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Chapter 10 Spiritual Communication

In the distance is a continuous silhouette of mountains. He is suspended in the air, and at his feet is a huge azure blue lake, like a mirror, reflecting the sky and clouds.

“Fuck, where is this place?!”

Bai Xiaobei creeps! Then he discovered that his body turned out to be illusory!

A stream of multi-colored steam evaporates on the lake and spreads wantonly, gradually forming colorful bubbles, floating up and down on the lake, generating, and disillusioning!

Bai Xiaobei looked at the bubbles curiously. At this moment, a golden bubble passed by his eyes. In an instant, he seemed to be an illusion in the bubble! A silhouette, dancing swords constantly, swords and shadows are vague and dreamlike!

Suddenly, there was a green bubble flying in front of him. There was also an illusion in the bubble. A sky-drenched vine was madly strangling the ancient birds and beasts.

Bai Xiaobei subconsciously reached out to catch, and both bubbles floated away with the airflow, but didn’t catch it!

Another gray bubble floated to his nose, beating gently!

In the illusion, Bai Xiaobei saw a young boy, who was touching the head of a tiger by the field of strange plants, muttering in his mouth as if he was telling something. Behind the teenager, all kinds of birds and beasts stood cleverly, watching the teenager quietly.

“what is this?”

Confused, the gray bubble flicked at the tip of his nose, hitting his eyebrows, and even disappeared directly.

In a flash, a lot of information exploded in his mind ————

“Yu Lingshu: Communication of Spiritual Awareness!”

Countless words, sounds, and even pictures:

In the virgin forest, the young man pinched the printing tactics and snarled. A mad giant bear in front of him stopped roaring, the red light in his eyes disappeared, and he looked around in confusion.

In another picture, the teenager was wearing a straw hat, sitting on the shoulder of the giant bear, laughing with joy, the giant bear rushing in the grassland…

Countless messages filled Bai Xiaobei’s mind, and when he felt his head explode, his consciousness suddenly shook!

Then, I found myself sitting on the bed again, and the moonlight outside the window was still bright.

Breathing heavily, Bai Xiaobei felt sweaty. The small pangolin on the window sill was lifting his head, and his small eyes stared at him curiously.

“Look what, I have never seen anyone having a nightmare!” Bai Xiaobei pinched it up and stared at it fiercely.

The poor little boy quickly shrunk into a sphere, his small eyes blinked.

“It’s terrible and bullying others!”

A voice like a child sounded in Bai Xiaobei’s mind.

Originally, Bai Xiaobei wanted to scare the pangolin, but he almost scared the soul out of the body, and threw it out.

The little guy was thrown on the floor, grunting and rolling for a few laps before slowly stopping, his little head showing, his eyes weeping.

“Ooooo, I was killed…”

“Damn it, monster!”

Bai Xiaobei finally determined that the voice was the consciousness from the small pangolin, and jumped from the bed in shock.

“Don’t sleep at night and shout something, go to bed quickly, and tomorrow you and your dad will go to the vegetable garden to dig a fish pond!” The voice of a busy mother came from the yard outside.

Bai Xiaobei didn’t even think back, and his head went down, trying to understand what was going on.

Inexplicably entered a dream, some inexplicable gray bubbles, now even pangolins somehow began to’speak’.

At this moment, a strange message appeared in his mind.

“Yu Lingshu: Communication of Spiritual Awareness!”

With the previous experience of obtaining the’Xiaolingyu Jue’, Bai Xiaobei instantly understood that he had gained the inheritance of the Xian family again, and his face was flushed with excitement.

There is a large amount of information passed on, which is why he did not respond for a while.

Half an hour later, he finally digested the information that appeared in his mind.

“Ying Lingshu: Communication of spiritual consciousness, this is really a magical technique. It is possible to use spiritual consciousness to communicate with animals and plants! Of course, the premise is that animals and plants must also be born with spiritual consciousness!”

He tried to beckon to the pangolin: “Come, come!”

The small pangolin looked at him aggrievedly, approaching him carefully.

“Woo, would this guy want to bully me again…”

“I wipe, really!”

Hearing the voice of the little pangolin again, Bai Xiaobei yelled, his tongue was endless, his eyes were incredible.

“It seems that this little thing is not a mortal thing. It can communicate with the spirit, indicating that it was born with a spirit, not an ordinary animal…”

“Hurry up and sleep! Get up early tomorrow!”

The shouting again attracted his mother’s reprimands, Bai Xiaobei made a frank sound, but his head was dizzy.

Feeling difficult to calm down, the little pangolin lying on his hand made a strange sound from time to time, but he could understand the meaning!

I don’t know how long it has passed. The confused Bai Xiaobei opened his eyes, and it was already bright outside!

When I picked up my phone, it was more than five o’clock.

After a long night of thought and hardly sleeping, Bai Xiaobei also got up.

The small pangolin also woke up, but he was lying comfortably on his right hand. He muttered secretly, this little thing is probably because he wanted to get close to the jade ring very much.

My dad was still sleeping, my mom was cooking, and Bai Xiaobei took the morning run as an excuse to take the small pangolin and went up the mountain.

“Haw Haw!”

Bai Xiaobei, who was climbing the back hill, heard the sound of a small pangolin running at his feet:

“Sweet food!”

The small pangolin tilted his head and looked at a bush next to it, and then ran in a slip of smoke.

Is there any natural treasure?

In the past two days, Bai Xiaobei felt that he had entered the immortal mode. Hearing the words automatically, he quickly kept up and looked forward to seeing what a thousand years of Ganoderma lucidum, a century-old king, etc., but did not expect that there were only Pieces of snowy white ants are constantly busy.

The little pangolin was so happy that he jumped around and swept the termites on the ground desperately. After a short while, the ants on the ground were all eaten by it.

The unsatisfied little things I ate, sniffed on the ground, searched into the depths of the bushes, and soon stopped, digging into a piece of land and found the termite nest! The head dived into the ground and swept away!

“Poor ant…”

Bai Xiaobei mourned for the termites.

It is said that pangolins are ant-eaters. If there is a pangolin in a big mountain, there will be no ant infestation. It is simply well-known. The efficiency of the small pangolin anteater is too fast, don’t think about it, the termites in this place are going to be exterminated.

For a while, the small pangolin retracted its head, and the termite nest had been hollowed out by its long tongue, and most of its eggs were eaten.

The contented little pangolin wanted to climb Bai Xiaobei but was beaten by Bai Xiaobei. Who knows if there will be ants on this guy’s body, and if he is muddy, he must take a bath when he returns!

In order to test his recent practice achievements, Bai Xiaobei ran wildly in the mountains, and the whole person passed like a leopard in the forest.

Turning the two hills in one breath, he still didn’t feel a little tired, but he was even more energetic.

This makes him dark, it seems that his cultivation is effective, not just blindly!

The small pangolin is also very powerful, and has been closely following him.

Ready to run a few more hills, just then, from the depths of the mountains, there was a thunder roar.

“It’s strange, how can there be thunder in this weather?” Bai Xiaobei looked at the bright sun above his head, thinking that there were so many wonderful things.

There are a lot of mountains here, and there are not many mountains. He will not run to find out in curiosity, but at this time, the small pangolin at his feet is like crazy, and rushes towards the direction of thunder!

Before Bai Xiaobei reacted, the little pangolin wanted a residual image and disappeared into the woods.

“Baby, there is a baby!” Before the little pangolin ran, Lingjue sent a message.

“Baby? What baby? Shouldn’t it be the ants again? No, shit, this little thing wouldn’t want to run away?”

Bai Xiaobei also hurried to keep up, with his full strength and speed mentioned the biggest!

There are countless treasures in this rolling mountain group, and no one will come at all. It is normal to grow any baby.

After running a few hills in a row, I ran into the depths of the mountains. The thunder coming from my ears became clearer, but I could not see the small pangolin figure all the time.

Preparing to shout a few times, suddenly, a black cloud on the hill in front of him attracted his attention.

This piece of black cloud is very peculiar, the position is very low, the area is not large, and it does not move. It almost covers the top of the mountain. It is far away and can not be seen. Amidst the dark clouds, a horrible blue thunderbolt entangled, and from time to time thunder and thunder…

“Blue Thunderbolt? What kind of ghost cloud is this, Zhennema is rare?”

In addition to the slap big pocket Xiao Lingyun born by Xiao Ling Yu Jue, this should be regarded as the strangest rain cloud Bai Xiaobei has seen. He quickly took out his phone and took a few photos.

Cautiously hurried toward the hill, the closer he was shocked, the more he looked up, and he seemed to feel the powerful energy contained in the black cloud.

Because of fear of being accidentally chopped to death by thunder, Bai Xiaobei didn’t get very close, and stopped.

However, the scenery in front of him surprised him!

On a piece of scorched black that had been thundered, and on the steaming land, a small bamboo shoot exuded a soft purple light, under the black cloud, like a purple lamp.

A thunderbolt chopped off, just over the bamboo shoots!

The bamboo shoots are split into pieces and the purple brilliance flows faster!

He even pulled out a section! got taller!

The little pangolin is not destined at this moment, so it stands blankly not far from the bamboo shoots, and from time to time it wants to rush forward, but it is scared back by the thunderbolt every time.

“You damn little mouse, go away and eat me, you are no good!”

“Deceptive, eating you, I can increase Daoxing!”

Two naive voices brought consciousness.

Bai Xiaobei was dumbfounded, because he heard this sound, it was bamboo shoots. The second is the voice of the pangolin.

“This bamboo shoot can even speak, right, is this bamboo shoot also produced a spiritual consciousness, can communicate with my spiritual consciousness?”

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