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Bargain Queen (Bargainer)

Bargain Queen (Bargainer) (Novel)
Other Name: 砍价女王(砍价师), Bargaining Queen (Bargaining Division)

Genre: novel, romance
Author: sleep late meow
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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One day, after Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian discussed a bargaining plan, Sheng Zhening said nonchalantly: “We are both good friends.” Xia Qian resisted the urge to explode, and said with a chuckle: “I can get a point A bargainer who takes a penny with money, you are always spending money like a money and a wayward prodigal tyrant, you are completely two extremes~ What! Oh! Yes! Yes! Good! Match!” Sheng Zhening did not change his face: “This It’s the legendary love and killing.” Xia Qian: “…” This is a story of a prodigal and an anti-prodigal, a tune and an anti tune. It is said that after reading this article, Ma Ma no longer has to worry that I will chop my hands.

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