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Monty Story

The story of a 16 year old boy named Monty. In which the teacher ordered him to write an essay about “Grow up, want to be what?”

Monty also wrote 7 pages of paper describing his dream. To own a stable Along with a 4,000 square foot home on an area of 200 acres. He lectures with diagrams showing details in every section.

But when he was sent back he got the “F” rating and called to meet after school. After school, Monty went to see the teacher. And asked why his essay got “F”, the answer was What he wrote is impossible. Because it takes more money than Monty’s family can do, even though Monty explains that it’s just his dream.

But the teacher didn’t listen and asked Monty to write a new essay. By writing in regards to what it is likely to be and then correcting the score Monty went home and brought this issue to his father.

His father answered: “This matter, I can’t help my children. It depends on your own decisions. But Father has some feelings that This decision of children will be something that is important to the future of children for sure … “

Monty has bemoaned this for a week. He finally made the decision.
He brought the same essay to the teacher and said, “Give me the F grade. I will keep my dream. “

Monty told this story to his visitors and said:

“I told you this story because you are currently sitting in front of a 4,000-square-foot stove in a house in the middle of a 200-acre bench, and the 7-page essay has been framed above the stove.” And he continued that The best part of this story is

In the summer, two years ago The same teacher brought 30 students to stay here for a week. Before leaving, he said to me that Monty when the teacher was her teacher, the teacher would be a dream thief “I am sorry that I have stolen a lot of children’s dreams, but I am glad that you do not let me steal your dreams.”

Be careful … your dream. Don’t let anyone steal it.

Thank you Mr. Farmer


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