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I am Venom Chapter 2

After looking at his attributes, Venom nodded with satisfaction. His abilities were all his own capital to venture into another world.

“System, start the lottery.”

The Venom said silently in his heart, can’t wait to know what he could pump.

Forgot, the system hasn’t had time to introduce it yet.

The full name of the system is called Life Predatory System.

The Life Predatory System has two abilities, namely, the ability to optimize and draw the gift from the world.

Optimization ability, you can choose one of your own capabilities, or weaknesses, optimize and improve it.

There are all kinds of things in the World Realm Gift Pack, such as the blood in the world of Naruto, the various superpowers in Weiman, the various elixir in the fantasy world …

There is no limit on the level of the Wanjian Gift Pack. It depends on how lucky you are and what you get.

And if you want to extract things and optimize your ability, you need life points.

Health points can be obtained by killing creatures, capturing the life of the opponent.

You can choose to be attached to a certain creature and let the system extract each other’s life and turn it into a life point.

The novice task previously issued by the system is to let the venom find its own host and complete the novice task.

It can be said that this novice task is sent for free.

When the venom came to this world, it was in a state of ye, and it was difficult for the symbiote to survive without a host.

It can be said that if the attached loli does not come, it is likely to die immediately within a few minutes. So looking for a host is an inevitable result.

In addition, as to why the venom can control the body of the possessor, that is because the opponent’s will is weak, so he can control the body of the opponent smoothly.

If the opponent’s will is slightly stronger, the venom can only be attached to the opponent’s body, not control his body.

“The system started to draw.”

[“Ding Dong! Congratulations to the host for obtaining a bronze alien card!”]

In front of the Venom, a bronze card suspended in the air suddenly appeared, with a simple pattern painted on it, which looked very mysterious.

Raising my hand slowly, grabbing a corner of the bronze card, an instant message came into my mind.

Bronze card, a bronze key, can open a bronze world.

Different worlds are divided into several levels, the lower world is bronze, the middle world is silver, the high world is gold, and the ultimate world is crystal.

Although he got a card to go to the new world, he was not in a hurry to use it, because the world has not been explored. The card should be kept for future use.

Qingtong cards were then placed in the system space.

“System, in which world are we now?”

“The system is unclear, please ask the host to investigate on their own.”

“Well then, let me check it myself.”

When Venom heard it, he twisted his neck, walked to the corner next to it, and looked up at the building that was tens of meters high above his head.

If you were your former self, you wouldn’t even think about it.

Use the copied Spider-Man’s abilities to quickly crawl over the walls of the building.

On the top floor of the originally empty building, a dark shadow flew from the edge and landed on the ground smoothly.

Venom simply looked around, walked directly to the edge of the building, looked at the eye-catching city, immediately raised his hand to shoot spider silk, wandering quickly.

Randomly moving between high-rise buildings, like a shadow, no one can find.

In the process of traveling through the city, he constantly observed the situation on the ground, looking for suitable personnel.

Soon he found a new goal. On the sidewalk walking on the ground, a newspaper reporter was in a hurry. In order not to be late for work, he could only choose to walk into a messy alley.

Walking in a chaotic alley, the atmosphere seemed very quiet.

Let him hug his briefcase, can not help but speed up his pace, want to pass here quickly.

Just then, the venom fell from the sky and suddenly appeared in front of the reporter.

The newspaper reporter looked at the black guy in front of him, and he couldn’t help but look up. Without any help from the instrument, the other party was fine.

“What do you want to do?”

He couldn’t help taking a few steps back, and he felt very scared in the face of such unknowns.

Venom didn’t answer each other’s question, but walked forward quickly.

“Don’t come here, I’m terrific, help!”

The newspaper reporter looked at Lin Feng who came up, and hurriedly turned away in fear.

When the venom saw the other party flee, he immediately raised his arm and shot spider silk directly from his wrist.

The spider silk directly touched the legs of the reporter of the newspaper, leaving him unbalanced and falling to the ground.

Then he came directly to the other side, and stared at him in the fearful eyes of the other side.

The venom attached to Little Loli began to surge, and gradually began to become ye, and forcibly removed Little Loli from her body.

Then he turned into a black ye body, which directly devoured the newspaper reporter and obtained the memory of the other party.

“System, start to drain each other’s health.”

While devouring each other, Venom did not forget to meditate in his heart.

“Began to extract health, and after the health was extracted, three health points were obtained.”

After acquiring all the memory of the other party, the venom directly pulled the other party out of the body and threw it on the ground.

Because the system drained the opponent’s health, the moment it fell on the ground, it turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared.

The venom changed back to ye’s body again, creeping gradually, crawling back to Little Loli’s body, covering ye’s body, and then stood up again.

“So it is. Raccoon city? Umbrella? If my guess is correct, this should be the world of biochemical crisis.”

After obtaining the memory of a newspaper reporter, he basically guessed which world’s biochemical crisis is here, a world where biochemical viruses are standing.

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