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Chapter 3 I still have a thousand trees, too lazy to sell

There is a classmate at home, and Bai Xiaobei is also busy.

He sharpened his sword, slaughtered two captive wild ducks, a free-range rooster, and two wild rabbits in a cage as a game to entertain students this time.

Half an hour later, there was a thundering throbbing sound outside, and Bai Xiaobei went out and glanced. It turned out that a wind-powered off-road Hummer rolled over all the mud and drove towards this side.

Standing at the gate of the courtyard, Bai Xiaobei waved his hand. Soon, the off-road vehicle stopped in front of him. A fat man jumped first and gave him a hug with a big laugh.

“Xiaobei, I haven’t seen you for a long time. When you say you are going home and farming, I thought you would become a black African. I didn’t expect to be more handsome than before.”

Bai Xiaobei also laughed, but when he saw a familiar figure coming down from the car, his smile suddenly froze: “What the hell, why did Dushan come?”

The fat man was a little embarrassed and whispered, “I blame me for being cheap, saying you live nearby! They must have encouraged me to call you. By the way, Du Shan is now with Tang Shuo, a bitch, and I will see him later. If you are guilty, you must be patient…”

“I’ll settle the accounts with you later.” Bai Xiaobei glared at the fat man fiercely.

Tang Shuo also got out of the car, flicking the car key in his hand like a show, and stopped Du Shan’s thin waist next to him with pride. He looked around and hanged Lang Dang, said: “Oh, I really envy. It’s nice to go up, but it’s a pity that I’m too busy at work. My dad must let me inherit his company and learn this every day…”

After that, he pinched Du Shan’s waist and said, “Shan Shan, you will study finance in college, but you will help me later.”

After Du Shan got out of the car, he looked at the muddy country road and the humble building, which was also full of ridicule and contempt. At this time, when Tang Shuo said this, he immediately smiled charmingly: “Of course, don’t help you Who am I helping?”

“Your mother sells the batch!”

Bai Xiaobei scolded in his heart, hoping to kick this pretender to death.

This bitch is obviously here to show off and mock himself. Fuck, Lao Tzu left Chuncheng’s retreat in the countryside, is it worth your special show of superiority?

Qian Fatzi was also embarrassed, “Okay, you two don’t show affection. Huang Ying, what are you doing in the car, come and meet your old classmates.”

Huang Ying, who hadn’t got off the bus, rolled her eyes and seemed to be a little bit resentful: “What kind of old classmates, people don’t know me, they just said go away, they didn’t give me a call, I wouldn’t dare to climb.”

He also gave Bai Xiaobei a slanted look and sneered, making Bai Xiaobei’s scalp numb.

This chick was a famous Sanda violent woman on campus, and often beat boys like chicks. However, I haven’t seen it in less than half a year. This chick is much more beautiful than before, with delicate short hair. Although wearing a leather coat, he curves the figure that is protruding forward and backing up, causing a lot of anger.

Tossing the backpack over his shoulder, Huang Ying jumped out of the car and glanced at Tang Shuo and Du Shan: “You two are not so crooked, I’m starving!”

Hearing eating, Qian Fatzi immediately flashed his eyes and drooled: “Xiaobei, hare and pheasant, right, and mushroom soup. What kind of meat did you eat last time? It’s delicious, is there any? ?”

“The last one I ate was a squirrel. I wanted to eat it. I’ll give you more, but it’s just that the rat skin is hard to peel.”

Tang Shuo, who pretended to be full of temperament and was sighed with the good rural life, suddenly felt nausea, his face was white, and even Huang Ying glared at Bai Xiaobei.

The game in the mountains is naturally very delicious. Although there are some parasites and germs, they are not clean, but if you really eat it, there will be no mercy in your mouth.

“Sister-in-law, do you have any hares? Pack me a take away!”

The fat man was eating, and ran to the kitchen to ask his mother. The angry Bai Xiaobei almost wanted to give him a slap.

Ah, eat me, drink me, and want to pack and beat away? More casual than your own home.

“I am used to eating Aolong, King Crab, Tuna. I came here to eat the game in the mountains by accident, and don’t have a taste.”

Tang Shuo never dazzled superiority all the time.

Du Shan took two bites, but frowned: “There are a lot of parasites in it, you shouldn’t eat bad stomach.”

Then he glanced at Bai Xiaobei again, with some disdain in his tone: “You used to tell me how delicious the game is, it’s not that good.”

Tang Shuo shook his cuffs, deliberately showing a Patek Philippe watch inside, with a look of contempt in his eyes: “Did you not fall in love at that time? Shanshan, what do you think of this rural life.”

Du Shan’s unabashed face disgusted: “What is the pastoral life, isn’t it just farming?”

The atmosphere is a bit awkward.

Bai Xiaobei nodded and said: “Yes, when we went to the hotel, you did say that, don’t want to farm, understand, understand!”

Tang Shuo’s face went dark on the spot.

Du Shan stared angrily: “What are you talking about, who has been to the hotel with you?”

Bai Xiaobei smirked deliberately, if not because his parents were present, he promised to make the scene quite’wonderful’.

“Ha ha!”

At this moment Huang Ying sneered and stared at Bai Xiaobei, making him feel chilly, I do not know which string of the violent chick is wrong.

“Bell Bell~”

The phone rang again.

Looking at the long series of ‘9’s shown in the numbers above, Bai Xiaobei thought he was dazzling.

It is a strange number, and it is a personal number.

Nima, how much does it cost to get this number?

“Hello, is it Mr. Bai Xiaobei?” A soft and sweet voice came from the dialogue.

After being called directly, Bai Xiaobei was a little strange: “I am Bai Xiaobei, are you?”

“My name is Li Momo. I saw your online auction information about honeysuckle and found your contact information.”

Bai Xiaobei wondered how the other party got his mobile phone number.

“Yes, I am auctioning the honeysuckle. But the price has already been set. The auction time is up and I will naturally ship it to you.”

“That’s it. Mr. Bai, I called you, mainly to ask you if you intend to sell that honeysuckle tree. You can open the price as you like. We have arrived at your door and you can come and pick it up. ?”

Specially to buy honeysuckle? Come to the door? The price is still open casually?

If the other party was not a woman, and the phone number was sharp, Bai Xiaobei thought she was suffering from a neuropathy.

Thinking of the auction on the herbal medicine trading website, he glanced at the app, but was stunned by the auction price of honeysuckle above-


“Fuck, am I blinded, or is there a bug on the website?”

In the comments in the comment area, some people have already offered a skyrocketing price of 100,000 in order to buy that honeysuckle tree.

“Is that the woman just now? If it is really one hundred thousand, I must sell it myself!”

In response, Bai Xiaobei ran directly out of the door: “Someone came to buy something, I will pick it up, and you eat slowly.”

The fat man looked curious: “Someone comes to buy something? What to buy?”

Tang Shuo smiled coldly: “What else can I buy. Buy vegetables. I heard that the vegetables in the farmer’s land are cheap, and no one or two catties are sold by vendors. What a miserable!”

Turning his head and saying to Du Shan: “Your previous vision is really bad, cut it! If you buy vegetables, it is estimated that you can’t buy a Chanel bag with the money you make in a year?”

Du Shan’s sweet and lucky look: “So, I chose you, or you are kind to me, and I will buy anything for me.”

Tang Shuo laughed with pride: “Of course, I now manage my dad’s company, there are still tens of millions of assets, what I want to buy can not be bought.”

Huang Ying, who had been blindfolded for dinner, put down his chopsticks and sneered: “Really? You buy a villa near my house. No, I’ll take a look at an apartment.”

Huang Ying’s disgust made Tang Shuo reach out.

He smiled embarrassedly, not daring to provoke this irritable chick with more money. Compared with Huang Ying’s industry, his small company was not worth Mao.

When Bai Xiaobei went out of the yard, he found that a black Bentley and a high-end pickup were parked at the intersection not far away.

The family has contracted this piece of land, and there are few families nearby. It is very empty, so the two cars are very eye-catching.

A big beauty wearing a lotus flower skirt came over with a glasses man and two bodyguards in black suits.

After taking off the sunglasses, Bai Xiaobei was amazed by the exquisite and exquisite face. His eyes were clear and translucent, and his long eyelashes flickered gently…

Bai Xiaobei stepped back awkwardly as the beauty approached her.

The sense of oppression is too strong, the beauty itself is tall, more than one meter seven, and wearing high heels, directly to the small one meter seven hundred and fifty five seconds.

The beautiful woman Livort smiled lightly, stretched out her slender hand, and said, “Hello, I am Li Momo.”

Bai Xiaobei reached out and shook her hand: “Bai Xiaobei.”

“The proposal on the phone just now, I don’t know what Mr. Bai thought. I am very sincerely seeking the honeysuckle king. I don’t know if I can cut love.”

Li Momo said with a smile, a black bodyguard took a silver-white box from the car behind him and stood coldly behind her.

Honeysuckle tree king? Bai Xiaobei muttered, honeysuckle tree and king?

“Trees can be sold.”

Hearing this reply, Li Momo suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

Bai Xiaobei can see that this beauty must be a wealthy man. He goes out with a bodyguard and a butler, and the cars he drives are millions of Bentleys. There is also a pickup truck, apparently prepared for the migration of the honeysuckle tree, which seems to be determined.

“I’ll take you to see the trees first. Just go down the road and slippery. Be careful when you go up the mountain.”

After ten minutes.

Mountain flower field.

The spectacled man took the phone and connected the video with an old man with a white beard. He kept shooting around the changing honeysuckle tree, which was convenient for the old man to watch.

“Yes, it is the honeysuckle tree king, such a vigorous honeysuckle tree king is simply a gem in the world, it’s amazing, amazing!”

Hearing the final appraisal result of the old man, the glasses man silently closed the video, and directly offered the price: “This honeysuckle tree king, we gave 200,000! Mr. Bo thought what?”


Bai Xiaobei’s heart almost jumped out.

I originally thought that the woman was preparing for 100,000, but I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t expect the other party to offer this price.

Getting rich? !

Li Momoqiao’s face was full of anticipation, staring at Bai Xiaobei.

Bai Xiaobei pretended to calmly cough: “Well, 200,000 is fair, is it for you to dig yourself, or should I dig for you.”

“This will not be done by Mr. Lauper.”

Soon, the three black bodyguards started to work, borrowed the tools of Bai Xiaobei’s family, and got busy.

While digging the tree, the man with the eyes opened the video. In the video, the white-bearded old Chinese doctor yelled and gave instructions, fearing that the honeysuckle tree king would be dug out.

A group of people with trees and dirt smashed the honeysuckle into the car, and the bodyguard stuffed Bai Xiaobei with a silver box full of half a million banknotes!

“Mr. Bai, there will be such medicinal materials in the future, you can contact me, I feel that I can make a price that is satisfactory to you, this is my business card.”

“No problem, there will be good things to contact Miss Li in the future.”

Handing Bai Xiaobei a silver business card, Li Momo seemed to be anxious to go back, and soon drove away.

With 200,000 cash back, the parents were stunned.

They usually spend all their time in the flower field, but they know their honeysuckle tree well. When did the flower field have the honeysuckle king?

The fat man was also dumbfounded, grabbed the box and counted on both sides: “Your sister, it’s really two hundred thousand! Does one tree buy so much money, do you plant fairy trees in your family?”

“is that a lie?”

Don’t Tang Shuo believe that a tree can sell for 200,000 yuan. What kind of joke, should it be agarwood or rosewood?

“Deceptive? Ha ha, do you think Miss Li, who is famous in Spring City, will have so much time to come out to deceive?” Huang Ying snorted.

“Miss Li Family? You mean Li Momo?”

Tang Shuo exclaimed, and then subconsciously turned his attention to the silver business card in Bai Xiaobei’s hand. It was Li Momo’s name on it, and his expression was extremely exciting.

Du Shan also shook his mouth, and after a while said: “What tree is so valuable?”

Bai Xiaobei had a lazy smile on his face: “Our honeysuckle tree is only one, 200,000 for a fair price, I still have 1,000, too lazy to sell.”


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