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Almighty Supreme

Almighty Supreme (Manga)
Other Name: 全能至尊

Genres: manga, Urban, Comprehension
Two-dimensional Animation Daxingdao
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When Li Huaifeng was eight years old, he worshipped Xuanyuan Xueluo, the owner of the mysterious tomb, as his teacher to practice ancient martial arts. Ten years later, the evil ancient warrior kidnapped Du Shishi, the richest man’s daughter, and broke into the tomb by mistake, destroying Li Huaifeng’s ceremony to recast the soul of the master, causing severe damage to the soul of Xuanyuan Luoxue. Li Huaifeng rescued Du Shishi and won the richest man Du Hao. In order to find a way to cure Master, Li Huaifeng stepped into the city, by chance, he became Du Shishi’s personal bodyguard, and started a legendary life full of tenderness and passion.

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