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Authority Thirteen

Authority Thirteen
Other Title: 十三号管理局 / Shi San Hao Guan Li Ju

Genres: drama, Science fiction
Release Date: 
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When human beings cannot control their emotions, the social order will collapse and civilization will no longer exist. One hundred years later, the earth’s continent is centered on the future city, and emotions are a scarcity in the city. Those who lose their emotions are called “empty shells”, on the contrary, those who are overloaded with emotions and become violent are called “thugs.” In a society full of “empty shells” and “thugs”, a drug “PAI” that acts on emotion regulation has become the hottest thing, and the No. 13 Administration is a professional organization that develops and controls this drug.

As early as many years ago, “PAI” encountered the crisis of formula leakage. This incident became the fuse. Under the domination of greed, imitation drugs derived from leaked formulas emerged one after another. “Thugs” were the product of the side effects of imitations. But even so, the experience of extreme emotions still pushes people to take risks. In order to curb this phenomenon, the 13th Management Bureau went back to the source and restarted the investigation of formula leakage. However, this affected the interests of some people, and the 13th Administration Bureau was hit hard. And the man behind the scenes who used “PAI” to create mood control agents, finally couldn’t help it.

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