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Warm all the way Episode 20-24 End Recap

Episode 21
Wen Qian took back his cell phone, made a call at home, but turned off all of them, and saw a report about “Greenhouse Jewelry Holding Meteorite Conference”. Wen Qian was suspicious. The flight back to Beijing was temporarily cancelled, and the two could only stay for one night. Bai Jiran took Wen Qian to see the stars. Wen Lin finally called and admitted that the meteorite Wen Qian had obtained from Wenshu Monastery was fake. The press conference was about to be held. In order to prevent ghosts from being accompanied by his family, his father deliberately released false news and used Wen Qian to divert his attention from the family. Wen Qian was very injured. . Wen Lin, who thought the phone had been hung up, accidentally told the fact that Wen Qian was the adopted daughter of the Wen family.

Episode 22
Because he didn’t get the meteorite, Sui Yan had to fulfill his promise and gave up the company that was in danger due to funding problems and returned to the UK. He felt ashamed of Xu Anran and wanted to take Xu Anran back to live in the UK, but Xu Anran could not tell whether Suiyan’s feelings for him were true or false. Wen Qian lost his soul and left a note for Bai Jiran and went to Siguniang Mountain alone to relax. On the way, she heard the broadcast in the car, Lu Lu plucked up the courage to draw a portrait of the suspect to assist the police in catching the villain, and two traffickers were also brought to justice. Wen Qian found a little warm comfort and told herself that everything would be fine.

Episode 23
Wen Qian went back to Beijing alone and learned that the landlord had sold the house, and she wanted to move out within three days. Wen Qian sold the locomotive to make up the rent for the landlord. Song Li met with Yan and proposed to inject capital into the company. The only condition was to sign Bai Jiran’s band. Suiyan has received new financial support and can finally continue to start a business in China. Xu Anran came to Wen Qian’s house to bid her farewell and help her tidy up the messed up studio. Li Xiu tricked Wen Qian into the apartment under the guise of a fight between Bai Jiran and Sui Yan. Wen Qian found that the wall was covered with paintings she had thrown into the trash can last night. Li Xiu told her that Xu Anran picked up these paintings and asked someone to mount them overnight.

Episode 24
Sui Yan got up and found that Xu Anran had left, and Wen Qian also received Xu Anran’s farewell message. Together, the two stopped Xu Anran who was about to leave. Wen Qian took Xu Anran back to her home, and the two of them settled their suspicions. Bai Jiran meticulously prepared a confession. Wen Qian learned that Bai Jiran was the little brother in his memory, and burst into tears. When his father and elder brother returned to China, facing his father’s explanation and his own life experience, Wen Qian felt relieved. At the end of the story, Bai Jiran’s band made their debut and the first concert was successfully held; Sui Yan saw his heart clearly and proposed to Xu Anran to marry him; Wen Qian was surrounded by his lover and friends and started again. The future is always warmer.

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