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Spirit Hunter Chapter 1

“Shu Ge–Shu Ge!”

A starling black star with a golden feather on his head flew into an adobe house in the mountain village, flapping his wings and falling on the shoulder of a young man in the house.

The young man was twenty-six or sixty years old, wearing an old tunic, wearing glasses on the bridge of his nose, and a cigarette in his ear.

In the book plan in front of him, there was a Chinese lesson plan for the second grade of elementary school.

His name is Lin Shuo. He came to this mountain village in southwestern China six years ago as a substitute teacher for the only elementary school in Fangyuan Baili.

Stopping the pen in his hand, Lin Shuo looked at the starling bird on his shoulder, smiled, took the cigarette off his ear, drew a match, and gave it to him.

This starling bird actually stood on one leg, the other leg took the cigarette expertly, and had a beak and a mouth.

While smoking, myna said, “Shu Ge, I can’t come back.”

“Goblin.” Lin Shuo gave it a blank look. “Who can move you here?”

“Shu Ge, our brother for more than ten years, was born and died so many times, when did I lie to you?” Starling, with his old-fashioned look, sprayed a cigarette on Lin Shuo’s face with his head tilted.

Lin Shuo looked dignified. “Tell me in detail.”

“Three modified off-road vehicles, coming to our village, there is no such model in China, and a temporary license. I stared at them for a while, and I peeped out of the window. Fortunately, I ran fast.

The starling seemed to become fine even with a gesture.

Lin Shuo was silent for a while and nodded to show that he knew.

“They should have come to you.” Starling said earnestly, “Shugo, that thing has been in the past six years, you should almost go out and move around.”

Lin Shuo did not succeed, just smiled, “The meal is still hot, go.”

Starling nodded and flew away with wings.

The smile on Lin Shuo’s face slowly closed, and he looked out of the window with a dull look.

After six years, have they been found?

Will the world of purgatory six years ago let me experience it again?

The pain in his heart began to torment Lin Shuo. His face was pale, his fingers trembling slightly, he took out a pack of cigarettes from the jacket pocket and lit one.

In the smoke, he seemed to experience the thunderstorm night again. The rain that day was bloody.

After that day, he decided to close the mountain without interfering with the strange things in the world. I took Xiaoba to settle in this unknown mountain village, thinking that the world would not find myself.

Helpless people will.

However, what if you find me?

I have closed the mountain.

Lin Shuo sneered and smothered the cigarette butts in his hand.


Three modified off-road vehicles, wading along the mountain all the way, and finally entered the mountain village.

In such a backcountry, these three pure black modified big off-road, the visual impact brought is full.

The villagers soon gathered up, but they dared not get too close, but watched from a distance of three meters away.

A child also picked up the stone, just about to throw it, and was slapped by his parents, honestly.

The SUVs stopped one by one in front of an adobe house.

The rear door of the leading car opened, and a high heel stepped on the dirt road in the village.

The villagers looked up the black high-heeled shoes

Black stockings, straight and long thighs. The black one-step skirt is wrapped with plump buttocks. The exquisitely tailored women’s small suit reveals the slender waist and full chest.

On the snow-white neck, the pretty face is peach-like, and the big eyes and small mouth are raised like a movie star.

The villagers have never seen such a beautiful woman in person.


A villager swallowed a sip of water, and then his waist was softly pinched by his wife.

On the other side of the door, a strong man with a height of one meter and nine meters came down. The green short-sleeved military t-shirt is covered with a combat vest, and the muscles of the two exposed arms are distinct.

He followed the beautiful woman and came to the wooden door of the adobe house.

“Boom boom.” The beauty patted the door gently.

No one responded.

No one should answer it again.

The beauty frowned slightly, took two steps back, turned to the villagers, and asked with a smile, “Hey folks, is he home?”

“Yes, there.” Some villagers shouted busy while rubbing their waists, “Mr. Lin, open the door, someone is looking for you!”

Still no one responded.

The strong man was impatient and sneered, “Sister ann, the person you want to invite, the shelf is too big.”

As he said, he lifted his foot and kicked the door.

The beautiful woman’s complexion changed dramatically, and she was too late to remind her. She could only lift her legs quickly. The toe of the high-heeled shoes instantly hit the strong man’s knee.

The strong man only felt a numbness in the whole leg, and he stumbled a few steps with a mumble, and looked surprised “Sister ann, you…”

“Wei Xingshan.” The woman interrupted frostly. “I remind you that you have to show respect to this Mr. Lin. This time we are asking him. If you can move him out of the mountain this time, then It is our honor.”

“Sister ann.” Zhuang Han Wei Xingshan’s face flashed unhappy. “You and I are the same employer, and I have the most elite mercenary squad in Asia. What else can we not solve?”

The chill on Sister Ann’s face faded a little and said calmly, “Captain Wei, if it’s against humans, of course I believe in you and your comrades. But there are specializations in the art industry, and we have to face those things.”

The two were talking, squeaking, and the wooden door opened.

It was Lin Shuo who opened the door.

He was dressed as a mountain village teacher, with a pen in his chest pocket, and no expression on his thin face.

anne saw this face with a sense of relief, but at the same time, she also felt the coldness of this face.

The man’s eyes, even through his glasses, were still as sharp as a knife, making people feel cold all over.

This is the kind of look that people who roll out of the bloody sea of ​​corpses.

Reminiscent of all the legends about him, anne looked pale.

“Hello Mr. Lin, my name is anne.” Anne suppressed the fear in her heart and tried to make herself look generous.

Lin Shuo’s expression clearly turned out to be refusal, but when he saw the crowds crowded outside, his expression eased a little.

“Come in.” Lin Shuo lightly took the next sentence and turned to enter the house.

The two followed the adobe room, and anne turned back and closed the door.

The adobe house on the four walls of the apprentice has no second chair. Lin Shuo sat at his desk, and Anne and Wei Xingshan could only stand.

Lin Shuo ignored them, and the atmosphere was awkward for a while.

Wow la la.

The starling bird fluttered into the house with its wings, landed on the desk, and tilted its head to look at the two strangers.

Seeing this starling, Zhuang Han Wei Xingshan nodded. “This starling is very spirited. The hair rubbing on his head is like a crown.”

“Wang Ba Dan.” Myna said.

Wei Xingshan grinned. He certainly wouldn’t care about a bird, but wanted to tease it.

He stepped up a few steps, bent down halfway over the desk, stared at the starling, and made an angry expression “How do you scold people?”

“Wang Ba Dan.” Myna said again.

“Do you only talk about bastards? Will you say anything else?”

“Wang Ba Dan.” Myna said repeatedly.

anne looked down in her carry-on handbag for a while, took out a pack of soft Chinese unpacked, pulled out a cigarette and stuffed it between her lips, then lighted it with a lighter.

Then the beautiful woman took the smoke from her mouth, held it with both hands, the cigarette butt was facing her, and the cigarette tail was facing the starling bird. She stepped forward and said solemnly

“Eight Lord, please smoke. I heard that you have a good life of tobacco and alcohol. I came in a hurry this time. I can only buy this type of cigarettes. The alcohol is not good. Please forgive me.”

After saying this, Lin Shuo froze, squinting at anne.

Wei Xingshan opened his mouth, looked at the starling bird, and then looked at anne. The expression seemed to think the woman was crazy.

“You actually know me?” Starling stared at the beautiful woman in front of him, uttering words.

anne said quickly

“Who does not know the famous name of the Eight Lords in the hunter circle. You have left too many legends.”

“In the hunter circle, I haven’t seen you mother-in-law.” Myna said coldly.

“I have a colleague who was fortunate enough to meet Ba Ye. I learned that I’m coming to see Mr. Lin and you today, and specifically told me to serve good Ba Ye.” Ann lowered her head slightly, keeping her hands respected attitude.

“Let’s smoke.” Lin Shuo said at this time, “Such a good cigarette has already been lighted up, don’t waste too much?”

Myna is no more polite, he took the cigarette with his paws, fed it into his beak, and swallowed the clouds and misted up, “Madam, you will be very good.”

“Xie Ba Ye praised.” anne smiled slightly.

Wei Xingshan woke up from surprise at this time and muttered, “Is this really just a bird?”

No one ignored him.

Ann saw the starling started smoking, and seemed to have completed a major event, and her tight body also relaxed.

She looked at Lin Shuo glaringly, and she kept talking.

“It seems that my bottom is almost touched by you.”

Lin Shuo lightly tapped on the table and said lightly, “Speak, what is it for me to work so hard on me?”

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