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Spirit Hunter Chapter 3

Lin Shuo carried the bloody rooster and pushed open the red lacquered wooden door of the main house.

In the six years after moving here, every 15th day, Lin Shuo pushed the wooden door open.

Cut off the head of a rooster, and even the blood of a rooster that has just arrived, offering sacrifices to the things worshipped in the incense in the house.

Today, it is not the fifteenth day of the first five days, it is June 20th of the first year of the Shen Dynasty.

The Gregorian calendar is August 5, 2004.

Before the incense case, blood spilled all the way.

Lin Shuo raised with one hand, dripped the rooster blood into the white porcelain cup on the incense case, tossed the chicken carcass, and then took three incense sticks from the side of the incense case and scratched the match.

After waiting for a while, Lin Shuo raised his glass above his eyebrows, and then sprinkled the uncured chicken blood in front of the Xiang case.

After doing all this, Lin Shuo lit another cigarette, took a few sips, and spoke in the smoke.

“Chasing the Lord, relying on your protection, I survived in Kunlun Mountain six years ago.

Today came the news that the beast of Kunlun Mountain not only did not die, but also went to Heilongjiang.

Please follow me, please.

This animal should not be alive. “

The remarks were not loud and seemed to murmur.

After talking, Lin Shuo knelt down and knocked on his head for three times. Then he got up and groped for a while after the case of Xiang. He felt a slap-wide black cloth belt.

Attached to the black cloth belt is an ebony box.

The box stopped right after the incense case. It was three meters long and more than a meter high. The size was amazing, like a coffin.

Lin Shuo bent slightly, put the black cloth bag around his head and carried it on his shoulders. He carried this “coffin” diagonally and turned and walked out of the house.

The anne outside the house saw the ebony box behind Lin Shuo, with a respectful face and bowed his hands together, and quickly pulled Wei Xingshan out of the door of the outhouse, so that Lin Shuo and the ebony box passed.

“Pretending to be a ghost,” Wei Xingshan whispered softly, disdainful.

The starling bird flew to the ebony box, pecked at the box with its beak, and made a “dump” sound

“Hello, hello.”

Myna bird greeted the things in the ebony box and said to Lin Shuo again

“Shu Ge, I’m going back to Linzi. I don’t know when I will be back this time. My female birds, some of them are fierce, I’m afraid they won’t be able to come to me and hit the cliff. Advise them to remarry.”

“Go.” Lin Shuo waved his hand, his face a little helpless.

Ann pouted with a loud voice, then straightened her face, and gave a thumbs-up to the starling bird, “My dear, good-minded.”

“Mother-in-law, it’s trouble.” Starling bird said this, fluttering his wings.

When the starling flew away, Lin Shuo asked, “Which car will I take in a while?”

“Follow me,” anne said.

Lin Shuo nodded and said, “Then please take the car’s rear seat apart.”

“Ah?” Wei Xingshan’s eyes glared, “What’s the reason for removing the back seat?”

“Leave the box behind me.”

“Your stuff is intact, and it’s not enough to be tied to the roof rack.” Wei Xingshan frowned. “The vehicles that we approved for entry this time are tight and people are full. Remove the seat, you let me Where to sit?”

Lin Shuo’s eyelids did not lift, shaking his head slightly, “I will take care of this thing.”

“I disagree,” Wei Xingshan insisted.

“Captain Wei.” Sister Ann said, “We follow Mr. Lin’s arrangement. As mentioned above, as long as we can please move Mr. Lin, our team will be headed by Mr. Lin and listen to everything.”

Wei Xingshan was silent for a while, and finally said to anne with a cold face, “You are the superior, what you say is what.”

After all, Wei Xingshan made a gesture, and the doors of the rest of the off-road vehicles were opened in unison, and more than a dozen military soldiers sprang up.

These soldiers quickly stood in a row in front of Wei Xingshan, as tidy as a knife.

This made Lin Shuo slightly surprised.

He had also been in contact with mercenaries before, mostly veterans and discipline. But this mercenary does not seem ordinary.

“Everyone helped, and the rear seat of this car was taken down.” Wei Xingshan ordered. “The brother in this car, go to other cars and squeeze.”

In front of this team of mercenaries, Wei Xingshan seemed to have the absolute authority to prohibit the order. There was no objection, and the toolbox was quickly taken out and the back seat was dismantled.

Surprisingly, it was the only female soldier who commanded other mercenaries to dismantle the back seat and gave professional guidance.

The female soldier is one and seven meters tall, with short ears and short hair, and she is very handsome.

It was found that Lin Shuo was observing the female soldier. Sister Ann immediately introduced, “She is Liu Qing, who is the deputy captain of our Asian team. She is our technical equipment expert.”

At this time, the sky has slowly darkened.

There is a big locust tree not far from the door of Lin Shuo’s house, which is in the center of the village and grows lush.

Around six o’clock in the evening, it was the time when the villagers began to cool down after dinner.

The adult sat in the bamboo chair Mazar, shaking the fan, and the children ran around the tree.

Seeing Lin Shuo coming out, the adults stopped the gossip in their mouths and greeted Lin Shuo in their local dialects.

“Teacher Lin is good.”

“Ms. Lin, who are these?”

“Ms. Lin, are you going out?”

“Ms. Lin, how long will I go this time, will my child’s class be delayed?”

Lin Shuo froze, turned slightly, unloaded the ebony box, and stood beside the SUV.

With a smile on his face, he walked to the side of the Huai tree, raised his trousers horns, sat on a Mazar let out by a villager, and started chatting with the villagers about his family.

He and the villagers spoke local dialects with a strong accent, and neither anne nor Wei Xingshan understood.

Half an hour passed and the sky was dark.

The mercenary had already dismantled the back seat and waited for Lin Shuo to set off.

Ann stood next to the off-road vehicle and waited patiently, but Wei Xingshan couldn’t bear the anger. “When did this damn whispering finish? It will take more than seven hours to get out of the mountain.”

anne ignored him, the vice captain Liu Qing said, “Team Wei, it’s human nature, be patient.”

Wei Xingshan was silent for a moment, and pointed to the two mercenaries beside him, and the ebony box standing beside the car. “You two, hurry up and put this box on the car. This black lacquer is dark, with a coffin standing next to it , All looked so scared.”

The two mercenaries grinned and began to act immediately.

These two soldiers are 1.8 meters tall, strong and strong, and don’t take this box seriously. The two were one on each side, intending to push to the box and lift directly into the car.

As a result, one of the mercenaries shoved and hummed in his mouth, leaving the ebony box still.

Pushing again, the box still didn’t move, but the mercenary withdrew and took a step.

“You didn’t eat?” The mercenary on the opposite side laughed at his comrades, holding the box with his hands and holding it in his arms.

With a hard hand, the man’s face also changed, and he turned back to Wei Xingshan to stop talking.

“You two drive me up!” Wei Xingshan looked impatient for a long time, “I’m shameful, I’m coming!”

After Wei Xingshan finished the sentence, he stepped up and picked up the black cloth belt hanging on one side, and carried it on his shoulder.


The ebony box is unshakable.

A dozen other mercenaries came around, and one of them said, “Team Wei, do you want to help?”

“No.” Wei Xingshan looked serious.

He steadily pierced a horse, grasped the black cloth straps tightly with both hands, firmly grasped the ground with his toes, and gradually exerted pressure on his waist.

“Kaka, oka.”

This giant man of more than one meter and nine, the bones of his body rang out crisply, and his neck was exposed with blue muscles.

“Get me!” Wei Xingshan screamed, and the wooden box shook slightly before finally leaving the ground.

Half inch, one inch, one half and two inches.

Two inches from the ground, Wei Xingshan began to swing his body, his face turned purple.

Just as he was about to exhaust, he suddenly felt that the weight on his shoulders had been reduced by more than half, and the wooden box was carried by him.

Turning his head, he found that Lin Shuo had returned from the old locust tree, bending over to support the bottom of the wooden box.

Lin Shuo twitched the corner of his mouth. “Good intentions, let me come.”

As he said, Lin Shuo put out his other hand to catch the black cloth belt, and flicked it easily. The ebony box was steadily slung behind him.

Around the two, the mercenaries looked at Lin Shuo’s expression as if they saw a ghost.

Others don’t know what level of Wei Xingshan’s strength is, they know it best.

Three years ago, he was also a deadlift champion in the military region, and he was a champion of hard qigong.

Wei Xingshan looked at Lin Shuo with a complicated look and murmured, “Why are you so thin and thin? What is the strength of this box?”

“You will know later.” After finishing, Lin Shuo leaned on the box and opened the hatchback door of the off-road vehicle.

Just like putting a schoolbag, Lin Shuo unloaded the box and placed it halfway behind the carriage, and then pushed firmly, the entire ebony box was loaded into the car.

With Lin Shuo’s actions, the off-road vehicle shook violently, and the tires were visibly sunken.

The people around witnessed all this, silent.


The engine of the off-road vehicle roared and slowly drove away from this village in southwestern China.

When he was about to turn out of the village road, Lin Shuo opened the car window, and myna bird flew in and stopped on Lin Shuo’s shoulder.

The bird seemed to be a little languishing, silent and motionless.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Shuo turned his head and glanced at it.

“Shu Ge.” Myna bird said in a low voice. “I ended up lying to them. I said I would come back.”

Lin Shuo looked slightly fascinated by the lights in the car’s rearview mirror.

“Are we still coming back?” asked the starling bird.

“hope so.”

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