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Establishing Feng Shui for one’s own desk for good fortune

Desk position

  • A good desk position should be turned against the wall. Because the principles of Feng Shui behind means stability Sitting back against the wall therefore helps to strengthen the job. If better, find a stable image to decorate the back such as pictures of mountains, for example, according to Feng Shui belief that seating like this is like having a mountain in the back, making it like having someone Adult principles always provide support. And the direction of sitting, the work table should be in such a way that people can clearly see people entering the room
  • The work desk should not be facing the wall. Due to sitting facing the wall Especially the solid block wall will cause the idea to not flow smoothly. Lack of creativity Will make people sitting in this manner feel like being pressured all the time, causing stress easily Therefore, the desk should be facing in an open, airy, or facing direction. The atmosphere outside is the best. Because it will lead to creativity It also makes you feel relaxed during tired work.
    As for the position behind the desk, it is equally important. Because it is related to receiving support from a boss or adult person Therefore should not sit back with a mirror If the back of the desk is open or clear glass Will result in your job being unstable Because glass is an object with reflection all the time But it can be solved by bringing blinds, curtains, large storage cabinets that look like a solid cabinet. Or large furniture To place and cover the back of the area all the time, it can help
  • Avoid the desktop working directly with the door. Because the door is something that is constantly moving Therefore resulting in frequent work disturbances It also causes no concentration in the work as it should be. Especially sitting back with the door According to belief, sitting back at the door will make people sit gossip about malicious And colleagues may think badly stabbing in the back If unavoidable, should find a scene Or trees separated between the door or desk
  • In the case of working with multiple colleagues, the desk should be turned in the same direction. Avoid facing the working desk together. Because it is believed that sitting and facing each other will lead to incompatibility Or there is a cause for quarrel If unavoidable, find a scene or tree to block. To reduce the impact that will occur
    The work table should not be under the beam. Because the seat under the beam is in the form of pressing, resulting in people sitting in this area tend to be stressed. The operation is not smooth, easily error. But can be easily fixed by attaching a light bulb under the beam Or hang the clock around the beam
  • Avoid facing the working table at the corner of the post. Because facing the desk at the corner of the post in feng shui is considered bad, it will cause bad things to the person sitting himself. If unable to move or change angles Can be resolved by placing crystals to reflect negative energy And various bad powers, go out

Organizing the desk according to Feng Shui principles

Office desk decorations should be organized, organized, and not cluttered, which will help to increase working power. On the other side of the desk, they all have different meanings. The left corner promotes matters of power. As for the right corner Is a corner that supports the matter of coordination. Therefore, how to position things in order to be in accordance with feng shui

  • Should place documents or books on the left hand side Because according to Feng Shui principles on the left hand side is Source of knowledge and intelligence And that book represented wisdom Which will help promote the intelligence of those who work
  • In addition, on the left-hand corner of the table, procure something that is high in place, such as a computer monitor. The document shelf is high, for example because it is the position of authority in work. Putting a high position at this position will also help to enhance your work power or government as well. If it’s something less tall, bring it to the right instead.
  • Suitable for the right corner of the table. Put all the things such as pens, notebooks here, because the right corner of the desk is the position of coordination, smoothness, and if placing the phone in the right corner of the desk will help to get only good news. On the back of the white part, the hand of the desk can find pink items to decorate to help promote relations with colleagues.
  • If wanting to promote To find a small golden fan or a pendulum clock in “Northeast” to receive assistance from adult leaders. And acceptance from the boss but this direction
  • If wanting fortune, arrange a desk by finding red items. Or a beautiful cape set in the “north” of the desk, will enhance your luck and fortune
  • If you want to be successful in various matters, find a long thing with a red, round tip. If green, jam is better. And placed in “South-west” because it will help fortify luck in particular
    Strengthen your career progress by finding “Crystal Turtle” on the back of your desk. To stimulate energy in support And career progress According to ancient beliefs, turtles are sacred animals.
  • Absorbing good energy With you by finding a small glass, put clean water and set it on the table Or, if so, find a chic stone Or colored stones that have been broken up with you and put them on the table To absorb good energy Because the front is considered as a point of receiving various energy points That will flow directly into the table Good luck Will run to you uninterrupted Always keep changing the water in the glass to be clear all the time. Don’t let the dust catch or become dirty instead of absorbing the good energy. May attract bad luck instead
  • Table clock Aside from providing time attendance Your job has been released. In terms of feng shui It can also affect your ideas and ideas. Try to find a clock that moves with a hand to set the table a little. Guarantee that the brain And your thoughts will leap Will continue to expand ideas, not any problems, but not recommended digital clocks, and most importantly, when the battery runs out, must hurry to change Don’t let the needle die for a long time. It doesn’t look auspicious
  • Items that should not be adorned on a desk are decorations or animal-shaped images in the 12 years of the zodiac, because it may coincide with the maker of the table. Or people who come in contact without knowing it Will result in work Or the coordination is not smooth
  • The right-hand side should not be a pathway. According to Feng Shui principles, if the right side of a desk is a walkway, it will make people sitting in that table unhappy Because we believe that the path on the right makes us feel like moving Causing instability and wanting to change jobs Or leave work It also makes a lot of work too much.
    Finally, should choose the color of the desk to suit the work done. To promote work, for example, if working in finance should choose a dark or black desk. If working in the field of creative thinking, choose a colorful desk that will enhance imagination. For those who start investing new Should choose a light-colored desk

Supplementary computer for work

  • A computer is an essential tool that every desk must have. Therefore, if properly placed, it can enhance the work of the people who work as well. For a suitable angle for placing the computer is Left corner of the table Will help promote the power and power of governing Should also find a small tree Or the cactus set aside Computer monitor In order to reduce the strength of the magnetic field from the computer monitor Because the tree will help absorb the magnetic energy that radiates
  • For screen saver Or computer wallpaper Should be used as a form that is moving or moving all the time, such as a fish swimming. Pictures of flowing water or other natural images, etc., will encourage people to work refreshed and lively. Relax Helps reduce stress And will help your work life to be calm, not chaotic as well as to help the work progress all the time as well The image that should absolutely not be used as a screen saver is Picture with acute angle Or the cross

Source: White Tofu

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