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The Queen of Healing Doctors (Novel)

The Queen of Healing Doctors: Hou Ye, gently pet
Other Name: 神医妖后:侯爷,轻轻宠 / Shényī yāo hòu: Hóu yé, qīng qīng chǒng

Genre: novel, Ancient Romance
China Mainland
Chapter 1,186
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Once reborn, the female counterattack, the fox demon body, excellent medical skills! Hands tear scum men and women, step on the traitor and thief, and care for ordinary people. The past life must not be ended, and this life’s phoenix is ​​coming for nine days! Those who deceive her and slap the whole family! Those who abandon her, destroy their entire family! Those who bear her are dead! “What about those who love you?” With a wicked smile, the man held her in his arms. She looked down tenderly, “It’s a big deal, and give him the rest of his life.”

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