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Ugly Beauty (2021) 皮囊之下

Ugly Beauty (2021)
Other Title: 皮囊之下, 皮囊之下, Pi Nang Zhi Xia, Under the skin, 皮囊之下, Pi Nang Zhi Xia , Pinang Zhi Xia

Genres: Suspense, Romance, Mystery
Shen Qinyuan
August Chang
Network: :
Release Date:
May 11, 2021
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  • Zheng He Hui Zi as Yao Meng Gui | Xiao Mu
  • Huang Sheng Chi as Ji Chen Mo
  • Hu Wen Zhe as Song Ci
  • Zheng Miao as Tang Xin
  • Yan Lu Han as Zhang Jun Zhuo
  • Li Yi as Li Dai Xuan

A pair of twin sisters grew up in an orphanage and were adopted by different families. Their younger sister Xiao Mu (Zheng He Huizi) became a takeaway from the grassroots of society, but her sister Yao Menggui is a household name in the entertainment industry. superstar. Suddenly, one day, Yao Menggui found Xiao Mu, asked her to stay in the entertainment industry for a while, and packaged Xiao Mu. A delivery man turned into a starring actor. Chen Mo (Huang Shengchi), who thought it was seamless, but often stepped on and spotted something, found something wrong. In order to dig up fierce materials, he applied for a broker position in disguise as an identity, lurking in Xiao Mu.

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