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Chapter 5 Kick the Iron Plate

He, who has reached the third floor of Xuan Tian Jue, is far superior to ordinary people in hearing. What happened next door naturally fell into his ears.

He did not expect his wife Su Xin’er and mother-in-law Juna to appear next door, nor did they expect that they would be drugged…

The angered Ye Qing kicked the door of the next box directly with one foot. The force of anger caused Ye Qing to hardly converge too much, the door panel flew out directly, and shot Vice President Zhu who was preparing to do bad things under the door panel. …

At this time, Juna and Su Xin’er had become unconscious due to drug addiction. Before Su Xiner’s coma, he vaguely saw his husband’s figure, and then his eyes became confused…

is it him?

No, he should be home now, how could it be here!

Hopefully, now he can appear!

The remaining reason makes Su Xin’er’s mind full of Ye Qing…

“Who? Who dare to come over and destroy Lao Tzu’s good thing? Lao Zi Te stripped you alive!”

Vice President Zhu was shot on the back of the door, and the big face plate was directly kissed with a pot of hot soup. The sticky, hot soup poured into the nose and mouth. That taste, that sour…


The figure of He Lin appeared behind Ye Qing.

Since He Lin is from the Ye family and can be trusted by Ye Qing’s mother, it is naturally not a normal role. It is naturally clear what happened in the box.

It’s just that He Lin has seen too many things in his life, and some things are too lazy to manage even if they are encountered…

Of course, now that Ye Qing has shot, he naturally comes forward.

“You…he…he richest man…”

Seeing the person coming, Vice President Zhu suddenly widened his eyes and his legs were shaking…

The coming person is actually He Lin!

God, this Su family is just a small business in Aoba City. When did he get involved with He Shoufu?

He is always good deputy general manager of the Sunshine Group, and it is also a personal thing in Aoba City, but compared with He Lin, it is a Muggle!

Not to mention that he is only the vice president of the Sunshine Group. Even if he is the chairman of the Sunshine Group, he has to look at He Lin’s eyes. Isn’t the richest man in Aoba City screaming…

“Master, what should you do?”

He Lin did not look at Vice President Zhu, and turned to Ye Qing respectfully.


Hearing this title, Vice President Zhu’s heart twitched suddenly…

Where is this young man?

He Shoufu actually called him young master?

And this young man’s vision of Su Xin’er seemed very unusual. In an instant, he knew what stupid thing he did. Perhaps, this Su Xin’er was the young man’s woman, and he actually provoked this mysterious young man. Woman?

“This young master, I was blind, and lard got the heart to do this kind of thing. You adults don’t remember the villain, let me be my old Zhu as a fart…”

Vice President Zhu rolled and crawled, holding Ye Qing’s thighs and wailing…

He does not want to have nothing, let alone die!

The reason why he can become the vice president of the Sunshine Group is not that he has excellent business ability, but because of his nepotism with the chairman.

If He Shoufu made a speech, the chairman of the Sunshine Group could not offend He Shoufu for him, and then he lost his position as vice president of the Sunshine Group. Some people fell into the trap. Without this umbrella of the Sunshine Group, it really is dead and I don’t know how to die…


Ye Qing kicked the vice president Zhu directly and kicked a few rolls on the ground…

“Master, I was wrong, I really knew it was wrong…”

Vice President Zhu, who got out, immediately rolled back again, keeping Ye Qing’s thighs again. He knew that Ye Qing was his only hope. As long as Ye Qing spoke, then the richest man would not treat him.

“Which medicine is it?” Ye Qing said lightly.

“Uh? Master, I…”

“Forget it, He Bo, you come to deal with…”

Seeing Vice President Zhu’s hesitation, Ye Qing turned directly.

“No, no, young master, this hand, this hand…”

Vice President Zhu wailed and extended his right hand…


Ye Qing suddenly stepped on the right hand of Vice President Zhu, and the sound of broken bones resounded through the private room…


That Vice President Zhu was also a ruthless man, but just yelled and forced to hold back…

“Okay, this matter has been revealed, and there will be another time…”

“No, there will be no next time. With the cooperation with Su’s Enterprise, I immediately arranged for someone to sign a contract and purchase at the highest price. Thank you, Master, for your large amount, and thank you, Master!”

Vice President Zhu wiped off his cold sweat and knocked on Ye Qing successively for several times. He knew that his life was finally saved!

“Well, get out!”

Ye Qing said lightly.

“Yes, get out, I’ll get out…”

With that said, Vice President Zhu walked out of the private room with a crawl, and at the door of the private room, the two waiters were staring at this scene…

Vice President Zhu, they know each other. The Vice President of Sunshine Group, a brilliant and frequent customer, is a manager who entertains himself every time he comes here, and he is a very good friend with their boss. Actually so embarrassed…

“Look what to see? Give me out. All the losses here are recorded in my account. Get out, get out, get out!”

Faced with the waiter, even now he is very embarrassed, still so arrogant…

“What awesome? Isn’t it the same as the grandson? Who is this mysterious young master, really handsome…”

The two waiters did not dare to offend Vice President Zhu, and quickly backed away, but they were extremely upset…

“Master, what do they do?” He Bo looked at Ye Qing.

“They were cut off, and it is inconvenient to take them home now. Let them open a room upstairs.” Ye Qing said.

“Yes, young master!”

A few minutes later, the glorious Presidential Suite on the top floor welcomed several guests. Ye Qing held Su Xin’er and He Lin’s beautiful assistant helped Zhu Na into the room.

“Just put them in bed, you go back first.” Ye Qing said.

“Yes, young master!”

The beauty assistant turned Zhu Na on the bed and turned away. Ye Qing also put Su Xin’er away. She was about to turn around and felt something was being pulled by her clothes…

“It’s hot, it’s hot…don’t go…I’m so hot…”

Ye Qing turned back, only to see Su Xin’er’s eyes blurred, the clothes and skirts on his body were ragged, and even more embarrassing to Ye Qing, if only Su Xin’er did so, he was also his nominal wife. But what happened to the mother-in-law, why suddenly no more than half of her clothes…

Vice President Zhu, the material is very ruthless. If you can’t help them get rid of the heat and poison in your body, even if you don’t burn into a fool in the future, I’m afraid you will have sequelae!

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