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Chapter 4 Hericium

After talking, he ignored Du Shan, grabbed the box from the fat man and handed it to his parents, and then continued to sit down and eat.

Several people were dumbfounded by Bai Xiaobei’s pretense.

A 200,000 plant is fair, and a thousand plants are too lazy to buy. Does anyone believe this cow?

Huang Ying reacted first and clapped her hands. “Well, I heard people say that Bai Xiaobei doesn’t believe you earn millions every year. I really envy you. If you go on like this for a few years, you can save tens of millions of net worth. I mean, they all say that farmhouse makes money. No wonder you have to return to your hometown after graduating from college!”

With a smile, Tang Shuo glanced like a smile.


Tang Shuo was ashamed to die at the moment, and he wished to find a floor to dig into.

I put on the pen for the whole afternoon, but I didn’t expect to find it at last, pretending to be a joke. The property that I am proud of is nothing in the eyes of others. Originally, Lai Xiu superior sneered at Bai Xiaobei, but it turned out to be nothing to find abusive beatings.

Du Shan’s expression was also murky at this time, with a regretful complex emotion in his eyes, which happened to be seen by Tang Shuo. He was immediately annoyed and snorted: “Why, regret? There is still a chance, hum!”

Having finished speaking, he got up and walked directly towards the off-road vehicle outside the door.

After the four fat people left, Bai Xiaobei was interrogated by his parents for an afternoon, and it was difficult to cope with it.

Bai Xiaobei took the phone and showed Bai Yu the photos he had taken.

Parents are very puzzled, it is really strange, they can be very clear about their own flower field, when such a strange product popped out.

The next day, the market opened in the town.

Early in the morning, the parents took the harvest from this time and went to the town for sale.

Today, the work of taking care of and collecting honeysuckle in the flower field was naturally handed over to Bai Xiaobei.

On the way up the mountain, the fat man called and said that they had reached their destination, and next time they had the opportunity to eat game again.


Bai Xiaobei scolded and hung up the phone. This guy just rubs and rubs, just pits himself.

“Huh, is this?”

As soon as he reached the mountainside, Bai Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. Not far away, a fist-sized milky monkey head mushroom appeared in the field of vision.

Hericium erinaceus is a traditional Chinese game dish. The meat is tender, fragrant, delicious and delicious. It is known as “mountain monkey head and seafood bird’s nest”. From a distance, such as the golden monkey head, it got its name.

Although it is far less precious than wild mountain ginseng and Polygonum multiflorum, it is also a good Chinese herbal medicine.

Caiyun Province is a place where wild Hericium erinaceus is produced. It is eaten by mountains, and Bai Xiaobei has grown up since childhood.

There are many delicacy in the mountains, there are many wild Hericium erinaceus, but some need to climb trees to collect, and now the greenhouse cultivation is more popular, even if the price of the wild, it is much cheaper than honeysuckle, one root and one half Not easy to sell, so not many mountain people will collect this stuff for a living.

At this point, Hericium edodes and the more precious Matsutake could not be compared.

There are many farmers in mountain villages specializing in digging matsutake for a living. As long as they find two or three in the mountains every day, they can sell a good reward!

Bo Xiaobei grew up in the North Mountain and climbed trees since childhood. This hericium grows on the tree not high, just picked it to add a dish at night, and climbed up two or three times.

The picking of wild mountain fungus is also special, especially the precious varieties, such as matsutake, hericium erinaceus, etc., the general mountain people will not dig together with the roots, leaving roots, and they will be born next year. The wisdom of getting along with mountains.

“I don’t know if applying the Xiaolingyu recipe for irrigation will have any effect on this thing?”

Crouching on a tree branch, he was about to take off the Hericium erinaceus. Bai Xiaobei’s mind suddenly flashed the idea.

In fact, when he went up the mountain today, he wanted to experiment with the’Xiao Ling Yu Jue’ while his parents were away.

Before the honeysuckle absorbed the green light of the jade ring, it became the king of the honeysuckle tree, and it was sold directly for 200,000 yuan. The effect of the potted plants of the mountain violet was watered by the’Xiaolingyujue’, it seems to be similar.

He naturally raised his mind.

If Xiao Ling Yu Jue has a similar effect on honeysuckle, then it really happened! Yearly income is not a dream!

“Now, let’s practice Hericium erinaceus first.”

Concentrated on launching the spell, as a mysterious feeling rose from the heart, a slap rain cloud similar to the previous one formed in front of Bai Xiaobei.

This is the second time the spell has been launched. Bai Xiaobei has some familiarity.

When the thoughts moved, the slap Yuyun started to grow bigger!

“That’s fine!”

Bai Xiaobei was overjoyed, and he tried harder to control the rain cloud to become larger, which has always become like a pot lid.

The rain fell, and in his gaze, Hericium erinaceus was moistened by the spirit rain, and his body size began to grow…

“Laozi is a fairy!”

Bai Xiaobei was very proud.

But at this moment, a strong dizziness and nausea came to my mind, just like running a marathon and then stopping suddenly, the stomach cramped and the acid was sore, the eyes were Venus, and then turned violently…


Bai Xiaobei fell directly from the tree branch to the soft soil, and his head was black, fainted.

No one noticed that at this time the jade ring of fangs on his hand, the part of the ice-colored fangs, was glowing with a faint shimmer.

Until the evening, Bai Xiaobei woke up dizzy.

Opening his eyes, he found that he was lying on the bed in his room with hanging bottles hanging on his hands. There were already several empty hanging bottles on the shelf.

“Woke up!”

The mother sitting by the bed saw Bai Xiaobei woke up, a little excited, and quickly reached out his hand to touch his forehead, only to find that he had a fever before giving a breath.

“Mom, what’s wrong with me.” Bai Xiaobei felt his head tingle and dizzy.

My mother got up and screwed a hot towel and handed it to Bai Xiaobei: “You fainted on the mountain. My dad and I came back after selling medicinal materials. We found you on the mountain. The doctor said you were overworked, mentally exhausted, and collapsed. Down. Strange, you don’t usually do farm work…”

Bai Xiaobei froze for a moment, and soon realized the reason.

It must have been caused by using the “Xiao Ling Yu Jue” yourself.

The first time he applied the Xiaolingyu tactic to Shan Zijia, he felt a little sick, but he didn’t pay attention. This time, he exerted more force and completely overdrawn his body.

Think about it for a while and be afraid.

That’s right, Xiaolingyu’s tactics can be regarded as spells. They are overused by ordinary people. It would be nice if they weren’t sucked into a man’s body or got into trouble according to the theory of martial arts novels.

“If you can get up, eat some food first. Your dad picked up a very large hericium erinaceus in the place where you fainted, cut it in half and stewed it into soup, it was delicious, if I stopped it, I guess he Drink it all up.”

Hericium erinaceus, could it be the one I found on the tree?

Think of yourself fainting, Dad still has time to climb trees to pick Hericium, Bai Xiaobei has a black line.

Carrying a hanging bottle to eat, Bai Xiaobei was slightly surprised to see the usual Hericium erinaceus in the kitchen.

Generally, Hericium erinaceus reaches the growth limit of 15 cm in diameter, but this Hericium erinaceus grows from a fist to a diameter of 25 cm.

“Your dad has already drunk, and the mountain is busy, so hurry and drink.”

Mother gave Bai Xiaobei a bowl of hericium erinaceus and chicken soup, and the rich aroma was pungent. Bai Xiaobei had no appetite and took a sip. The delicious and smooth taste made his eyes shine.

Soon after drinking, several bowls were filled.

“When is this Hericium erinaceus so delicious? You like to drink it. I’ll take a look tomorrow to find some and keep it for soup.”

The mother also drank a bowl, feeling comfortable and feeling a lot better, said strangely.

“No, I will go tomorrow.”

Bai Xiaobei guessed that this hericium was more delicious than before, and it must be related to his’Xiaolingyu Jue’.

“Honestly staying at home, you are not allowed to go anywhere, go to the hospital to check all tomorrow!”

When Bai Xiaobei wanted to go out to run, her mother suddenly glared.

Inexplicably fainted on the mountain, although the doctor said there was no problem, but how could she be relieved, thinking that she must take her son to the Chuncheng Hospital for a medical examination tomorrow.

When I heard that I was going to the hospital, Bai Xiaobei was a little dumbfounded and quickly said: “Don’t you, mom, I tell you the truth. I accidentally fell off the tree and fell into a dizzy. No problem.”

“Climb a tree? Can you bear it? In the future, except with the flower fields in the morning, there is nothing less to run around on the mountain.”

After hearing the explanation, the mother was even more fierce, and directly scolded her face.

After pulling the needle, Bai Xiaobei could not go out and could only move in the yard.

After drinking tens of thousands of Hericium erinaceus and chicken soup just now, he felt a burst of heat rising from his abdomen and surging in his body.

I thought it was the heat of food, but it has been more than ten minutes. The heat that has been surging in the body has not disappeared, but it has grown bigger and bigger.

“It’s weird!”

This heat did not make him uncomfortable, but was very comfortable, raising a stretch of pores all over his body, and his limbs were full of strength.

Subconsciously, he went to move a granite-sized granite in the yard, but he didn’t expect it to actually move!

And it feels no pain at all!

“I’m relying on, how can the strength become so great?”

Bai Xiaobei did not expect this to happen.

This piece of granite weighed a hundred or two hundred pounds, and he couldn’t move at all. He didn’t expect to hold it now, it was very easy!

“Is it? The heat in my body is like the real energy in a martial arts novel?”

The only explanation should be the Hericium erinaceus, which was just eaten, because it was irrigated by its own “Xiao Ling Yu Jue” spell, which has the role of the legendary natural material.

Bai Xiaobei went to ask his parents, but they knew that although they drank Hericium erinaceus and chicken soup, this did not happen, but the spirit was much better than usual, and the work was not very thunderous.

There is a vague idea in my heart, is it just such a miraculous effect on myself?

“If this heat flow is true gas, can I control its flow?”

Back to the bedroom and closed the door, Bai Xiaobei sat on the bed with his eyes closed, with five hearts facing the sky, keeping his mind on Dantian, using his mind to control the’heat flow’ in his body.

Surprisingly smooth!

This heat flow was very smooth in his body according to his heart.

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