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Give me a mum (Novel)

Give me a mum (Novel)
Other Name: 拐个爹地送妈咪

Genre: novel
 Jun wei wa
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Daddy, your son smashed it. A creamy bun hugged the man’s thigh like an emperor. Lu Siyan twitched at the corner of his mouth and said coolly, ” Let’s go!”. The creamy bun on the dead skin and face mode. “Bang bang bang. don’t let go. Kill you. I won’t let it go. If I let go then my mommy would be single all her life. Lu Siyan narred his eyes and smile far away and hold a doll life in his arms. The little bun replied to mummy. Mummy doesn’t plan to sell baby. Just want me to turn a man back and smash her child to be a daddy.

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