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Chapter 2 Crazy Quotes

The heavy rain fell until the afternoon.

After the rain stopped, the sun came out, Bai Xiaobei put on his boots, and in the eyes of his parents’ doubts, he ran out of the house and ran straight to the mountain he contracted.

“Why is this kid going?”

“Who knows, maybe go find it.”

The mountains here are not old forests, and there are many farming villages. There are some wild animals on the mountains, but they have never seen big birds and beasts. They live in mountain villages all year round. They are not worried about the safety of Bai Xiaobei.

After the rain, the air in the mountains was fresher, but the mountain road was not easy to walk. The road was muddy and it took a lot of effort. Bai Xiaobei climbed up to the mountain he contracted.

Towards the hillside where honeysuckle is planted, far away, Bai Xiaobei saw a lush honeysuckle plant, which stands like a flock of chickens in the flower field, which is twice as tall as other honeysuckles. Silver flowers, dense and flourishing, covered like a puff, as if the torrential rain just now had no effect on it…

“Lying trough, how can this guy grow up like this, it won’t be a monster.”

Bai Xiaobei recognized this honeysuckle, which was the honeysuckle that was about to die! But he was taken aback by its current appearance.

When I stepped forward, I immediately felt a strong fragrance, which was more refreshing and pleasant than the fragrance of other honeysuckles. I stretched out a golden and bright honeysuckle bud and looked closely. Centimeters long, much larger than ordinary honeysuckle.

“This specification must be more valuable than ordinary honeysuckle.” Bai Xiaobei secretly panicked.

Generally, the price of fresh honeysuckle for a drug dealer is about 150 yuan per kilogram. I am afraid that the best honeysuckle of this quality is 300 yuan per kilogram. Some drug dealers are willing to buy it.

This tall tree full of flower buds is full of flower buds. It is estimated that at least one or two or three kilograms can be produced in one stubble, and six or seven twigs and ten kilograms can be grown in a year. This means that this plant can contribute four Five thousand yuan output! Of course, gross profit also deducts the cost of planting.

“If every honeysuckle can become like this, wouldn’t it have been made!”

Immediately, Bai Xiaobei took out his mobile phone and started taking pictures around the honeysuckle. Seven or eight photos were taken in succession, and then all were uploaded to a herbal medicine trading website.

“Sell 1,500 grams.”

The minimum starting price of three hundred yuan was left, and Bai Xiaobei no longer had many tubes, and began to continue to look at this mutated honeysuckle with satisfaction.

In terms of this appearance, the more I look at the more satisfied, I feel that even if it is sold as a tree-shaped pot, it must be at least 1,800 yuan. Of course, only fools sell it.

Spring City, Baicaotang.

Baicaotang is a well-known medicine hall in Spring City. It was founded in the Qianlong period. It has had several generations of doctors and has semicolon and influence in major cities in Caiyun Province. In the modern era of traditional Chinese medicine, it can be regarded as one of the few domestic signs that can hold the ears.

In the lobby, a Chinese medicine practitioner is lying on the counter, pulling his mobile phone, browsing the herbal medicine trading website.

The magic hobby of trash guys exists in various industries, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. The young apprentice is a very devout “garbage lover”. I like to browse the major herbal medicine websites and rely on my professional knowledge to wise. Picking up trash’, I’m not sure when I will pick up the leak.

The young apprentice once bought a 50-pack of Gastrodia elata online, and made a fortune. Since then, on the road of garbage collection, he has never looked back.

He turned to the honeysuckle picture uploaded by Bai Xiaobei, but he didn’t care. The scope of his garbage collection has always been’fifty bags of mail, one hundred sacks’. The starting price of three hundred yuan is too high. Picking up this medicinal material is an insult to the garbage guy.

But suddenly, he looked shocked for a few seconds, then yelled.

“Master, look, this honeysuckle seems to be what you have been looking for…”

Holding a cell phone, the young Chinese pharmacist ran to a white-bearded old Chinese doctor wearing a reading glasses and using a magnifying glass to study an ancient book of yellowed traditional Chinese medicine.

The old Chinese doctor pushed the reading glasses, frowned and scolded: “Don’t yell. Your kid, you have more time to study pharmacology, wasting time on the Internet to pick up trash all day, I told you hundreds of times, the above medicinal materials It’s either inferior or fake. Real good medicine is hard to find. Who will put it on the net…”

Without saying a word, he suddenly scanned the picture on the screen of the mobile phone handed over by the young man. He immediately glared at the eyes, and he was about to show his light: “This honeysuckle…”

The elementary school apprentice saw the old Chinese doctor’s expression with great pride and quickly swiped the screen to flip the picture.

Looking at the pictures, the eyes of the old Chinese doctor became brighter and brighter. When he saw the last picture of the whole body of the tall honeysuckle, he couldn’t help but screamed: “Gosh! Hundred years honeysuckle! I didn’t expect that someone would actually A honeysuckle that can be cultivated for 100 years! The output is so amazing!”

The lifespan theory of honeysuckle is 30 to 50 years. If wild in the mountains, it will be longer. But in fact, the market can really reach this year.

Not to mention a hundred years!

Even if someone had a wonderful ancestor, take the honeysuckle tree as a heirloom, and pass it from grandfather Zeng to great grandson, there can be no one hundred years.

No wonder the old TCM doctors are so excited.

“Buy it, buy it quickly, and I will give you the cash as much as you want.”

The old Chinese doctor was short of breath and stared at the screen, fearing that the honeysuckle tree would run away. He was an old antique and didn’t know how to shop online, so he had to urge elementary students to buy it.

The elementary school student was embarrassed: “The offer of three hundred yuan has now risen to 21,000 kilograms. I picked up the garbage last month… I bought a lot of medicinal materials, and I didn’t have so much money in Cary.”

The old Chinese doctor immediately shook his beard: “Kilograms? Not two?” Oh my God, this is a rookie, it’s really a shame!”

After thinking for a while, I said, “Forget it, buying this honeysuckle is not fun. It is rare for me to encounter such a treasure.”

Here, he picked up the landline next to his hand and dialed a number.

“Hey, I am the Chinese teacher of Baicaotang. Let Miss Li answer the phone.”

“Miss Li, I have found the medicinal herbs that I have been missing before. The 100-year-old honeysuckle has more than enough detoxification effect, but I need to buy it online. I let Xiaoyu send you the website. under.”

“You’re welcome, goodbye!”

At the same time, Bai Xiaobei, standing in the flower field, was also a little dumbfounded.

Not long after uploading the honeysuckle auction information, the bidding auction price soared all the way to the top of the website.

With the auction information on the homepage, the price has exploded.

Three thousand… three thousand eight… four thousand… four thousand five…

Seeing Bai Xiaobei dizzy for a while.

“I wipe, are you crazy?”

Bai Xiaobei was so surprised that no such effect could be expected.

The comments below the webpage left, and soon reached hundreds. Many people even proposed to meet him and buy trees at a high price. Some people are asking for medicine, some people are asking for trees. This year, there are too many good money owners, and they are more concerned about health and maintenance.

Fortunately, he did not leave a contact number, otherwise he would have to be beaten to see the posture.

Bai Xiaobei did not intend to sell the tree, shut down the website, and continued to study the honeysuckle tree.

“This honeysuckle flower absorbed the green light on the jade ring before it rose back to life. I don’t know if you can use’Xiaolingyu Jue’ to make all honeysuckle like this…”

Bai Xiaobei raised a guess that made him extremely excited.

At this moment, “Bell Bell…”, the mobile phone rang.

When I picked up my phone and looked at the number, it was the fat guy who had money from a buddy in college.

“After graduation, I haven’t contacted for a long time.”

Bai Xiaobei murmured and connected the phone, but a slightly mad voice came across from him.

“Hey, Bai Xiaobei, I’m Tang Shuo, I use a fat man’s mobile phone. Haha, we drove out to play by car. After passing through Yunshan Town, I heard the fat man say your home is nearby. No, my girlfriend wants to eat game, your home. On the mountain again, can we be guests…”

“Fat, Xiaoying, with us, four people. If you are convenient, we will go, if it is not convenient.”

Bai Xiaobei frowned.

He had only a few friends in college, but he had little friendship with Tang Shuo, he didn’t even talk much, and he subconsciously wanted to refuse, but he was also considered a classmate, and the proposal that might be a fat man did not embarrass him.

“Okay, come on. It’s not easy to walk just after the rainy mountain road. Drive slowly.”

“Good walking! I can drive millions of Hummer off-road, and it’s not your donkey cart in the countryside, let alone going up the mountain, crossing the river is not a problem. Twenty minutes away, you are waiting for us! We will taste game and we will pay the bill .”

Bai Xiaobei hung up the phone and pouted, Tang Shuo’s arrogant tone made him a little disgusted.

The Gold Coast is a well-known super rich area in Spring City.

Spring City is a coastal city, and the city center is near the sea.

The Gold Coast is located in the city center, but it is built against the mountains and the sea, and the forest road is deep, away from the bustle of the bustling city.

Every villa here has to start at least 10 million, let the ordinary people look around, the inhabitants are either high-ranking merchants or celebrities.

In front of a luxurious villa, a young man wearing a British custom suit and gold-tinted glasses knocked on the door. Soon, a nanny opened the door and invited the man in.

“Miss Li, the address was found.”

In the room, a woman wearing a simple flower skirt and looking as fresh as a hibiscus is giving a meal to an old man with a purple face. When he heard the man in glasses, he handed the bowl to the nanny and took it. The man handed over the iPad.

After drawing the map twice and glancing at the marked address, Li Momo nodded and said, “Well, although it is a mountainous area, it is also within the Yangcheng area. The people on board are the first to go.”

“Cough, cough cough… Momo, where are you going?” The old man coughed a few times and looked at his granddaughter and asked.

Li Momo quickly patted the old man’s back and said, “Grandpa, I have something to do. I can come back at night. You have a good rest.”

The old man nodded his head, waved his hand, and beckoned if something happened.

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