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The Concubine Guide (Jade Heart Like Jade)

The Concubine Guide (Jade Heart Like Jade) (Novel)
Other Name: 庶女攻略(锦心似玉), Brilliant Heart Like Jade

Genre: novel, romance
Author: creak
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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Concubine Luo Xiniang, born in a family of officials and officials in Yuhang, a shrewd aunt, and a cowardly mother. Luo Shiniang carefully protects the people around her, struggling to find a life in adversity. The eldest sister Luo Yuanniang married Yanjing Yongping Hou Xu Lingyi as his wife, and she was in critical condition. At this time, her husband changed from an ordinary Hou Ye to a famous general. Luo Yuanniang was afraid that after her death, her husband would marry Gaomen as his successor, threatening her son. Using the concubine’s marriage as a bait, she begged for her son to marry the wife of Anle Jiang Jiajiu, who had two emperors in the family.

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