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1st Kiss (Manga)

1st Kiss
Other Name: 1st kiss – I don’t want to consider you as sister anymore / 第十一话:一切正要开始

Genres: love, urban, romance
Misha, 米沙/翻翻动漫+左小翎/籍火文化
Related Show:

the comic tells the entertainment brother and sister love comics, possessive super “brother” Gu Chi VS Powerful Star “Sister” Jiang Lan. A cartoon about how brother “eats” sister (non-orthopedic). Dear “sister”, if you honestly say “I love you”, would you … hate me?

He is her younger brother, although the two have no blood relationship but she always considers him to be her biological brother … can only be brother that’s all. of course he doesn’t want to be like that, but he is also afraid that he will create distance with her more and more far away. If their first meeting in life was not like that, would they have another result? The girl he loves is right in front of his eyes but is like a wind and can’t keep … Can only as younger brother? How must he do to let her know that he can also become a guardian for her whole life?

Chapter Lists:

  • Chapter 1 He is just a brother
  • Chapter 2 The only person who can stand beside you is me
  • Chapter 3 Change Me and Take Care of You
  • Chapter 4 Winter Solstice Special (Fanwai)
  • Chapter 5 Complicity with You
  • Chapter 6 Time Stays At This Time
  • Chapter 7 Want to Have Your Heart
  • Chapter 8 Winter Hot Springs
  • 1st Kiss – Uncle Fan Wai Gu Cheng
  • Chapter 9 Unspeakable Pain
  • Chapter 10 For Your Injury
  • Chapter 11 Everything is about to begin
  • Chapter 12 Don’t forget me
  • Chapter 13 Please keep my secret
  • Chapter 14
  • Chapter 15: Wait and see
  • Chapter 16: Even if it is a lie, I am happy
  • Chapter 17: Born by Love
  • Chapter 18: Jiang Lan, let’s start over
  • Chapter 19: The Truth of Uncle
  • 1st Kiss – Christmas Fanwai: Gifts
  • Chapter 20: Believe me, stay with me
  • 1st Kiss – New Year’s Special: My Dreams
  • Chapter 21: Like the same person
  • Chapter 22: Butterfly Dinner

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