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Wei Zhe Ming 魏哲鸣

Wei Zhe Ming (Actor)
Other Name: Miles / 魏哲鸣 / Wei Zhe Ming

Nationality: Chinese
May 23, 1990
Shandong, China
183 cm
Star sign: 
Chinese zodiac: 
Talent Agency: 
Feibao Media
Tianjin Normal University
Official website:
Music group:

TV Drama Series:

  • Our Land (2022)
  • If The Voice Has Memory (2022) as Lin Nan
  • Unforgettable Love (2021) as He Qiaoyan
  • Twelve Legends (2021) as Meng Mo
  • Word of Honor (2021) as Jing Beiyuan (Seventh Lord)
  • My Supernatural Power (2020) as Xu Zhe
  • Perfect and Casual (2020) as Zhang Sinian
  • Count Your Lucky Stars (2020) as Lu Yanzhi
  • Find Yourself (2020) as Chang Huan
  • Rush Into Danger (2019) as Yu Fei
  • Fall In Love (2019) as Tang Haoyun
  • My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impressions (2019) as Jiang Yiheng
  • Dragon Day, You’re Dead 2 (2018) as Long Haiyi
  • The Endless Love (2017) as Wei Zijian
  • Dragon Day, You’re Dead (2017) as Long Haiyi
  • Love Nagging (2017) as Lu Fan

Movies Films:

  • The Wizard of Penglai (2020) as Lu Dongbin
  • The Yin and Yang Formula (2018) as Xi Lansheng
  • Psychological Warning Record 2 (2017) as An Yuan
  • Psychological Warning Record (2017) as An Yuan

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