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Boss, she has to die if she doesn’t get married

Boss, she has to die if she doesn’t get married
Other Name: 大佬她不结婚就得死

Genre: novel
Author: Ye Xiangli
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Today, the editor brings you Ye Xiangli’s original novel “Big Brother, She Will Die Without Marrying”. The protagonist is Chulian, Xie Zhengen, with excellent writing and wonderful content. I believe all friends who are troubled by books will like this. The main story of this book is that Yang Jinyu sighed and took her hand, “Did Xiao Ran tell you something? In fact, he did it for my good, and I apologized to you for him.” Yun Luo shook his head hurriedly. “Auntie Yang, no, Doctor Chulian

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Yang Jinyu sighed and took her hand, “Did Xiao Ran tell you something? In fact, he did it for my good. I apologize to you for him.”

Yun Luo shook his head hurriedly, “Aunt Yang, no, Doctor Chu Ran didn’t say anything. I’m just afraid you will misunderstand me. It’s really a coincidence.”

Yang Jinyu became more guilty, “Xiao Ran has always been cold and unwilling to trust others easily. If he gets along with you more, he will know. How could I misunderstand you? You are a kind little girl, and my aunt likes you so much. “

Yunluo smiled, “Aunt Yang, I also like you very much. It would be nice if my mother was just like you.”

Yun Luo pinched the time and prepared to leave.

Xie Zhengen wanted to send Yun Luo out, but she refused, “Uncle Xie, just look at Aunt Yang, I know Lu.”

She smiled slightly, her eyebrows curled, her eyes were clear and translucent, and she felt bright in her heart when she glanced at it.

Really a little girl who makes people feel warm.

“Miss Yun?” A cold voice sounded, and Chulian walked towards him.

Yun Luo seemed to be taken aback, “Doctor First Burn.” Subconsciously explained: “I just came to see Aunt Yang.”

“Yeah.” He first replied, staring at the little girl in front of her, her long black hair draped behind her, wearing a pink and white cotton dress, and a knit sweater made of lotus root, which looked matte and tender. The matte, the most eye-catching is the pair of eyes, like a blue sky.

The little girl was a little tangled, bit her lip, “Goodbye, Doctor Chuburn.” Then she trot away and walked away.

He followed in stride, reached out and opened the elevator for her, “It is indeed an accident to you, thank you for saving Aunt Yang.”

At the moment when the elevator was about to close, the little girl stretched out her hand to block the elevator door. The little girl’s eyes were very bright, her face was strained hard, but the corners of her lips were still slightly raised, and a shallow pear vortex appeared on her cheeks: “I Just know that the doctor will definitely not wrong people. I don’t need to thank the doctor for the first time.”

After the little girl finished speaking, she let go, and the elevator door closed again.

She should really admire the doctor!

The thief didn’t catch it, Aunt Yang’s phone and wallet were not found, and the surveillance at the place of the incident was broken! Chulian transferred the monitoring of other intersections of Taixi Market and found a white Porsche passing through Taixi Market at the same time.

That is Tao Jiaying’s car!

His eyes were bloodthirsty. Xie Zhengen and his wife were his negative scales. When they returned to the ward, they had become calm.

“Hey, why is there an envelope?” Xie Zhengen took out an envelope from the fruit basket and opened it to see that there was a wad of money inside.

I also attached a note, ‘Auntie Yang, please help me return the money to Doctor Chu Ran. ’

“Xiao Ran, is there anything else between you and Luoluo? Why do you want to give you money?” Yang Jinyu was a little bit energetic, “Luoluo is really a good girl, she is beautiful, and she is kind.”

Let’s take a look at the first combustion, the appearance is dignified, and the career is successful! But the age is not too young, and he is about to run for the third time, so he is missing a wife!

Xiaoran and Luoluo?

Thinking about this, Yang Jinyu felt that her legs were no longer painful, and she sat upright, watching the first burning.

The first burning envelope, if he guessed right, it should contain 6,000 yuan. On the day Aunt Yang was admitted to the hospital, the little girl saved a total of 4,000 yuan in advance, and he gave her 10,000 yuan.

It turns out that she came today to pay back the money.

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