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Fei Xi Yanxue

Fei Xi Yanxue
Other Name: 妃夕妍雪

Genres: manhua, in love, Harem, antiquity, Boutique
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“Fei Xi Yanxue” tells: Qinhuai River fireworks woman and E Shuo gave birth to a daughter Liang Xi, E Shuo’s aunt’s wife passed away and took her daughter Dong E Liang Xi back to the house, and let Liang Xi and her half sister Yuyan goes to the draft. However, he was used by Prince Xiang who wanted to seek power to usurp the throne to become a flower demon puppet, but fortunately escaped. After entering the palace, it took several hardships to have feelings with the emperor, and because of Niu Colu Ronghua’s frame, he reported to the emperor that Liang Xi ha.

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