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Chapter 3 Dog Life

“This is a long story…”

“Then say slowly, there is time today…” Ye Qing said.

Anyway, he doesn’t want to go back and look for scolding now…

“Well, Master, have you practiced the third layer of “Xuan Tian Jue” now?”

He Lin asked nervously.

“Well, it’s done!” Ye Qing nodded.

“Please show me…” He Lindao.

“it is good!”

Ye Qing frowned, but didn’t refuse. His right hand was covered with a thin layer of blue light…

“Very good, Master, you really have become the third layer. My wife is in the sky, Master, he has really done it!” He Lin’s eyes widened, and he seemed to be crazy.

“Can you say it now? What does it matter if I practice into the third layer of “Xuan Tian Jue”?” Ye Qing asked.

“Of course it does. If you fail to practice the third layer of “Xuan Tian Jue”, although the old slaves will still give you the ten billion family property, but for some secret things, I am afraid I can’t say too much to you. …”He Lindao.

“What’s the secret thing?” Ye Qing frowned.

“Your life experience!” He Lindao.

“Life experience? Am I an orphan?” Ye Qing said.

Is it

“Orphan? No, you were the four young masters of the Ye family in Beijing. When you were born…”

“Wait, Ye Family in Beijing? What Ye Family? Is it powerful?” Ye Qing could not help but interrupted.

“Of course, the Ye family in Beijing is a millennium family in Daxia. It has a long heritage and huge power. You are the fourth son of the current owner Ye Haotian. Although the Ye family is very powerful, it usually hides behind the scenes, so ordinary people don’t know, similar to me The identity of the richest man in Aoba City is nothing more than a minion in the Ye Family!”

A dynasty without a thousand years, only a family with a thousand years!

It can be imagined that a family can inherit for thousands of years, even if He Lin is the richest man in a city, and his net worth is tens of billions, it is just a slave of the Ye family!

Throughout the summer, Neng is known as a millennial family, but only a few three or four…

“Since the Ye family is so powerful, how can I live in the mountains with the three masters since I was a child?” Ye Qing was suddenly speechless…

I am obviously a standard family, shouldn’t I live like that?

Why did you run into the mountains and suffer hardships…

“For this specific reason, the old slave is not very clear. It may have been ordered by the wife. In the year you were born, the wife died. The three elders took you from the Ye family and raised them alone, while I Responsible in the world, lay a foundation for you, and give it to you when you are an adult.”

“According to my wife’s instructions, if you do not have the qualifications to practice, you cannot reach the third level of “Xuan Tian Jue”, so you will be a rich man in the world, if you can reach the third level of “Xuan Tian Jue”, Explain that your qualifications are good. If you are willing, you can compete for the position of the Ye Family’s head!”

“Now that you have grown up, this foundation industry, I have been waiting for you for twenty years, it is time to hand over all to you!” He Lindao.

“Three elders? Are they my three masters?” Ye Qing asked.

“Yes, the three elders and I have all received the grace of your mother. I used to swear to serve your mother as the master. Now that the wife is gone, you are my master. The three of them are responsible for taking care of your grown up. “Teach you skills, and I’m protecting a family business for you!” said the old man.

“He Bo, I’m still a little confused by what you said. Are you saying that my mother is dead, right? How did it die, shouldn’t it be normal death, otherwise, why would my three masters take me from Ye Home away?”

“Also, the Ye family is a millennium family. Does my father He Haotian still know my existence? Why have I never seen me for so many years?”

When Ye Qing spoke, there was a trace of sadness in her voice…

He used to think he was an orphan, so he didn’t think so much, but now it is different. It turns out that he is not an orphan, but also has parents, but his mother is dead, but his father is still there. But why has he never seen himself?

“This, I’m afraid you need to ask your father in person. He should still know some of your situation. After all, your three masters are all elders of the Ye family…” He Bodao.

“Then my master, are they still on the mountain? Can I contact them?” Ye Qing asked.

There are still too many questions in his mind, and he wants to ask three masters to ask clearly…

“After you went down the mountain, the three elders had already returned to the Ye family. If you want to see them, I am afraid you can only go to the Ye family!”

“Where is the Ye family? How to get there?” Ye Qing asked.

“Master, before you reach the fifth level of Xuan Tian Jue, it is best not to go to Ye Family!” He Bodao.

“Why?” Ye Qing couldn’t help but frown.

“This is the old slave out of consideration for your safety. Only after reaching the fifth floor of Xuan Tian Jue, you can have enough self-preservation power. It should be noted that in the Ye family, you have three older brothers, all of whom are of age Much older than you, and at Ye parents, there are many forces around you, if you appear in a hurry, the consequences are unpredictable…” He Bo said softly.

“You mean, my three elder brothers might shoot me to stage the trick of the brothers in the giants?” Ye Qing heard his brows.

It should not be…

“On the road to the imperial power, there was only blood and no flowers. The position of the head of the Ye family, even though it was not as good as the emperor, was also a hegemon. Every time the head of the Ye family changed, it was almost accompanied by bloodshed and death. How did the lady die in that year? It’s still a mystery, Master, you can’t help but guard!” He Bodao said.

“Xuan Tian Jue fifth floor? I will reach it, I will definitely go to the Ye family, see the so-called millennium family, and know how my mother died!” Ye Qing’s eyes radiated out With a strange fire…

After being an orphan for twenty years, he didn’t think about his parents. He once thought about whether his parents could not afford to abandon him, and whether his parents had passed away, or if there were any hidden words, so there was no way Take care of him, after all, it’s the same in TV series…

Only I did not think that my father was alive, and knew where he was, but in the past twenty years, I have not looked at myself!

If you are yourself before, even if you are conscientious, you will be weak. If you want to practice to the fifth floor of Xuantian Jue, you still don’t know to wait until the year of the monkey, after all, the further you go, the harder it will be to practice Xuantian Jue. Countless energy, but now it is different!

With the help of the mysterious ring, his training speed seems to be like a rocket. On the fifth floor, he is completely confident that he can achieve it. This ring is also strange. Since he got it, he seems to have a feeling of blood connection with it. At that time, I can obviously feel the mysterious energy in the air pouring into the body through the ring…

And his own mother, the woman who had never met her, if she was killed, as a son of man, he is obliged to avenge her hatred!

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