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I still believe (Movie 2020)

I still believe
Also known as: I still believe

Genre: Drama, Drama, Music, Romance
Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin
Release Date:
1 May, 2020 / March 11, 2020 (Egypt)
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  • Britt Robertson
  • Melissa Roxburgh
  • Kj apa

The work from the creator of I Can Only Imagine is a story based on real life. The famous Christian rock artist “Jeremy Camp” is the true story of Jeremy and Melissa. Teenage couples who are married, all fully aware that the young woman is suffering from ovarian cancer and there is not much time left. What is the journey of this musical path parallel to love and loss? Nobody knows. But as long as he uses faith to guide This tragedy will still have light waiting at the end of the tunnel.

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