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I’m a Giant in the Palace

I’m a giant in the palace (Manga)
Other Name: 我在皇宫当巨巨

Genres: manga, Funny, love, antiquity, girls
Bai Mengshe, Zhi Zhen, Xiaoqiu
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I didn’t Yiyi, I was a beautiful face. His Majesty Nai was clumsy and refused to enter the palace as a concubine because of my ugliness! The court lady expressed dissatisfaction and must carry on to the end. Humph, don’t let me enter the palace, then I will pretend to be a man dressed as a court painter, adding a block to your majesty, leaving no room for you. This show girl is too ugly? Very good, paint her as a beautiful country! Well, your majesty has a good figure, and he went home and made a picture album to be published nationwide, so that his colleagues will be famous forever!

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