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Dream of Night Bloom (Manga)

Dream of Night Bloom (Manga)
Other Name: 昙华影梦 / Tan hua ying meng

Genres: manga, Romance, Shoujo, Webtoons
Ai yue guo
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The night her acting skill was finally recognized by the famous director Ye Ze, she died in this man’s hand.
Yet instead of be gone for good, she woke up as another woman—a woman who seemed to have very complicated relations with that murderer. Vowing to revenge, yet her heart burnt and ached every time she tried to plunge a knife into this man’s.

Eighteen-line actress Bai Muzhi, as soon as she got the chance to fly Huang Tengda, was she abused by the new film actor Ye Ze SM to death? After that, he was reborn as Ye Ze’s hidden married wife Yun Xiaoran? ! Bai Muzhi never thought that his road of revenge would involve so many… men? !

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