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Chapter 3 Unforgivable

After a moment of stunned God, Su Tianfeng understood that until now, she had no way to hide anything, even if she didn’t say her identity now, the man in front of her could find it out.

“My name is Su Tianfeng, I came from Xiangfu.” What’s the point of saying it, Su Tianfeng is not a man with a hidden head.

The man’s eyes flashed, and he thought it was her.

But to his knowledge, the daughter-in-law of the prime minister, Su Tianfeng, should have an ugly birthmark on her face, and the woman’s face in front of her was white and delicate, without any flaws. And since he is the daughter-in-law of Xiangfu, why would he be a peerless martial art? Why did you come to this Wanjin Pavilion again?

The more mysterious it is, the more interesting it becomes.

“What do you want?” the man asked.

According to Wan Jinge’s rules, breaking the record here can realize a wish. Money, status, everything is at your fingertips.

However, Su Tianfeng knows that there is no free lunch in the world. What she can get from here, the man in front of her can use it at any time, and even take it back ten times. This seemingly dreamy opportunity is actually the biggest trap in Wanjin Pavilion.

Su Tianfeng would not jump into this trap with his eyes closed.

“Remuneration is calculated on the basis of time. This level of fighting, two thousand and two silver per hour. I played a total of two hours on the court, you only need to give me four thousand two silver.”

She still only regarded herself as a mercenary. The “night ghost” became famous in this Wanjin Pavilion. Afterwards, she did not worry about having no business. Unconstrained, untouched, free and free, this is her way of life, exactly the same as her previous life.

However, the man frowned, and it seemed very uncomprehensible, why someone would choose only four thousand two silver in front of such a huge opportunity.

“Don’t you believe that I have the ability to meet your wishes?” The man was annoyed and forced to stare at Su Tianfeng.

Su Tianfeng sneered, “Can’t you get four thousand or two silver? I don’t accept debts.”

The man’s gaze suddenly became cold again. Unexpectedly, in this situation of absolute disadvantage, the woman dared to speak out.

Wildcats, small wildcats with claws!

The man suddenly raised the corner of his mouth again and laughed. The woman in front of him had completely stirred up his interest!

As a result, Su Tianfeng got a silver ticket of 4,200 silver and left Wanjin Pavilion unscathed.

With these four thousand and two silver tickets, Su Tianfeng felt that he could be stable for a while. However, before she could find a place to stay, she heard an amazing thing from the road population.

Su Tianfeng put on the woman’s clothes, calmed the internal force, and let the birthmark return to the face, then masked with light gauze and hurriedly returned to Xiangfu.

In front of a corner gate of the Xiangfu, many people gathered around here to talk about what they were doing, and some people pointed inside.

“How dare you dare to have an affair with a man in Xiangfu…”

“What a shame!”

“Immerse the pig cage! Immerse the pig cage!”

Su Tianfeng clenched his brows and squeezed through the crowd, seeing a woman tied up there by Wuhuada. This woman was no one else, it was Chun Tiantao who had been waiting for Su Tianfeng and her mother’s maid.

Chuntao’s clothes were disheveled, and her large white skin was naked in front of everyone. She was full of tears and her body was wounded. At first glance, she knew that she had been beaten.

Standing beside her are several Dingfu family members, who seem to be guarding Chuntao, but in fact have been looking around, apparently looking for someone in the crowd.

Su Tianfeng’s heart shrank, but he didn’t expect to leave, but it hurt Chuntao. At that time, Mrs. Er sent someone to come back to her. Obviously, she had no intention. She didn’t take the favor of Mrs. Er, and now Mrs. Er used this vicious method to force her to appear!

Damn it!

Su Tianfeng parted the crowd, ripped off the veil on his face, and said angrily to those family members, “Don’t look for it anymore, bring me this girl back to the house!”

Everyone on the scene heard this and all their eyes gathered on Su Tianfeng. Several Dings were full of surprises. Without a word, they opened the corner door to greet Su Tianfeng.

Some of the onlookers knew a little bit about the inside story. The fact that Xiangfu’s daughter-in-law had a very ugly birthmark on her face quickly spread in the imperial city.

Chun Tao was also taken back to Xiangfu with Su Tianfeng. Su Tianfeng wanted to untie the rope for her, but the family members immediately stopped.

“Miss, this girl has an illicit relationship with others. She has already committed Wang Fa. The second lady is about to send her to the government. You cannot let her go.”

Leng Mang flashed in Su Tianfeng’s eyes, raised his hand, and slapped the family hard.

This slap was very heavy, and the stout family fell out of the distance and spit out a few bloody teeth from his mouth when he got up.

“Dog minion, open your eyes and see who you are talking to! Who dare to talk more, don’t blame me for cutting his tongue!”

Su Tianfeng’s voice was extremely cold, and the whole body burst out with a chill, which scared these family members even from moving.

Su Tianfeng suppressed his anger and untied Chuntao’s rope, only to find that Chuntao had passed out. She took Chuntao back to her former residence and replaced her broken clothes. While helping her clean up her body, Su Tianfeng discovered that Chuntao had been violated.

In order to lead her back, Mrs. Er did such a cruel thing to a little maid.


Then there was a noise outside the door, and a group of people broke in, led by the mother Zhang who blocked Su Tianfeng’s failure.

Looking at her puffy toes, Su Tianfeng couldn’t help but gritt her teeth secretly.

At this time, Chuntao woke up and saw Su Tianfeng with his eyes open, and Chuntao was crying without crying.

Mother Zhang took everyone to sneer and watched the show. Su Tianfeng ignored them, comforted Chuntao and asked her what happened.

Chuntao stopped the sorrow and told the story again.

It turned out that Su Tianfeng had given Chuntao all the savings left by her mother before leaving the house. Although the money was not much, it was enough for Chuntao to manage the housekeeper and arrange a better job. How did the housekeeper collect Chuntao’s money during the day, and came to her at night and said to take her to arrange another place to live.

Chuntao followed the housekeeper into a strange place. The housekeeper left for a reason, and soon a man rushed in to ruin her. Later, it was a drama of catching adultery. Chuntao was shy and angry, and tried to seek death several times, but was helplessly tied to a sturdy, and they were left at their mercy.

“That man, who do you recognize?” Su Tianfeng asked.

Chun Tao nodded, “It’s the son of the late chef Zhang! He used to talk to me lightly, I know him…”

But at this time, I heard Mother Zhang say, “I said Chuntao, don’t spit on people here.” She gave Su Tianfeng another glance and said, “This matter, I also got the second lady to comment on it. Miss, You happened to be back, so I went to see Mrs. Er. By the way, make it clear where you went this night.

A cold light flashed in Su Tianfeng’s eyes. She took Chuntao and followed Ms. Zhang to the second lady’s yard.

The second lady was very proud.

She knew that Su Tianfeng, a wild girl, would have come back as soon as she heard that Chun Tao had an accident. Huh, isn’t it her love? That is toasting and not eating fine wine!

Seeing Su Tianfeng they came, the second lady immediately gave them a dismounted horse.

“Is this the little maidservant who caught the fornication? This kind of misbehavior, don’t stay in the house, twist it to the government house, and rule the crime according to the law.” She expected Su Tianfeng to not let Chuntao go! She waited for Su Tianfeng to beg her!

However, Su Tianfeng just sneered.

“Second Aunt, this fornication should be a matter of two people. If you want to send it to the government, should you pull the man out first?” who is it?”

Chun Tao has been following her mistress and mistress for so many years and has been bullied in the house, but even so, she can still live well to this day, all because of her tenacity!

After listening to Su Tianfeng’s question, she wiped away her tears and chanted, “Last night, it was the son of Zhang Guanjia and the late chef Zhang who traditionally hurt me!”

The hoarse words fell, and there was silence in the hall. After a while, I saw the second lady covered her face and smiled.

Enough smiles, she waved and asked people to call Zhang San’er, Zhang Guan’er and Zhang Zhang’er’s son.

The two knelt down and knelt their heads, respectfully to the second lady, “please ask the second lady to rule for us.”

But before the second lady spoke, Su Tianfeng had already stepped past.

She walked straight to Zhang San’er, hooked her fingers and made him stand up from the ground.

“Last night, the lady in that room was also spoiled by you?” Su Tianfeng looked at Zhang San’er with a murderous look, and asked coldly.

Zhang San’er was taken aback by Su Tianfeng’s momentum and shook his head tremblingly, “No… no lady! Only that maidservant!”

At the exit, everyone’s face changed.

“It really is you.” Su Tianfeng snorted coldly, stepped forward, grabbed Zhang San’er’s hair violently, and then pulled him fiercely to himself, while pushing his legs upward.

This top is amazing.

Zhang San’er screamed and covered his crotch with both hands. The severe pain rolled his eyes and fainted.

Su Tianfeng shot only a moment, and when everyone recovered, they found that Zhang San’er had been scrapped by Su Tianfeng!

“You…you…” Even the second lady was frightened with cold sweat. She looked at Su Tianfeng in fright, unable to say a word.

However, Su Tianfeng came to the second lady with a calm face, leaned to her ear, with a very low voice, quietly said, “Since you want me to come back so much, don’t regret it in the future. Auntie.”

After saying this, she walked away with tears on her face.

Although Su Tianfeng scrapped Zhang San’er for her maid, although it was suppressed by the second lady, it quickly spread among the people in Xiangfu. Everyone was talking behind the scenes, the lady-in-law’s temperament changed.

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