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Chapter 2 It turns out that I am a rich second generation

At first Ye Qing was not willing, who could marry a woman who had never met before?

But after seeing Su Xin’er, Ye Qing fell!

No way, Su Xin’er is so beautiful. For a Ye Qing who has lived in the mountain for 18 years and has not seen a few living people, this temptation can’t be refused…

So under the arrangement of Grandpa Su, Grandpa Su was married to Su Xin’er. As a result, Grandpa Su got an emergency and stepped away, leaving Ye Qing left unattended. The Su family was also troubled by him. I never practiced on the third floor. I couldn’t go back to find a master. I had to live a life under the fence. The marriage that I said was good had become the son of the Su family…

Until a week ago, when he crossed the street, he saw a fainted grandmother. He kindly helped him, and took advantage of the second master’s medicine. He gave the grandmother a few needles. The grandmother thanked him and gave him a ring .

Maybe even the grandmother didn’t know how amazing this ring was. After taking this ring, Ye Qing’s practice seemed to be hanging, but for a week, he actually entered the third floor of Xuan Tian Jue…

And the matter of saving the grandmother also reversed the next day. He was actually accused by the grandmother’s children, saying that he illegally practised medicine, treating the grandmother’s illness more seriously, and suing him…

In this regard, Ye Qing just came to MMP…

“No, I have to eat meat and endure for two years. If I go on like this, I have to get out of the cabinet…”

Ye Qing mumbled.

“Phone, by the way, Master Three said, let me make this call after the third floor of Xuan Tian Jue…”

Thinking of this, Ye Qing directly took out his phone and dialed a number…

“Master, you finally called…” An old voice appeared, with a little excitement, as if it had been expected for ten million years…


Are you calling yourself?

Is it the wrong number?

“Ah, sorry, I made a mistake…”

Saying that, Ye Qing hung up the phone at the fastest speed, and then dialed again…

“Master, don’t hang up, yes, it’s you, Master Ye Qing!” Opposite the phone, the old voice was still there.

“I’m Ye Qing, but I shouldn’t be a young master…” Ye Qing smiled bitterly.

“No, you are right. I really didn’t expect that you let the old slave wait for two years before finally waiting for your call…”

Old slave?



Is this still popular now?

“Wait, what young master, old slave, I am confused, what is going on?” Ye Qing frowned.

“Master, in a sentence or two, the old slave also didn’t tell you clearly. Where are you now? I’ll pick you up, shall we interview?” said the old voice.

“Yes, I’m at the door of the court, come and pick me up!” Ye Qing said.

“Okay, wait a few minutes and someone will pick you up at the door of the court!”

Hanging up the phone, Ye Qing wanted to contact his three masters, but found that he didn’t even have the cell phone numbers of his masters. It seemed that he could only take time to go back to the mountain…

However, a few minutes of effort, a brand-new Bentley car parked in front of Ye Qing, and a beautiful woman in her professional wear in her twenties was on the car. After seeing Ye Qing, she suddenly said: “Master, you Please get on the bus and the chairman will send me to pick you up!”


Seeing the beauty, Ye Qing also felt a lot more comfortable. This girl, the standard 95-year-old school flower level, compared to her own daughter-in-law, Su Xin’er, who can only watch and cannot eat, seems to be not bad !

And just after Ye Qing got on the car, the bright red Audi A7 just stopped at the door of the court…

“Just that one, is it Ye Qing?”

In the Audi car, Su Xin’er looked shocked, but it was Bentley, a real luxury car, enough to buy her a dozen Audi…

“How is this possible, it must be just that the back is similar. Ye Qing is so poor that he can’t even afford a taxi. How could he know the person who opened Bentley, this guy must have gone by bus!” Zhu Na shook her head directly. .

Ye Qing ate and drank in their home for two years. They basically didn’t earn a dime, and their daily life was very simple. School, home, two points and one line, little social interaction, how could they know Kai Bentley? Rich people?

“I guess so… since he has already left, then leave him alone and go to the hotel.”

I don’t know why, Su Xin’er always feels that his nominal husband…

“Well, let’s go, you didn’t ask Deputy General Manager Zhu of the Sunshine Group to have dinner at noon. This is a big contract of more than 20 million. If you can negotiate it, there will be at least millions of profits, daughter, Come on!” Juna said.

“I try my best……”

Su Xin’er frowned at the words, and couldn’t help sighing…

The deputy general manager of the pig head of the Sunshine Group, she has seen it before, one embryo, the criticism in the circle is very poor, this list, I am afraid it is not so talkative…

Ye Qing went to Bentley, but after a few minutes, stopped at the door of a restaurant…

“Master, we’re here. The chairman has already booked a box, waiting for you to go in!” After the beautiful assistant got out of the car, she pulled the door and made a gesture of invitation.

“it is good!”

Ye Qing got out of the car and looked up at the name of the hotel-Jinbi brilliant!

Good fellow, this is the most luxurious hotel in Aoba City, with a very high level of consumption, and in the past, he was only brought to Aoba City by the Su family for one time when he first arrived in Aoba City…

Ye Qing and the beauty assistant just entered the door, and Su Xin’er’s Audi A7 also happened to appear at the door of the hotel. Looking at the flashing familiar back, Su Xin’er always felt that he had read it right.

“Master, the chairman is waiting for you inside!”

The beauty assistant gently pushed the door open, and Ye Qing walked in. In the room, an old man in his sixties, with folds all over his face, was very excited after seeing Ye Qing, three steps and two steps. Go away, open your hands and hug Ye Qing…

“Master, I finally wait for you!”

“Wait, you… aren’t we the richest man in Aoba City?” Ye Qing was surprised when he saw the old man in front of him…

He Lin, the richest man in Aoba City, with a net worth of tens of billions, is famous throughout Hedong Province. He often appears on TV. He is a big man who can talk to the mayor and secretary, and now he is called his young master?

This is not a dream…

“Yeah, it’s me, young master, I finally wait for you!” He Lin was very excited.

“Wait, tell me what the hell is this? How can I be your young master?”

Ye Qing hurriedly blocked Na Helin with his hand…

He doesn’t have the habit of hugging men, and he is still an old man in his 60s, even if this old man is the richest man in Aoba…

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