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Chapter 3 of the text is this tofu eaten?

“Can I go now?” Ruan Ruan handed the signed paper to Lu Siyan.

Lu Siyan stretched out his long arm, took the paper, and took Ruan Ruan into his arms.

“Daddy, not only do I need the signature of Aunt Ruan Ruan, do I need another one!”

This was the task assigned by the little princess at home when he left home in the morning. When he left, Qian Dingwan asked .

The woman’s delicate pink lips are slightly open, and her ice-winged eyelashes tremble slightly, seemingly making a silent invitation.

Ruan Ruan’s eyes suddenly widened, and his pink lips were already occupied by his thin lips in the next second, but it was just a tad.

“Mommy, I’m either too!” Ruan Guoguo grunted, intending to kiss Ruan Ruo.

“Ruan Guoguo, no trouble!” Ruan Ruoxiu frowned slightly.

“Oh.” Ruan Guoguo pouted, grieved like a big fat man with two hundred pounds.

A few flashes sounded in the dark, and Lu Siyan’s eyes flicked, looking at the sound source, but he had long disappeared.

Ruan Ruan has been familiar with this kind of voice for a long time. He never frowned. He directly held Ruan Guoguo over Lu Siyan and left the studio.

“Mr. Lu, you should talk to Sister Ruan. I see her have a sign of abandoning the drama.” Xu An leaned forward.

“Abandon the play?” Lu Siyan Jianmei frowned slightly.

“Sister Ruan never filmed intimate scenes, and the show was a bed scene at the beginning, or she only promised to try the scene when I was soft and hard.” Xu An tried his best to invite Lu Siyan.

“What do you want me to persuade?” Lu Siyan’s thin lips raised slightly, drawing a sneer.

Xu An struck a spirit and hurried away, “I’m going to talk to Sister Ruan again.”

“Little ancestors, you are on the hot search!”

Ruan Ruo took Ruan Guoguo back to the nanny car, A man dressed up with a sense of fashion came together.

“Where is Yiyi? I have an important thing to ask her now.” Ruan Ruan is obviously not interested in the hot search. Now she is thinking about Lu Siyan who thinks of herself as a stranger.

Sur flexed his fingers and knocked on the seat. “The young ancestor wanted to ask how the big brother Lu Siyan lived in this world.”

“Five years ago, you concealed me What?” Ruan Ruan couldn’t wait for an explanation.

As soon as he thought of his strange look, she couldn’t help but feel pain.

“No matter what happened five years ago, Lu Siyan was still alive, wasn’t it all right?” The

door was opened, and a woman wearing a high-order black suit and a skirt with a delicate face was meticulous.

Ruan Ruan’s gentle face has cooled down in such a moment, “But he doesn’t remember me, I’ve never appeared in his world!”

“This is a good thing for you or him. !” Leng Yin’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the words he spoke were not human.

Ruan Ruan’s mouth twitched a smile, not knowing whether he was satire or mocking himself.

“Guoguo brand lollipops, I’m in a good mood!”

Ruan Guoguo’s boring atmosphere relieved him at once.

“”Who Xu Liunian does not live up” helped me refuse, too much intimate drama, Guo Guo will be unhappy after watching it.” Ruan Ruan said, holding Ruan Guoguo on his lap.

Leng Yin’s eyes fell on Ruan Guoguo’s body. This little guy was enough to sprout people’s hearts, but she was entangled. I don’t know if it was wrong or wrong to let Ruan Ruo leave this little girl. After all, the blood flowed from this little guy was Lu family’s blood. She was really worried that something unpredictable would happen, so Ruan Ruan could be destroyed!

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