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I am Venom Chapter 1

In the bustling raccoon city, the constant traffic and passing pedestrians make this city seem peaceful and peaceful.

Just in this peaceful city, in a cluttered alley, a thick black ye body lay on the ground.

The black ye body seemed to be alive, constantly wriggling the body, and making a deep low roar, it seemed to be looking for something.

At the end of the street corner, a little blonde loli seemed to be attracted by this voice, revealing her curious heart, and came in step by step.

When she saw the creeping black body on the ground, she stepped forward curiously.

Before she came to her, the black ye body directly shen. With black tentacles, ChanRao lived on Little Loli’s ankle.


Little Loli felt very scared when she saw it, and when she was about to escape, the black Ye body flew directly to her feet, constantly wrapping her body up.

And in the process, the black ye body constantly swallowed the clothes of Little Loli, attached to the young body, and wrapped it tightly.

“Don’t … don’t … hate …”

Little Loli looked at the black ye body on her body, constantly tearing the black ye body with her hands, trying to get rid of the other party, but it was of no help.

“Save ~ Life!”

In the end, the black Ye body covered the last ray of light in front of Xiao Loli’s eyes, and constantly changed the shape, finally showing the shape of the black costume.

(SP: Please refer to Spider-Man wearing a black spider suit for this look, but the person who is holding it is Loli, so it should be half short.) “Fortunately, this little girl has a weak mental will, otherwise I will have a hard time grasping the body right.”

The black ye body holds the little loli’s body and looks at her body, revealing nostalgic eyes.

“I’m back again! Hahahaha …”

Lin Feng, aged 18, died of death: he was scared to death while watching a horror movie.

He originally thought he was dead, but when he opened his eyes again, he found that he had become a black body.

That’s right, the black ye body now attached to Xiao Loli is the current Lin Feng.

After the perfect fusion with the black ye body, Lin Feng got some memories from the black ye body.

The black ye body originally came from the Marvel universe, in fact, it is the famous venom symbiote.

Venom wants to possess the annihilation and gain the power of the opponent in a space war.

But in the end, he did not succeed, and the opponent waved into the gap of time and space.

The venom drifting in the gaps of time and space, due to the absence of symbiont, gradually began to weaken, and was on the verge of death.

Just then, a crack appeared in the space-time tunnel, and the venom exhausted its last strength and escaped from the gap.

At this moment, Lin Feng had just died, and his soul hadn’t drifted far enough, and he just happened to meet the venom symbiotic body on the verge of death, and combined with it.

In other words, Lin Feng is Venom, Venom is Lin Feng.

At the same time, the system was also officially activated, transmitting Lin Feng to a different world.

[“Ding Dong! The novice task has been completed.”]

[“Ding Dong! Beginning gift packages for beginners.”]

[“Novice Gift Pack is officially issued: One Lottery for Wanjie Items!”]

When Venom heard it, he stretched his neck casually and said with a smile:

“Open personal information.”

“Ding Dong! The host properties panel has been updated, please check!”

A virtual blue panel attribute appeared in front of Venom, showing the various qualities of his body.

Host: Lin Feng / Venom Age: 18

Strength: SS

Agile: S

Spirit: E

(Simply put, his current RouTi is his soul, and his soul is his RouTi.) Skills:

Full copy:

As long as the attached creature can copy all the other abilities. (Ability is almost the same as the original.) Super healing ability:

Minor injuries can be quickly healed, and even self-healing after a very fatal attack, they can quickly regenerate even if the limb is cut.

At the same time, the self-healing ability is immune to various viruses and diseases, and even mind control and nuclear radiation can be immune.


Possessing powerful camouflage and hiding abilities, he is the king in the night, and no one can see and no one can find it.

And you can change your appearance and body shape through consciousness, and even your vocal cords, fingerprints, pupils, etc. can be changed.


You can transform your body into a variety of equipment to arm your whole body.


Since he originally belongs to the ye body, he can corporate his ye through his own will, and he can change his form through ye.

Even when ye becomes a body, it can assimilate and roam into electronic signals and networks.

Spider abilities: Once attached to Spider-Man, copied all the abilities of the opponent.

Spider induction:

You can feel the surrounding environment, you can feel the potential dangers nearby, and so on.

Extraordinary patience:

Has extraordinary patience and defense.

Amazing speed: When Shuang runs with his legs full, it is equivalent to the speed of a helicopter. Running on all fours is twice as fast as Shuang’s legs, which is equivalent to supersonic speed.

I will not go into details about the powerful forces, magic resistance, soul resistance, language talent, knowledge, and the next few abilities, so you can say that I am dragging the plot.

Venom’s detailed abilities can be checked by yourself, and some of them can only be used while attached to the host.

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