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Chapter 11 Blue Wolf

Bai Xiaobei was dumbfounded. He had practiced bamboo for 500 years.

Is this a bamboo demon?

He quickly shouted at the little pangolin: “Come back, come back quickly!”

This is a monster. None of the monsters in the myth are very terrifying. Bai Xiaobei was frightened and excited at the same time.

The monsters have all appeared, doesn’t it mean that the immortals you cultivated can’t be said to be non-existent?

The little pangolin heard Bai Xiaobei’s shouting, tilted his head and hesitated for a moment, then quickly ran towards him.

Just then, a thick bush of thorns shook a short distance away, and then a huge, dark-coated wild wolf came out of it.

“Blue wolf!”

Bai Xiaobei’s complexion changed and exclaimed in a low voice.

He used to hear the old villagers say that there are fierce and huge blue wolves in the Houshan group. Don’t run to Houshan to play casually. Originally, he thought that it was just to scare the children from running around, but he didn’t expect it to be true!

This blue wolf is at least two or three times the size of an ordinary wild wolf, with a bloody and fierce color in his eyes, and he is full of anger. It is simply the “Wolf King”!

When the blue wolf saw the bamboo shoots of the crossing, it burst into a frantic wolf, and then the four hoofs slammed on the ground. The fur on the back surged like a wave and flew towards the bamboo shoots like lightning.

“Ah! Go away, go away, I’m not good!”

Bai Xiaobei’s Lingjue heard the bamboo shoots making a frightened and angry voice, and the purple light on the bamboo skins were shaking, as if shaking with anger.

At this time, the black cloud in the sky suddenly twisted a few times, and several blue lightning bolts split at the same time. The blue wolf was caught off guard, unable to escape, and a lightning bolt directly chopped on him. On the ground, his limbs twitched, struggling to get up.

The lightning is mainly bamboo shoots, and the blue wolf is just the pond fish that is affected.

A few lightning bolts fell on the bamboo shoots mercilessly, directly splitting the layers of bamboo skin, which was also mixed with a cry like a cry.

In the thunder and thunder, the bamboo shoots gradually transformed into a young purple bamboo!

However, the surface of this purple bamboo is covered with cracks, and purple liquid is constantly seeping out. It looks like blood, which is terrible.

Not far away, the blue wolf was struck by thunder and lightning. At this time, it was trembling and struggling to stand up, holding his head, his eyes full of terror glanced at the thunder cloud flashing in the sky, and then caught his tail and drilled into the thorns. In, quickly escaped!

After a few more splits, the appearance of Zizhu was even more miserable. Just when Bai Xiaobei thought that the poor little bamboo was about to collapse, the thunder cloud in the sky dissipated inexplicably, and disappeared without a blink of an eye.

“Is this…successful?”

Bai Xiaobei blinked his eyes, the thunder and lightning disappeared, and the bamboo did not die. This should be the legendary success of the torture.

The pangolin squatting at his feet tilted his head and looked at the small bamboo. With a sense of immortality in his eyes, he slowly stepped forward, and then Bai Xiaobei heard a young voice of bamboo immediately.

“Little mouse, you walk away, come closer to me, be careful I hit you!”

However, this is obviously a bit of a slap in the nose. The little-hit bamboo, which has been hit hard, has no ability to drive away. The pangolin turned around it a few times and screamed its anger!

The land was in disarray, and the land was still bled with the blue smoke after the thunder, and Bai Xiaobei was frightened. At this time, the pangolin bite a piece of bamboo shoots shattered by lightning and ran towards him.

“Damn little mouse, you thief!”

“No, I picked it up.”

“Thief, robber, hateful little mouse.”

“I picked it up, I picked it up, I picked it up.”…

Bai Xiaobei looked at the two little guys with convulsions. If he had learned how to communicate with the spirit, he could hear these strange conversations.

“Well, don’t quarrel first.”

After being quarreled by two little guys, Bai Xiaobei reached out and grabbed the pangolin and put it on his shoulder. This is obviously not a safe place. The wild wolf who just did not know if he would come back again, he was about to leave.

The small bamboo is constantly scattered with misty purple light, like healing wounds, but the effect is minimal, I don’t know how long it will take.

The bamboo shoots held by the pangolin exude a slight fragrance. Bai Xiaobei thought of it just now. Obviously, if he eats this thing, the small pangolin can get no small benefits. I don’t know what happens when people eat it?

Suddenly, he thought of his own little spirit rain technique, and the plants irrigated by the spirit rain technique would all change. What if he gave it to the 500-year-old little demon bamboo.

Immediately after the aura, Bai Xiaobei’s eyes moved forward, “Do you want me to help treat your injury?”

The little bamboo was so scared that the bamboo leaves shook and shouted, “What are you doing…”

At this time, it was in the weakest period and had no self-preservation ability. Humans can easily shovel it with a shovel!

Bai Xiaobei twitched the Xiaolingyu tactic without thinking, and suddenly a fist-sized cloud clustered in front of him, and then floated on the head of Xiaozizhu, and the silvery white rain line fell down.


The sound of a small bamboo surprise sounded, and began to greedily absorb the rain silk falling on the branches and leaves. The purple liquid on the body also began to flow back, and the scars were healing!

The small pangolin jumped off Bai Xiaobei’s shoulder and ran to the little bamboo, bouncing around and snatching the rain silk!

Little bamboo was scolded by the air again: “Dirty little mouse, don’t grab it!”

The Xiaolingyu technique lasted for more than ten seconds, and Bai Xiaobei felt that his head was starting to faint, and he quickly stopped.

But at this moment, an extremely cool airflow flowed into his body from above the little demon bamboo.

In a flash, the faint qi in his body instantly doubled, and spontaneously became extremely active.


Bai Xiaobei sighed, and the feeling of dizziness disappeared.

“Give it another point, give it another point!” Xiaozhu shouted, feeling that Lingyu had stopped.

Bai Xiaobei felt that it was no problem to perform the Xiaolingyu recipe again, but suddenly a rustling sound came from the bushes next to him, and he was suddenly taken aback.

A gray hare jumped out of it, then saw the human, and jumped into the bushes in surprise and disappeared.

Bai Xiaobei breathed a sigh of relief: “I’m leaving now. If the blue wolf comes back, I’m done.”

After that, the mountains are too dangerous. No wonder few people come to hunt. Not only the blue wolves in the old population, but even monsters have appeared. Who knows how much danger there is.

However, although this little Zizhu is a little demon, it looks harmless to humans and animals, and it is also very kind. I just gave myself so much aura feedback at one time, which is more than I collected before. If you come once every day, wouldn’t you be very good? Become a master soon.

Bai Xiaobei moved his thoughts: “Small things, it’s very dangerous here, otherwise I’ll give you a safer place, so it’s convenient for me to treat you with Xiaolingyu every day…”

Xiao Zizhu shook the bamboo leaves and whispered, “Can you drink the fresh rain that you just arrived every day?”

“Of course, when I get cured, I will send you back.”

The whole earth suddenly shook slightly, and a large piece of soil was turned up, exposing the exposed old bamboo roots and roots.

Bai Xiaobei felt numb for a while, dumbfounded.

In the end he is a little bamboo demon who has watched these 500 years.

He did not expect that the bamboo roots of the small purple bamboo were so developed, spreading throughout the whole area…

“How can this be brought back? Take it home, there is no place to grow it?”

There was a thought of regret in my heart. At this time, a squealing contraction sound continued to be heard from under the ground. Then, Bai Xiaobei saw that the exposed old bamboo roots began to shrink sharply and began to become smaller!

In the end, the whole land seemed to collapse.

The ground cracked and exploded, and then the small purple bamboo directly broke free and fell down on the ground. I don’t know how many years old the old bamboo roots in the deep underground turned into crystal-clear thin roots!

Bai Xiaobei was dumbfounded. It took a long time to remember that it was not time for a daze. He strode forward and grasped the small purple bamboo together with the scattered seven or eight bamboo shoots on the ground.

Who made such a big deal, who knows what will cause it.

“Don’t catch my leaves, little mouse, hateful!”

“I didn’t catch you, I just looked at it.”

“Damn, don’t bite me!”

“It doesn’t taste good, I won’t bite you.”…

Bai Xiaobei didn’t care about the two energetic little guys squabbling at the moment, because he ran into the green wolf just now and was grinning at his teeth while standing not far away.

At this time, the blue wolf was scorched black, and there were some places where the fur was exploded, and the scorched red flesh was exposed.

“Fuck me!”

Bai Xiaobei felt that his heart was about to jump out, and blamed himself that it was too bad?

I started to look for the escape route. I climbed the tree if I couldn’t do it. The blue wolf was seriously injured and should not have much effort…

Fortunately, the blue wolf stared at Bai Xiaobei for a while, and instead of rushing, he wobbled into the grass.

When running home in horror, Bai Xiaobei found that an excavator had started to work behind his house. The range marked with lime was almost one and a half acres.

When I ran back to the yard, the first thing was to find a flower pot, fill it with fresh soil, and prepare to plant the bamboo.

“I don’t stay in such a small place, planting me on the vast ground, so that I can recover faster.”

Little Bamboo seemed very unhappy and protested repeatedly!

The bamboo strips are bent into a bamboo ring, wrapped around Bai Xiaobei’s arm, and do not want to enter the flower pot.

Bai Xiaobei was speechless for a while, thinking that the monster was difficult to serve.

I wanted to plant outside the courtyard, but I was afraid that my mother would not look good, so I threw it out, and hesitated, and planted it in the courtyard.

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