretary Wang, no wonder the magpie screamed in the morning. It turns out that you can meet Secretary Wang today!”

And the gorgeous girl next to him, also unabashedly glared at Secretary Wang, walked, and his waist was almost twisted!

This made Bai Xiaobei look at a chill.

“Secretary Wang, my project, do you think you can have time to look at it?” The bald fat man was as enthusiastic as seeing God.

Secretary Wang coughed and quickly signaled the fat man not to say anything.

But the bald fat man apparently misunderstood, and quickly said: “I Marai is a person of love, I think your Bentley has been driving for two or three years, or should I help you get a new one?”

Secretary Wang put his eyes on the bridge of his nose and stared at Malai’s eyes a little coldly.

At this time, Bentley’s rear door opened, and a slender white leg stretched out.

Li Momo got out of the car and glanced at Malai with his head tilted, a meaningful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Malai suddenly felt bad, and looked at Secretary Wang with a dull look.

Secretary Wang glared fiercely, wishing to kill the damn horse fat man.

As the secretary of the president of the Lijia Group, it is normal for you to receive gifts on weekdays, but you don’t need to be so fucking explicit?

“It’s over, the project is definitely over! This offends Secretary Wang, and there is no chance to cooperate with the Li family in the future.”

Malai’s heart was dark.

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