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Chapter 2 Escaped

Su Tianfeng finished and looked up to Su Muen, “If it is reported in the future, the Tang family would rather park the body of the mother for a few days instead of mourning in order to climb the dragon and the phoenix. Where should I put it?”

Su Muen heard this, and his face suddenly became difficult to look at.

Recently, the DPRK and China have made a mess for the emperor to set up a reserve. Su Muen didn’t even care about the inner house during his busy schedule. Who promised that he had been busy all night and had just heard of the news of the death of his wife just after returning home.

The useless mistress never died sooner or later, but died at this time. Su Muen was very annoyed by this. At this time, the second lady blew her ears, and he really planned to postpone the funeral.

Just then Su Tianfeng appeared in time.

After listening to Su Tianfeng’s words, Su Muen could not help but cold sweat. If he really followed the second wife’s words, wouldn’t he put the Su family and his prime minister in danger!

“Master…” The second lady saw Su Muen shaken and hurriedly used the killer’s soft and coquettish way. Anyhow her voice just spoke, Su Muen suddenly turned and slapped her hard.

“Women’s opinion! Don’t talk about it again! Do funerals right now, big deal!”

After saying this, he looked at Su Tianfeng again and looked at her up and down. He didn’t know where the blood stains on Su Tianfeng’s face came from. He didn’t care. The key was that Su Tianfeng’s compelling power and cold eyes were challenging the authority of his head of household.

His gaze finally fell on Su Tianfeng’s face full of birthmarks, and there was a deep disgust in his heart.

This daughter is not only ugly, but also talented, and arrogantly takes the position of a daughter-in-law. Now she dares not to take her father’s eyes into consideration. In the future, even if she marries into the prestigious house with the power of the Su family Presumably, it will not be used by Su’s family. Maybe she won’t be favored by her husband, and she will be reduced to a laughing stock.

Useless things, let her do it!

Su Muen made up his mind and gritted his teeth and said sternly, “Little beast, I will miss your mother today, and I will not punish you by family law. After your mother’s funeral is over, you will go to Qingyi Temple to eat Zhai and pray for the Buddha. Xinxing!”

Su Tianfeng did not expect her father to be such a man.

On weekdays, he didn’t care about their mother and daughter. When his mother was seriously ill, he didn’t care about it. When his mother died, he didn’t see him a little sad. Now that his mother’s body is not cold, he will drive his daughter out of the house. Everyone said that tiger venom does not eat children, but when he looked at his face, he clearly showed a killing opportunity! Such a ruthless father is really rare in the world!

There was a cold flash in her eyes, but there was no attack.

Mrs. Er clutched her blushing face, endured the hot pain, and looked at Su Tianfeng with a bitter look.

But even if there are thousands of unwilling, the second lady still has to be grand and decent to handle the funeral of the aunt according to Su Muen’s instructions.

Su Tianfeng watched his mother enter the earth for peace, even if the heart was let go.

After the funeral was completed, the housekeeper in Fufu came to Su Tianfeng and told her that the second wife had followed the old man’s wishes and asked someone to set a car to take her away from Xiangfu to Qingyi Temple.

Su Tianfeng knew that the second lady looked at her very indecent eye-catcher, and wished that she would disappear sooner. In fact, she did not have any attachments to Xiangfu, even if she gave up the identity of Xiangfu’s daughter-in-law, she could live well anywhere with her strong ability. Rather than staying in Xiangfu and fighting with those people for boring things, it’s easier to leave.

However, just as she was about to get on the carriage, things changed.

The second lady looked at the name on the invitation card and shivered.

Everyone knows that the event of Xianmuyuan rewarding the lotus was specially held for the election of Princess Wuwei. On the invitation card that should not be marked, this time the four girls from the Su family were invited to participate. The name written on the top is Su Tianfeng.

“The second lady said, she really distressed the elder lady. She couldn’t bear to let you guard the ancient lantern. The old lady, the second lady said that she would try to persuade her. The elder lady, don’t hurry me and give the second lady a bow. thank?”

Mother Zhang, who was sent to spread the word, appeared tall, disdainful for Su Tianfeng, the daughter-in-law who was almost kicked out of the house.

I thought Su Tianfeng would be grateful, but I know that Su Tianfeng just sneered, and said to Mom Zhang, “You go back and tell Mrs. Er, I don’t want Su Tianfeng to accept her love.”

After all, she got into the carriage and said to the driver, “Let’s go.”

Mother Zhang looked at the leaving carriage, screamed badly, and hurried back to Nei Zhai to tell Mrs. Er.

The second lady was shocked. Su Tianfeng was unwilling to lead her love. Would you like to go to Qingyi Temple and watch the Qingdeng Ancient Buddha for this life? It’s ridiculous!

“Send someone to stop me back!” The second lady ordered angrily.

Since the name of Su Tianfeng is on the invitation, she must appear at the lotus fair in Xianmu Garden! Otherwise, where is the Su family face? Others want to laugh at her now the head lady! Never!

The people sent by the Prime Minister hurried to find and quickly found the carriage, but Su Tianfeng was not on the carriage.

Su Tianfeng used the only valuable silver hairpin to change a man’s clothes and a mask to wear on her face, then she strode to the most famous Wanjin Pavilion in the Imperial City.

This Wanjin Pavilion is a place where you can do business without cost. As long as you set a life and death status, compete on stage, and win, you will get the corresponding remuneration. If you lose, you may lose your life. Everything depends on ability. According to the rules here, as long as you can break the record and win more than 12 games in a row, you can see the mysterious master here. At that time, whether it is money or status, it is within easy reach.

He won twelve games in a row. Since a man set this record three years ago, no one can match it.

“Master, the man called the night ghost has won sixteen games in a row.” The talking man stood with his hands down, his face very heavy.

His master saw his thoughts, and raised his lips and smiled, “Jackdaw, you are no longer the reckless man three years ago. Go, call the man to let me see.”

Jackdaw’s eyes flashed upon hearing the words, and the anger in his body suddenly dissipated, and he went out respectfully.

Su Tianfeng’s fight is extremely refreshing. After these 16 fights, she has been able to flexibly mobilize the powerful force in her body, and even that power has the potential to break through. Su Tianfeng doesn’t know what will happen after the breakthrough, and it is not the time for experimentation.

When a man dressed in black appeared, Su Tianfeng knew that he would take himself to see the owner here.

When the door opened, the wine overflowed.
Su Tianfeng stepped in and saw a light gauze mantle behind him, a man sitting cross-legged, leaning lazily on a hand stool, drinking himself.

Open the light gauze tent, the wine is more intense.

The man lowered his head slightly, and the long, thick eyelashes seemed to be scattered with fine light, under the straight nose bridge, the thin lips were pursed, and the corner of the mouth curled up a charming arc.

His black hair was casually scattered, sketching the perfect curve between the neck, lining out the sexy collarbone, the upper body shirt was somewhat scattered, the neckline was widely open, and the pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles were looming.

The long fingers gently put down the white jade cup, and the man looked up.

His eyes were as cold as a knife, and Su Tianfeng’s breath burst out with a sudden burst of powerful air pressure.

“Take off your mask and tell me your name.” The man said to Su Tianfeng in an unquestionable tone.

“You can call me a night ghost like everyone else.” Su Tianfeng said coldly without fear.

The man was shocked to hear Su Tianfeng’s voice.

The night ghost who won sixteen games in a row, turned out to be a woman? No wonder she is so petite and wears a mask.


There was a flash of light in the man’s mind, and he suddenly thought of the dangerous night, the woman who saved his life like a god of killing.

The man’s figure came to Su Tianfeng like a wind, reaching for the mask on her face.

However, Su Tianfeng had been prepared for a long time and withdrew and stepped away from the man’s hand, but he did not expect the man to close his hand and hook her calf with her toes. Su Tianfeng stood up and flashed the man again.

The inner room was very wide, and the two of them flew dozens of moves between them in a blink of an eye. The height of the man’s martial arts exceeded Su Tianfeng’s expectations. Although she had a strong internal force as a support, she was still beaten and could only fight back. .

When the signal “I want to lose” appeared in my mind, Su Tianfeng’s fighting instinct was completely stimulated. She clenched her teeth, stared at the gap between men’s moves, and kicked the men’s vital parts. The man risked flashing this foot, shot like a power, grabbed Su Tianfeng’s ankle, pulled it homeopathically, Su Tianfeng immediately lost his center of gravity and fell into the man’s arms.

The mask was lifted by the man. If the person in Xiangfu saw Su Tianfeng at this time, he would be very surprised, because when she used her internal force, the big dark red birthmark on her face would disappear without a trace.

Su Tianfeng’s white and delicate cheeks glowed with tempting flushing. Her breath was uneven, and she looked up at the man, her eyes full of languidness.

She was the one who fought side by side that night.

The man is determined.

Staring at her eyes, the desire of the man was instantly picked up, silent, and the looted lips were pressed down like this. Su Tianfeng’s waist was tight with the man’s iron armband. She struggled hard, but was kissed deeper. It wasn’t until the two men’s breath was exhausted that the man reluctantly let her go.

She is undoubtedly a delicious person.

The man smiled and made a very charming voice, “Who the hell are you?”

This kiss made Su Tianfeng feel very humiliated. She stared at the man, but found that he did not despise himself in his eyes. Instead, he had a burning enthusiasm. This enthusiasm became distinct from his coldness just now. Compared.

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