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Feng Shui Office Desk With the Principles of Establishing Work Desk

The principles of working on a Feng Shui table are as follows.

  1. Working desk that matches the door Will result in only chaos and problems Because when we open the door in and out Will come in with chi energy But for those who don’t sit at the table Have to go out to meet customers often Sitting at the door’s position would be good
  2. Should not sit back with the door Because it will result in damage to reputation Can be gossiped and slandered
  3. Should not sit facing or facing the door. Because there will always be chaos all the time
  4. Should not sit directly with the bathroom door In feng shui, it is considered worse than sitting directly at the doorway because it is a way to release chi energy to destroy us easily. And will affect the health of the illness at all times. The solution is to find a scene or curtain to cover.
  5. The work desk should not be next to or against the post. Because in feng shui, poles are like things that support weight, so putting a desk near the pillar will only result in stress. The solution is to move the table away from the pillar. And should not let any part of the table next to the post
  6. The work table should not be under the beam. If speaking scientifically, then the beam is a part with a lot of metal. Will affect the magnetic waves that will disturb the people who work But in feng shui, the “beam” is considered to be a pressing position, resulting in the work or job being progressed. The solution is to attach a lamp to diffuse illumination of energy.
  7. Working desk with scattered layout Resulting in the issue of unity Should be set in the same direction or face to face more.
  8. Do not have a mirror to look at the back. Will make the direction of the desk “flip” or if it is clear glass Not good either Searching for a bookshelf or a file cabinet can help.
  9. The back wall of the table is rough. As a result, the work has obstacles. The solution is to attach a view to the rough spot.
  10. A desk that has a lot of things Some people understand that a desk that has a lot means that it will flourish, but in reality, not vice versa, will result in obstacles to work. Therefore, if there is a lot of things on the desk, it should be organized and should not be left untidy until there is no space left for work.
  11. The work desk should have a double shape. Family pictures are on the table for inspiration. But should always be in a modern image Should not be old photos
  12. Should not start the cactus on the desk Because in feng shui Sharp thorn It is like a satirical, we will encounter but the obstacles around us.
  13. Shouldn’t have something to eat on the desk Because it will smell Can destroy good energy In truth, good energy Around us may be destroyed by the smell of food.
  14. A desk that is small, an open table (but open space here must also work) according to Feng Shui is the best thing. The people at the table were exposed to being orderly. Done work, known as storage

In addition, when we arrange the table Works correctly in accordance with Feng Shui principles. If wanting to add more work even further Should come to know The 4 auspicious positions are Dragon positions, Tiger positions, Hongs positions and Turtle positions. In which each position has the following directions

  • Dragon position

Dragon positions represent movement power. The desks of people who need to work in connection with power or negotiations should place computers, calculators. Or things that are constantly moving in the left hand position of the desk To represent the position of the dragon

  • Tiger position

The tiger position is opposite to the dragon position. Represent knowledge Therefore it is best to place a handbook, textbook, on the right side of the desk.

  • Swan position

The Hong position is the front position in the middle of the table. Is a representative of followers. If there are frequent problems with followers, then there are too many items to put in the front. Therefore should be left open If the desk has a wall or wall. The solution is to find a closed view of the landscape.

  • Turtle position

The turtle position is at the back of the desk. Like stability Should not be a walkway, door or glass. It should be sitting on the wall. If unavoidable, find a chair with a high backrest. Can help

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