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Hi Bye, Mama! 하이바이, 마마! Episode 10 Recap

Kang Hua accidentally ate Shuyu’s egg work. Minzhen exclaimed when she saw it, and Shuyu burst into tears. Yuli heard Shuyu’s crying, and was completely beside Minzhen, facing Kang. Hua reprimanded loudly, Minzhen was very surprised, Yuli realized the seriousness of the matter. After coming out of the Kanghua family, Yuli regretted that he had been too impulsive just now, and Kanghua explained the rudeness that Minzhen accused of Yuli.

Gen Shang was trapped in the car by a large group of Jiang Bin fans after work. At the critical moment, Xian Qing rushed over, and the group of fans immediately changed the target of the attack. Ke Xian Qing practiced kung fu, not only avoided eggs, but also carried out The counterattack drove fans up.

After returning home, the husband and wife discussed Jiang Bin’s suicide. Gen Shang believed that Jiang Bin had no tendency to commit suicide, so he refused Jiang Bin’s request for a false diagnosis. Jiang Bin ’s mother came to the Ashes Hall every day to see his son. Naturally, he would be besieged by many ghosts. Jiang Bin saw this and stepped forward angrily to drive away all the ghosts.

Yuli was suddenly surprised that she was only concerned about enjoying a happy family during this time. There was little time left for her forty-nine days. She was determined to fulfill her wish as soon as possible. After watching Minzhen leave her home, she went directly into the room to catch ghosts, and also used Meidongsao’s ghost exorcism bells. Finally, Yuli subdued the ground to restrain the spirit, and also caught a person who wanted to absorb Kang Huayang’s qi. Virgin ghost, in this way, the environment in which Shuyu lives is safe.

Sister Yuli thinks that the resurrection of Yuli Kang Hua has known for a long time. Yuli ’s mother asked Kang Hua to come out and learned what happened after Yuli ’s resurrection. Mother was very distressed about her daughter ’s current situation but could not help. , Can only wait quietly.

Yuli told her mother to make all kinds of side dishes that Mingzhen and Kanghua liked to eat, and then packed them all to Kanghua’s house. Kanghua had mixed feelings after learning. Kang Hua, who had fallen asleep, received a call from Gen Shang and hurried over. After hearing that Gen Shang said that Yu Li, Minzhen, and Xian Qing were drinking in his store, Kang Hua’s head exploded instantly.

The three women opened their hearts and drank a lot of wine, and slowly became friends who had nothing to say. Kang Hua arrived and took away the drunk Minzhen, but Yu Li couldn’t bear to look at the back of the two leaving, plunged into Xian Qing’s arms and wept, and Kang Hua also turned back at this time, he Yu Li still couldn’t let go of Yuli.

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