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Charlotte’s five apprentices


Charlotte’s five apprentices
Other Name: 夏洛特的五个徒弟

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction
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“Charlotte’s Five Apprentices” is a web comic serialized by the author. The manga tells the story of the great magician “Charlotte Ereno” who saved the world. After a long time, she suddenly felt the arrival of death one day with five apprentices. In order to die perfectly, she performed the last magic in her life, and then closed her eyes. But what is going on?

After opening his eyes again, he turned into a child! “…So I think about it again. Magic is not about realizing my wishes from my heart. It should be the only regret in the life I have that made me like this…” “So, that regret is love? Like being in love?” “…” Charlotte, who helped her old friend Jeffrey and left the apprentices behind, concealed her true identity in order to restart her second life, and who kept chasing her. Various accidents caused by the five apprentices… Can Charlotte really find love?

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