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Chapter 1 The Change of Honeysuckle

The sun rises and the gorgeous morning glow renders the eastern horizon.

In the morning breeze, the honeysuckle that swayed all over the mountains was gently swayed with the breeze, and the faint fragrance wafted far away, which could be heard in the town a few miles away.

“Zhao Xia didn’t go out, it’s estimated that the weather is not good today.” Bai Xiaobei, who was holding scissors to cut the honeysuckle, looked up at the Eastern Crimson Zhao Xia and grunted.

Half a year after graduating from university, due to various complicated reasons, Bai Xiaobei did not stay in the provincial capital from 9 to 6 but returned to Laojiashan Village to grow land.

The family contracted a small hill, the most important cash crop is a tree-shaped honeysuckle. Every morning, Bai Xiaobei will follow his parents to take care of and pick honeysuckle on the mountain, and go back in three or four hours. Life is easy.

These 1,000 honeysuckle trees have all lived for more than ten years, producing gratifying production and supporting the largest source of income for the family.

“Xiaobei, build a manure truck, it’s about to change, and I won’t pick it today. I will go home and hurry.” On the other side of the flower field, my father’s voice came.

“Okay, got it, here we go.”

Bai Xiaobei responded, put down the scissors, and collected the honeysuckle picked from the bamboo basket. At this time, the southeast sky was flooded with black clouds. At the same time, the cool wind gusts also blown up, obviously it was going to rain.

Bai Xiaobei hurried to Tianlong to get a tarpaulin, and passed in front of a honeysuckle tree, but suddenly stopped.

He found that one of the honeysuckle trees showed signs of withering.

1217 honeysuckles are the result of hard work by parents for five or six years. Each plant is the lifeblood of the family, so one plant will die, but it is a considerable loss.

The main stem of this honeysuckle is upright, the branches are thick, and the tree shape is beautiful. Obviously it is a superfine honeysuckle that is pruned and cultivated.

“What’s the situation?”

Bai Xiaobei quickly stepped forward, looked around and found no reason. The honeysuckle itself is drought-tolerant, and the family cares about it.

Holding the main stem and shaking, all the dried flowers and leaves were sizzling down, which made him feel distressed for a while.

Obviously, this honeysuckle is dead and has not been saved.

With a sigh, he turned to leave, but at this moment, a spotted viper came out from the branches and leaves of a honeysuckle tree next to it, and came straight in.

When Bai Xiaobei reflected it, it was too late!

The viper bit on his right index finger, his fangs with venom plunging deep.

“I’m doomed!”

Bai Xiaobei’s brain was blank for a while, and he was frightened!

Honeysuckle attracts snakes and insects, and can often hear news of growers being bitten by viper snakes, and parents often tell them to pay attention in the field, but Bai Xiaobei did not expect that such a bad affair would even fall to himself. On the head.

It took four or five seconds for Bai Xiaobei to react and force the viper to fall to the ground, then he rushed directly to the angry, shouting at me while screaming at me, and trampled it into mud with his feet!

“What should I do, will I die? What should I do!”

Bai Xiaobei cried in a hurry. The viper was highly toxic and was not treated promptly after being bitten. It quickly shocked and even died.

“Yes, yes, quickly spit out the poisonous blood to prevent the spread, and then go to wash…”

Calm down, Bai Xiaobei grabbed the bitten right index finger with his left hand, squeezed blood outward, and the blood gurgled out. At this moment, a jade-colored jade ring worn by his left index finger was stuck with blood. A strong green light suddenly turned on!

Seeing this scene, Bai Xiaobei’s eyes almost glared out, dumbfounded.

what is the problem? !

In Zheng Sparta, a mysterious message, like a horse lantern, flooded into his mind: “Basic spell: Xiaolingyu tactic…”

There was a dizziness in my mind, and it took a while to wake up.

Bai Xiaobei’s face is all weird, surprised and happy!

“Did I get any great immortal heritage?”

Looking back at his own hands, he discovered that the wound that had been bitten by the viper was greedily absorbing the green light from the jade ring, and healed at a rate visible to the naked eye!

In just ten seconds or so, the fingers magically recovered as usual, with no visible scars. The green light on the ring obviously consumed most of it and became faint.

“Snake venom, solved?”

“Xiaobei, still wondering what the pestle is doing there, come over and help!”

It turned out that his father, Bai Yujian, hadn’t built the fertilizer truck, and came over from the other side of the flower field.


Bai Xiaobei suppressed his excitement and responded quickly.

When he was bitten by Viper just now, he threw the tarp on the withered honeysuckle tree. When he took it, he accidentally touched the withered branch.

The remaining shimmering shimmer on the jade ring disappeared into the honeysuckle tree species. The originally dead honeysuckle tree, the branches gradually plumped up, the dead leaves quickly withered, but there were green branches, which continued from the branches. Draw out…

The shape of the honeysuckle tree is also constantly increasing! Although slow, but visible to the naked eye!

Bai Xiaobei was almost numb to a series of’miracles’.

“Don’t bother, it’s raining!” Mom also shouted not far away.

Bai Xiaobei no longer looked at the honeysuckle tree, took the tarpaulin, and ran to the fertilizer truck.

Bai Yu took the tarp and shook it off, and the two men covered the fertilizer truck together.

“Dad, have you ever seen honeysuckle dead and then lived again?” Bai Xiaobei whispered.

Bai Yu didn’t raise his head: “If you die, you’re dead. Honeysuckle is not a weed. How can you survive?”

Then he frowned again: “You saw the honeysuckle that died yesterday. It was originally planned to be planed today. It is going to rain. Let’s get it tomorrow.”

Bai Xiaobei turned his eyes around, and he didn’t dare to say the strange things that happened just now.

The morning clouds disappeared, and the dark clouds quickly gathered together. There was a muffled thunder in the distance, and the gloomy sky was frightening.

Bai Xiaobei and his parents hurried back, just entered the house, and the heavy rain just poured down.

Back in his room, Bai Xiaobei took off the jade ring, put it on the table, and studied it carefully.

This jade ring was made by him when he was digging the ground on the mountain not long ago. It felt beautiful and was put on his hand.

It looks like two teeth are joined together. Half is ice and half is brown. Although it is a jade material, it can be judged from the carvings and traces. It is not like an antique. There is starry light inside. Crafts.

After studying for a long time, Bai Xiaobei could not see any flowers. The only clue was the message that had flowed into my mind before: “”Xiao Ling Yu Jue”!”

The mind seemed to have more memory and knowledge out of thin air, so Bai Xiaobei naturally grasped the usage and related information of the basic spell.

The Xiaolingyu tactic is a method used by ancient monks to inspire the ancient dragon and the gods to spread the rain, and invented a spell to irrigate the spirit field…

“Xiaobei, have dinner.”

Thinking wildly, my mother was already urging outside the room. Bai Xiaobei no longer hurts his brain and puts the jade ring on his hand.

“Come! Hmm?”

Bai Xiaobei responded, just preparing to go out, but found that there was a potted plant in his room showing signs of dryness.

He moved forward and took a deep breath, silently activating the spell with his mind!

At the next moment, a mysterious wave appeared in the air, a slap-sized cloud formed above the potted plant.

“I’ll go, that’s fine!”

Bai Xiaobei was excited and had a toothache.

What’s exciting is that this spell turned out to be really effective!

What hurts my tooth is that even if it is called the “little” Lingyu tactic, the cloud of Nima is too small.

Not to say that this small spirit rain trick can be used to generate a few acres of spirit clouds and irrigate a hundred meters of spirit fields. How come the stuff you make is only the size of a slap? !

In the silent speech, in the palm of the cloud, the subtle rain rained down.

The withered bonsai, within a few seconds, withered wood and spring.

The verdant and vigorous vitality spreads, the potted branches become thicker, and the green leaves squeeze out…

Suddenly a trembling, the flower pot clicked with a clear sound, in Bai Xiaobei’s consternation, was squeezed directly by the bonsai that was more than doubled in size!

“what happened?”

The sound of the flower pot bursting was so loud that the mother outside the door heard it and asked.

“It’s okay, I accidentally hit the flower pot! I cleaned up, Mom, you go to dinner first, I will come soon.”

Bai Xiaobei’s heart thumped.

Nima, don’t look at’small’ in this little Lingyu, it is really awesome!

“Developed!” A thought flashed through Bai Xiaobei’s mind.

Bringing the vigorous potted plants to the lobby, Bai Yu, who had just washed his hands and prepared to eat, was a little surprised. “Isn’t this Shan Zijia? Isn’t it dead? How could it be like this!”

This pot of mountain purple armor was originally cultivated by him when he was at school in Bai Xiaobei, and was placed in Bai Xiaobei’s bedroom. But later it was too busy, and I didn’t have time to change the flower pot for the mountain purple armor, which caused the mountain purple armor to no longer grow, or even die.

But it looks like it is now, with its lush foliage, beautiful posture, and a much larger body. It is almost catching up with the art of potted plants.

Bai Xiaobei quickly said: “I don’t know, otherwise, I will give it a flower pot.”

“Let me get it!”

Bai Yu was amazed and didn’t even want to eat. He carried Shan Zijia and walked to the courtyard. “Xiaobei, go upstairs and hold a large square porcelain flower pot and take another umbrella!”

“Hey, you two can’t eat any more.” The mother shouted helplessly when she brought the kelp ribs soup to the table.

After half an hour of tossing and looking at the lush mountain purple nail potted plant in front of him, Bai Yu expressed with satisfaction: “It is the first time I have seen such a beautiful mountain purple nail, it is simply superb…”

Farmers cultivate potted plants, which were originally sold. The general appearance of the mountain violet is only dozens of pieces, and the better one can sell hundreds of pieces. Of course, because the market bonsai is cheap here, if it is in a big city, the price can basically double.

In front of this strain of Zizania, the price is definitely not comparable to ordinary goods.

“I’m going to the market in a few days, and I’ll pull and sell together.”

The place where Bai Xiaobei lives is relatively remote, and there are few households. They are all farmers who relied on the mountain to cultivate and eat. Because contracted hills are cheaper to plant, they moved here.

Every five days, Bai Yu would go to the town market to catch up with the market, selling some cultivated potted plants, flower seedlings, farmer’s products, even medicinal materials dug in the mountains, and pheasant hares caught in traps.

Such a beautiful mountain purple armor is estimated to be loved by many wealthy people.

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